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  1. Genetic Engineering: Dangers and Opportunities
    Genetic engineering can be defined as: “An artificial modification of the genetic code of an organism. It changes radically the physical nature of the being in question.
  2. The Potential Benefits of Genetic Engineering
    Genetic engineering is a new step in the development of the humans’ knowledge about the nature that has a lot of advantages for people in spite of its controversial character.
  3. Genetically Modified Foods and Their Impact on Human Health
    Genetically modified food has become the subject of discussion. There are numerous benefits and risks tied to consumption of genetically modified foods.
  4. Genetic Engineering: Gene Therapy
    The purpose of the present study is to discover just what benefits gene therapy might have to offer present and future generations.
  5. How Much can We Control Our Genetics, at What Point do We Cease to be Human?
    The branch of biology that deals with variation, heredity, and their transmission in both animals and the plant is called genetics.
  6. Food Science and Technology of Genetic Modification
    Genetically modified foods have elicited different reactions all over the world with some countries banning its use while others like the United States allowing its consumption.
  7. Genetically Modified Organisms and Their Benefits
    Scientists believe GMOs can feed everyone in the world. This can be achieved if governments embrace the use of this new technology to create genetically modified foods.
  8. Genetically Modified Organisms: Pros and Cons
    Genetically modified organisms are organisms that are created after combining DNA from a different species into an organism to come up with a transgenic organism.
  9. Genetically Modified Organisms: Position Against
    Genetically modified organisms are organisms that are created after combining DNAs of different species to come up with a transgenic organism.
  10. Genetic Testing: Advantages and Disadvantages
    There are many serious disorders and diseases that have genetics as one of the main causes, including Parkinson’s disease or cancer.
  11. Genetics Seminar: The Importance of Dna Roles
    DNA has to be stable. In general, its stability becomes possible due to a large number of hydrogen bonds which make DNA strands more stable.
  12. Value of the Epigenetics
    Epigenetics is a quickly developing field of science that has proven to be practical in medicine. It focuses on changes in gene activity that are not a result of DNA sequence mutations.
  13. Link Between Obesity and Genetics
    Obesity affects the lives through limitations implemented on the physical activity, associated disorders, and even emotional pressure.
  14. Eugenics, Human Genetics and Public Policy Debates
    Ethical issues associated with human genetics and eugenics have been recently brought to public attention, resulting in the creation of peculiar public policy.
  15. Residence and Genetic Predisposition to Diseases
    The study on the genetic predisposition of people to certain diseases based on their residence places emphasizes the influence of heredity.
  16. Diabetes Genetic Risks in Diagnostics
    The introduction of the generic risks score in the diagnosis of diabetes has a high potential for use in the correct classification based on a particular type of diabetes.
  17. Labeling Food With Genetically Modified Organisms
    The wide public has been concerned about the issue of whether food products with genetically modified organisms should be labeled since the beginning of arguments on implications.
  18. The Perspectives of Genetic Engineering in Various Fields
    Genetic engineering can be discussed as having such potential benefits for the mankind as improvement of agricultural processes, environmental protection, resolution of the food problem.
  19. Genetic Counseling and Hypertension Risks
    This paper dwells upon the peculiarities of genetic counseling provided to people who are at risk of developing hypertension.
  20. Mitosis, Meiosis, and Genetic Variation
    According to Mendel’s law of independent assortment, alleles for different characteristics are passed independently from each other.

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  1. GMO: Some Peculiarities and Associated Concerns
    Genetically modified organisms are created through the insertion of genes of other species into their genetic codes.
  2. Genetically Modified Organisms and Future Farming
    There are many debates about benefits and limitations of GMOs, but so far, scientists fail to prove that the advantages of these organisms are more numerous than the disadvantages.
  3. Genetic Testing, Its Background and Policy Issues
    This paper will explore the societal impacts of genetic research and its perceptions in mass media, providing argumentation for support and opposition to the topic.
  4. Patent on Genetic Discoveries and Supreme Court Decision
    Supreme Court did not recognize the eligibility of patenting Myriad Genetics discoveries due to the natural existence of the phenomenon.
  5. Medical and Psychological Genetic Counseling
    Genetic counseling is defined as the process of helping people understand and adapt to the medical, psychological, and familial implications of genetic contributions to disease.
  6. Genetic and Genomic Healthcare: Nurses Ethical Issues
    Genomic medicine is one of the most significant ways of tailoring healthcare at a personal level. This paper will explore nursing ethics concerning genetic information.
  7. Genetic Counseling for Cystic Fibrosis
    Some of the inherited genes may predispose individuals to specific health conditions like cystic fibrosis, among other inheritable diseases.
  8. Genomics, Genetics, and Nursing Involvement
    The terms genomics and genetics refer to the study of genetic material. In many cases, the words are erroneously used interchangeably.
  9. Epigenetics and Its Effect on Physical and Mental Health
    This paper reviews a research article and two videos on epigenetics to developing an understanding of the phenomenon and how it affects individuals’ physical and mental health.
  10. Why Is the Concept of Epigenetics So Fascinating?
    Epigenetics has come forward to play a significant role in the modern vision of the origin of illnesses and methods of their treatment, which results in proving to be fascinating.
  11. Autism Spectrum Disorder in Twins: Genetics Study
    Autism spectrum disorder is a behavioral condition caused by genetic and environmental factors. Twin studies have been used to explain the hereditary nature of this condition.
  12. Homosexuality as a Genetic Characteristic
    The debate about whether homosexuality is an inherent or social parameter can be deemed as one of the most thoroughly discussed issues in the contemporary society.
  13. Genetics of Developmental Disabilities
    The aim of the essay is to explore the genetic causes of DDs, especially dyslexia, and the effectiveness of DNA modification in the treatment of these disorders.
  14. Community Health Status: Development, Gender, Genetics
    Stage of development, gender and genetics appear to be the chief factors that influence the health status of the community.
  15. Start Up Company: Genetically Modified Foods in China
    The aim of establishing the start up company is to develop the scientific idea of increasing food production using scientific methods.
  16. Genetically Modified Food Safety and Benefits
    Today’s world faces a problem of the shortage of food supplies to feed its growing population. The adoption of GM foods can solve the problem of food shortage in several ways.
  17. Genetics and Autism Development
    Autism is associated with a person’s genetic makeup. This paper gives a detailed analysis of this condition and the role of genetics in its development.
  18. Genetic Interference in Caenorhabditis Elegans
    The researchers found out that the double-stranded RNA’s impact was not only the cells, it was also on the offspring of the infected animals.
  19. Eugenics, Human Genetics and Their Societal Impact
    Ever since the discovery of DNA and the ability to manipulate it, genetics research has remained one of the most controversial scientific topics of the 21st century.
  20. Genetic Variants Influencing Effectiveness of Exercise Training Programmes
    “Genetic Variants Influencing Effectiveness of Exercise Training Programmes” studies the influence of most common genetic markers that indicate a predisposition towards obesity.

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  1. Genetically-Modified Fruits, Pesticides, or Biocontrol?
    The main criticism of GMO foods is the lack of complete control and understanding behind GMO processes in relation to human consumption and long-term effects on human DNA.
  2. Genetic Predisposition to Alcohol Dependence and Alcohol-Related Diseases
    The subject of genetics in alcohol dependence deserves additional research in order to provide accurate results.
  3. Personal Genetics and Risks of Diseases
    Concerning genetics, biographical information includes data such as ethnicity. Some diseases are more frequent in specific populations as compared to others.
  4. Family Genetic History and Planning for Future Wellness
    The patient has a family genetic history of cardiac arrhythmia, allergy, and obesity. These diseases might lead to heart attacks, destroy the cartilage and tissue around the joint.
  5. Concerns Regarding Genetically Modified Food
    It is evident that genetically modified food and crops are potentially harmful. Both humans and the environment are affected by consequences as a result of their introduction.
  6. Genetics Impact on Health Care in the Aging Population
    This paper briefly assesses the impact that genetics and genomics can have on health care costs and services for geriatric patients.
  7. Biotechnology: Methodology in Basic Genetics
    The material illustrates the possibilities of ecological genetics, the development of eco-genetical models, based on the usage of species linked by food chain as consumers and producers.
  8. Genetic Engineering and Cloning Controversy
    Genetic engineering and cloning are the most controversial issues in modern science. The benefits of cloning are the possibility to treat incurable diseases and increase longevity.
  9. Genetically Modified Food as a Current Issue
    GM foods are those kinds of food items that have had their DNA changed by usual breeding; this process is also referred to as Genetic Engineering.
  10. Op-ED Genetic Engineering: The Viewpoint
    The debate about genetic engineering was started more than twenty years ago and since that time it has not been resolved
  11. Genetic Engineering and Religion: Designer Babies
    The current Pope has opposed any scientific procedure, including genetic engineering, in vitro fertilization, and diagnostic tests to see if babies have disabilities.
  12. Genetic Engineering in Food and Freshwater Issues
    The technology of bioengineered foods, genetically modified, genetically engineered, or transgenic crops, will be an essential element in meeting the challenging population needs.
  13. The Effects of Genetic Modification of Agricultural Products
    Discussion of the threat to the health of the global population of genetically modified food in the works of Such authors as Jane Brody and David Ehrenfeld.
  14. Impacts of Genetic Engineering of Agricultural Crops
    In present days the importance of genetic engineering grew due to the innovations in biotechnologies and Sciences.
  15. Literature Review: Acceptability of Genetic Engineering
    The risks and benefits of genetic engineering must be objectively evaluated so that modern community could have a better understanding of this problem
  16. Genetic and Social Behavioral Learning Theories
    Learning and behavioral habits in human beings can be influenced by social, environmental and genetic factors. Genetic theory describes how genes help in shaping human behaviors.
  17. Personality Is Inherited Principles of Genetics
    The present articles discusses the principles of genetics, and how is human temperament and personality formed.
  18. GMO Use in Brazil and Other Countries
    The introduction of biotechnology into food production was a milestone. Brazil is one of the countries that are increasingly using GMOs for food production.
  19. Bioethical Issues in Genetic Analysis and Manipulations
    We are currently far from a point where we can claim that we should be providing interventions to some and not others due to their genetic makeup.
  20. Genetic Factors as the Cause of Anorexia Nervosa
    Genetic predisposition currently seems the most plausible explanation among all the proposed etiologies of anorexia.
  21. Advantages of Using Genetically Modified Foods
    Genetic modifications of traditional crops have allowed the expansion of agricultural land in areas with adverse conditions.
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