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Effectiveness of the American Political System


The United States is presently one of the oldest modern democracies in the world. The country’s Constitution outlines the rights, liberties, and expectations of the people. The document also explains how the government and its agencies should strive to meet the demands of all citizens. Key stakeholders promote a representative model whereby democracy is the defining factor. Elections and leadership practices are usually by the diverse interests of lobbyists, business people, and citizens. This reflective essay describes the effectiveness of the nation’s political system.

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Background and Analysis

The US promotes a federal system whereby different states formulate governments that promote social welfare, public safety, and health. Some issues are for the central government to handle and address, such as national security and foreign affairs. Federal power is divided into these key branches: the judiciary, the executive, and the legislature. The Supreme Court represents the judiciary and focuses on legal issues while the Executive outlines the roles of the cabinet and the president. The legislature entails the actions and goals of Congress. The Senate plays a unique role in monitoring the performance of different representatives.

At the state level, governors complete executive roles and promote the best ideas and actions that can take the people closer to their goals. Each state also has champers for senators and representatives. States have Supreme Courts that are intended to interpret most of the laws enacted locally. At the national level, the Electoral College is tasked with appointing the president. This is a body of elected officials whose role is to elect the country’s leader after every four years. This body is constitutional and has been in place for centuries. The electors represent the number of citizens in each region or state.

The Supreme Court has a total of nine judges. According to the Constitution, such professionals will serve for the better parts of their lives until they die or retire. For example, Ruth Bader Ginsburg served in the Supreme Court for 27 years until her demise in September 2020. This model is intended to maximize the strength of the judiciary and ensure that it meets the demands and legal expectations of the country’s citizens.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The American political system has remained a true identity of the US for many years. People and leaders across the world examine some of its attributes and replicate them in their respective Constitutions. These attributes make it progressive and capable of meeting the demands of most of the citizens. However, some skeptics have viewed it as ineffective after examining some of its core aspects and provisions. This kind of division explains why a detailed examination of the system’s weaknesses and strengths could present additional insights for maintaining or improving it in the future. The presentation could also encourage countries across the globe to consider better options to achieve their democratic goals.

The first strength that emerges from this system is that it outlines these branches of government. Each department is tasked with unique responsibilities that are critical for supporting economic development and the demands of the citizens. This model has been replicated across the globe because it presents a system for checks and balances. Each branch is not capable of having immense influence or power over the other. The result is that the government has reduced the chances of promoting dictatorial tendencies. Such attributes resonate with the separation of powers doctrine.

The second advantage that many scholars admire is the presence of a federal government supported by semi-independent states. This initiative is appropriate since it allows different regions to introduce and implement laws that resonate with the people’s demands. States can engage in activities that can improve living conditions and solve local challenges. Such a model makes it possible for each region to maximize its potential by collecting taxes and investing in the most appropriate sectors. This unique attribute explains why the country continues to remain one of the most successful in the world today.

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The third one is that the political arrangement arising from the established system has led to the formation and survival of two major parties: Republican and Democratic. These organizations are capable of leading the people and engaging in manifestos that resonate with the demands of the citizens. During election days, individuals can focus on the records, achievements, and gains of these parties and make informed decisions. This approach reduces the possibility whereby there are numerous political contestants with many ideologies. Consequently, the country has been in a position to record significant gains and achievements. Many states and leaders across the globe have been focusing on this strength to emulate it to focus on the best approaches to achieve their social and economic gains.

The fourth strength arises from the stable nature of the system that has been passed across from one generation to the next. A unique model has remained in place that reduces the chances of radical change. The people and leaders are unable to make significant changes and amendments to the original Constitution. This fact explains why the country has continued to experience policy stability. The model is another reason why no two political parties can have total control in Congress and the Senate. This aspect has led to the presence of mixed government whereby cases of domination and oppression are usually impossible.

These advantages and strengths explain why some considerable pace and stability continue to exist in the country. For instance, the latest attempt to impeach President Trump failed since the government and representation remained mixed. Additionally, the model allows the country to take full control of presidents who might be having radical objectives and expectations that might be against those of the greatest majority. These achievements explain why the country has remained stable and capable of achieving its economic aims and goals.

Unfortunately, this unique system has its flaws and weaknesses that different experts examine from different perspectives. First, the model has been in place for centuries, thereby remaining outdated and being incapable of meeting the demands of the modern-day world. For instance, many people are usually disfranchised when their votes fail to count. For example, the presidential election of 2016 proved that the citizens were incapable of determining would become the president due to the presence of the Electoral College. Hillary Clinton garnered more popular votes in comparison with Donald Trump. This weakness explains why many people still believe that the system is inappropriate and incapable of supporting the expectations of the population.

Second, the model has supported the emergence and success of corporations and individuals who are capable to influence political outcomes. These powerful entities usually focus on the loopholes to focus on their interests and consider the best ways to have their favorite leaders in power. The possible outcome is that the actions and goals of the federal government would usually be aimed at addressing the expectations of a few individuals. This reality explains why the country is currently associated with giant corporations that are capable of influencing political processes. They would sponsor candidates who are capable of safeguarding their goals and interests.

Third, the American people continue to be silenced since the Constitution fails to provide additional incentives for addressing most of the modern issues most citizens face. For instance, the Second Amendment to the Constitution makes it impossible for the government and leaders to win in courts and allow the government to repeal or address gun politics. This gap explains why over 40,000 citizens die annually in the US due to the problem of gun violence. Most of the people who challenge this amendment in various courts have been unable to receive the intended justice. This issue explains why there are numerous constitutional concerns the citizens are unable to address. These gaps explain why there is a need for all stakeholders to collaborate and consider better ways to meet the demands of the greatest majority and take the country closer to its goals.

Possible Changes

The above analysis has identified some of the strengths and weaknesses that define the American political structure. The outlined challenges should become powerful reasons for introducing smaller changes that will make the system progressive and capable of supporting all citizens. One of the most appropriate decisions is how presidents are elected in the country. While retaining the powers of the three branches, the Constitution could be improved in such a way that the popular vote count dictates the winner. This kind of representation would be fair and capable of resonating with the expectations of all citizens.

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The second change that those in power should consider is the move to include additional attributes in the system that can address the challenges most people encounter today. For instance, the government can identify new mechanisms to minimize the current challenge of gun violence. Such an approach can deliver additional solutions to the powers of corporations and wealthy individuals. These transformations will deliver a superior model that supports most of the citizens to overcome their problems and eventually become successful. The involvement of all key stakeholders is critical to ensure that sustainable gains are recorded.


The above reflective essay has offered powerful arguments regarding the strengths of the American political system. Although such attributes have led to a notable level of stability, there are specific gaps and weaknesses that all stakeholders should examine from an informed perspective. The identification and implementation of the proposed changes could address such issues and allow more people to be part of the governance process. The power American corporations command will diminish and ensure the nature of leadership is transparent and capable of supporting national economic progress and performance.


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