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Design and Development Problems of the Camera

The modern world is the world of computerization, innovative technologies, and other facilities which are aimed to make people’s life easier, more interesting, and exciting. Internet, mobile phones, cameras, and other products fill people’s life with additional emotions which help them to live a full and happy life, but, unfortunately, these creature comforts, on the other hand, create some inconveniences to people’s life annoying them and making angry. The camera is the thing which can stop the time, in some meaning, to record the events and then to play them in some years. Some inconveniences may occur while camera usage and these inconveniences are usually the misses of the developers of the product.

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To design and develop the product is not so easy affair as it may seem from first sight, as before coming to the manufacturing, the product has to come through a lot of stages, such as elaboration, investigation, tests, and other improvements, as any producing company tries to make its products as much convenient to the customers as it can. Modern cameras have their advantages, according to the previous models, but still, disadvantages also exist, and these disadvantages may annoy when continue to repeat several times during the shooting. Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 MP Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens is one of the new models which use single-lens reflexes and is very convenient in exploitation, but still has some facilities which provide some inconveniences for people. Taking as the example Canon XSi 12.2, we can consider the disadvantages of single-lens reflexes which make people feel uncomfortable during shooting sessions.

Before analyzing the problems which are connected with single-lens reflexes in the cameras, the interconnection of design and business management it could be useful to describe the cameras with single-lens reflexes to have the understanding of the discussed products and to be aware of its advantages and disadvantages which may be used while marketing promotion of the product, using its details.

The defining feature of single-lens reflex cameras (and Canon XSi 12.2 as the example) is that the lens is seen directly through the viewfinder eyepiece, which is rather convenient as the mirror reflects the image for 450 to the horizontal focusing screen. Canon XSi 12.2 possesses the pentaprism, which on 35mm single-lens reflex corrects the image that the image returns to the camera in such a way that the shooting subject is seen directly as it might be. The whole automatization of the camera brings a lot of conveniences. The camera body contains light sensors that can distinguish the color and its brightness, semi-automatic and automatic functions may be programmed to make more fitting characteristics of the camera to the definite situation (Langford, Fox, & Smith, 2007).

After the advantages and main features of the Canon XSi 12.2 like cameras were analyzed, it will be easy to distinguish the disadvantages of the cameras. First of all, it irritates when using a digital camera bouncing stray light appears inside that usually occurs when the shutter is opened. Such effect results from the sensors which are used in digital cameras with single-lens reflex and the outcome may be poor quality of the image. Moreover, “recall, that due to the smaller sensors used in DSLRs the lens will have to resolve more lines per millimeter on the sensor than on 35mm film if the same size print is made from both systems” (Bilissi & Langford, 2008, p. 65). The mentioned problem may cause problems with the shape of the image what is a problem when there is no opportunity to take another photo. The most upsetting point is that the digital single-lens reflex cameras show the picture before the shot and do not do it after, which makes the person spend some time looking whether the picture is of good quality or it is better to take another picture (Brierley, 2005). All mentioned disadvantages are rather significant as they do not make the person, who shots, feel pleased, moreover, a person becomes rather annoyed if the problem appears several times and the understanding is that there is nothing to be done to avoid the problem.

It is obvious, that during the business marketing affairs design and developmental features of the product play a very important role. Product development is a very complicated process when the main of the manufacturing company to create a new product which will possess new improved qualities to be sold to the customer. The design of the product plays a great role as it is responsible for the style of the product, its look, the feeling about the product, the impression which it provides, mechanical architecture and material selecting, for identifying the very process of development and for engineering different components, which may be necessary for proper work of the product (Nasr & Kamrani, 2006). The design and the developmental qualities of the product are very important as living in the world of computerization and innovation people wait for more and more developed products with striking and at the same time convenient design.

To create a deserving product that will be easy to promote to the market and to sell, it must be of high quality both, from innovative part (the development of the qualities) and design (the general appearance and the convenience in usage). To achieve these parameters, first of all, the analysis of the market should be provided to take into consideration the existing products and to try to improve them by providing some innovative features or adding some characteristics to the design. The product will be sold only when it has good characteristics, which are developmental features and design. That is why mentioning business marketing it was noted that development and design play a very important part in product promotion.

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The new product is best sold by the brand companies, as the name of the company guarantees its quality, moreover, the development of the new product is rather time-consuming and costly and the company with the brand name, such as Canon, has a lot of facilities and opportunities to create a new product, moreover, the market is already analyzed and the ideas according to its improvement exist.

The best way for quick promotion of a new product to the market, no matter whether it is local or international is the advertising. While advertising, the most attention is paid to the innovative advantages of the product, its design, and how it differs from the previous models, the development it. All named issues show the close interconnection of business marketing and the design and development interconnection in the product. It is impossible to deny that to create and sell the product better, these characteristics, design and business marketing, should work together.

Considering the environment, where a new product is going to appear, it is understood that this environment is going to be hostile, as competition is the main characteristic feature of modern market relations. Coming to the market the product must be ready to compete with other products and to win this battle, the product must contain something new innovative in itself to attract customers’ attention. To the point, every company tries to be customer-led, which means that all products, which are produced, should meet customers’ requirements and desires. Customer is the main source of ideas for the company which wants to be successful, as customers consume only those products which meet their requirements and avoid the products which are not in the list of their interest. That is why the customers’ ideas and considerations should be counted while creating a new product. There are a lot of different ways to consider customers’ opinions and to know their desires, the most popular of them are questionnaire design and comments about the existing products. The main idea is to understand the customer’s desires and then to make their wishes come true.

As our focus is a digital camera with single-lens reflex, a lot of variants may be offered to improve it and to make the best on the market of the digital cameras. First of all, the advantages should be considered and while promoting the single-lens reflex cameras they should be put in the first line. The examples of such advantages may be a high level of “crop factor, the ratio of the sensor format relative to a 35mm frame” (Bilissi & Langford, 2007, p. 64), the effective depth of field (DOF), the centralized idea of the image capturing and other which make the pictures of high quality and provide additional opportunities to the customers. Considering the disadvantages, the manufacturing company may find a lot of points for improvement, as the innovations, which appear constantly give more and more opportunities for enhancement.

So, modern facilities allow people to use the conveniences of the civilization, such as mobile phones and cameras. The paradox is the more innovative and perfect item comes out, the higher level of quality, develop and design the customer wants. Modern cameras are almost perfect but the opportunities of technological progress make it possible for the customers to require a more developed product from the point of view of design and functionality. Business marketing and development and design are closely interconnected as to be sold, the product, camera in our case, should contain something new and, what is the most important, to meet customers requirements, as the customer is the main pusher for the development of the products and the products are oriented on them. The business marketing world is hostile and to be able to compete, the manufacturing company should try to provide a more developed and innovative design of the product, which could meet customers’ desires.

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