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The Fitness Club Industry Target Analysis

The fitness club industry is a thriving trade that according to research produced over $10.6 billion last year and is unsurprising to carry on its current trend. The opening Courts is conservatively projecting a $65,000+ net profit in its first year of the process with this number growing to over $280,000 by the end of year three.

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Women Weights and Fitness

The fitness courts will house a large woman fitness and lifestyle center that will match or go beyond any other in the city. This fitness and existence center will encompass top-of-the-line gear in free weights, machine weights, and aerobic machines. The mass of the lifestyle center will be situated on the upper level of the multifaceted that will surround the three basketball courts. This will allow the users the alternative of watching the activities going on down underneath or watching one of the many TVs that will be set up for their enjoyment.

This aspect of the ability will be run by a certified strength and training specialist, who will hire and teach employees to meet the demands of the members.

Comparison Between Curves and Revolution


No doubt, Curves is the major fitness franchise in the globe with 10,000 locations wide-reaching. Moreover, Curves Clubs can be found in 55 countries, counting the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, The Caribbean, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, and they are still rising. Well, they are the first fitness and weight-loss ability dedicated to providing reasonable, one-stop exercise and dietary information for women.

This club is providing round-the-clock access to tons of delicious, strong recipes, a modified exercise plan, and weight loss tips, it’ll be easier than ever to lose the weight you wish for and live an improved, happier life.


As compare to Curve the revolution’s goal is to “provide young women with the total package of health and beauty services, all in one convenient place”.

they know that women have hectic lives. They know that every moment of your day is valuable. That’s why we created Revolution. Our mission is to provide you with a timesaving environment to receive all of your health and beauty needs.

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Revolution is different than any other club out there. They provide a one-stop place where the woman can get all the services they need to feel great about themselves. Whether you would like to come in for a quick workout or stay for a much-needed massage, they do whatever it takes to make sure every experience you have at Revolution is an amazing one.

They care about your well-being and want you to know that you do have time for yourself, even if it is just thirty minutes.

Target Market Segment Strategy

Due to the size and convenient site of our facility, many people will be involved at The Premiere Courts to see what we have to offer. Though, we will not be content to just wait for customers to come to us. Instead, we will focal point our marketing strategies on that market section that matches our offerings. The great thing regarding marketing The Premiere Courts is that each marketplace section relates, in certain ways, to all the others.

Our major objective using our early marketing strategy will be to get people into our capability. Once people see what we have to offer, and feel the ambiance that will be created, they will want to return and contribute to the many behavior and programs that will be available to them.

Mailing out free day passes to all of the surrounding areas.

Following the aperture of the fitness club, print and radio media will be used to endorse together the facility and the programs that are being offered to attract new female members from all over the fitness club area.

Service Business Analysis

The sport and fitness trade is a booming industry, with entire revenues of over $10.6 billion. Because of this, fitness clubs are rising all over. The size and range of these clubs vary from small, independently owned exercises facilities, to very elaborate, openly owned franchises. One of The club’s challenges is to institute itself as a legitimate sport and fitness club that is attractive to every of its market segments, and the location itself as a great deal for members and guests.

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Area of Market

No doubt, target the woman for marketing is the most important components of the fitness club. To be successful, you have got to be generating new memberships through prospecting, buddy referrals, and extra established methods.

Plus, as a club worker, you have to defend your revenue by marketing to members that are coming up for regeneration and members that have lately stopped using your ability. This research temporarily describes how Flex Marketing can help your fitness ability constantly achieve new members:

As much variety exists between females as exists in the population as a whole. Thus, it is virtually unfeasible to simplify to all females as a socio-demographic population. Based on market segmentation, females are at variance regarding age, family life cycle, revenue, profession, religion, race, and social class, as well as psychographic factors such as existence, behavior, user status, usage rate, and faithfulness status. We do have some information, though, that helps us comprehend trends and issues that may be additional significant for female markets than male markets.

According to the physician’s point of view, the roles of women in society are shifting. For instance, more women work exterior the home than ever before, women are having fewer children, and laws have been passed to assurance identical rights for girls and women. Yet though women’s status has changed to give them better choices in their lives, lots of females do not want to be just like males when it comes to activity participation.

Woman and Fitness

This research offers such assessment, through the analysis of experts images presented in today’s Women’s Life and Women’s Fitness. We assessed the framing of sexual dissimilarity in these magazines to decide how much (if at all) they contested customary sports media terrain.

According to the expert analysis had lost its “individuality” as a position title for women’s sports and had instead joined the artistic fitness market, where Shape had recognized itself as a “competitor-killer” (Keller, 2002, p. 1). Women’s Fitness also succumbs to the similar approach, much earlier and in more marked ways, according to the outcome of this study.

Fitness Club and Marketing Strategy

Despite this strategy’s potential appeal to younger audiences, though, reception by older customers proved cool. According to the survey results showed that, as enthusiasm for the NBA remained uppermost among ages 18-35-year-old women, general interest in the league was increasing for joining a club.

Women of 18-35 years old have shown that the best way to market to girls and women who have not been formerly active in a fitness program is during personal contact. This contact can occur in numerous ways, including staff interface with participants and probable participants, personal grooming, teen and advisory committees, town meetings, and wants assessments. These kinds of contacts can make females conscious of programs and importune their participation.

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Health and Fitness Strategies

Lead Boxes

Lead Boxes are almost certainly the mainly significant marketing method for reaching new members. By taking in a steady stream of names and phone numbers, club operators have the chance to invite potential members to their amenities. Club marketing has developed its plan for lead boxes, which has been established to be tougher, and more cost effectual than other suppliers in the market.


No doubt, on a percentage of return, fliers may not be the mainly effectual method for bringing projection into your center. But well-designed fliers produce phone calls, endorse the branding of your centers, and are classically inexpensive to produce.

Revolution marketing area also uses fliers to endorse business Sales enrollment opportunities and other outside membership opportunities.


As a club operator, having an unequaled brochure gives you the chance to demonstrate to people what your club has to tender even if the prospect never sets foot in your ability. Flex Marketing has widespread experience in developing brochures for fitness amenities and additional businesses.

Buddy Referral Programs

Executing a buddy referral program is almost certainly the most effective way to bring new members into this club. By providing rewards to existing female members for bringing a friend in for a gratis trial membership, you have produced an outstanding prospect for membership. Flex Marketing has developed quite a few proven buddy referral programs that produce results, using little or no expense.


Free Trial Membership Passes are an outstanding policy for bringing prospects into a fitness club and giving them the chance to use the services before making a buy decision.


By themselves, posters are not essentially a viewpoint tool. But in a female fitness Program, they are used to let employees know regarding upcoming on-site enrollment opportunities to capture the female market. Like brochure drawing, a first-class poster gives you the chance to show off your fitness center to prospects that have never been within the front door.

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