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  1. Avalanches, Their Nature and Safety Precautions
    Snow avalanches are frequent in the mountainous regions of the planet. This paper explores the subject of avalanches, their mechanisms, anatomy, and safety precautions.
  2. Joint Commission: National Patient Safety Goals
    Patient safety remains to be one of the main concerns in areas of health care and nursing. The paper will discuss the two NPSGs and explain how they are addressed in CAHs.
  3. Food Safety: A Policy Issue in Agriculture Today
    Food safety constitutes proper preparation, storage and preservation of all foods. Markets are increasingly calling for improvement in the quality and safety standards of food crops.
  4. Food Safety and Information Bulletin
    Factors that contribute to food poisoning include; holding food at the wrong temperature which is mostly caused by inadequate cooling and inadequate cooking.
  5. Cultural Diversity and Work Safety
    Multiculturalism and diversity are the key aspects of public administration that will be highlighted in this paper.
  6. Food Safety Issues in Modern Agriculture
    According to the United Nations Asian and Pacific Center for Agricultural Engineering and Machinery, an upsurge in international trade on agricultural products has made food safety a major concern.
  7. Safety Plan for the Warehouse with Refrigeration
    This is a safety plan for a very large warehouse with a large refrigerated section. The necessity of the plan is caused by workers’ reports about cases of illnesses.
  8. Packaging in Marketing, Food Safety, Environment
    The principal functions of packaging are protecting products from the deterioration and external influences and providing important nutritional and marketing information.
  9. Occupational Safety Change Management
    It is easy to manage when you have a particular algorithm. However, when the working process takes an unexpected turn, you are on your own.
  10. Immunization, Safety Concerns, and Public Attitude
    The current thinking on whether to immunize has resulted into mixed reactions that have been obtained from the importance and negative effects of immunization.
  11. Patient Safety as Nursing Core Competency
    The paper observes the nurse of the future nursing core competency topic of safety based on the findings from the class textbook and a scholarly article by Steven et al.
  12. Patient Safety and Risk Management Plan Development
    Patient safety plays a paramount role in healthcare as it defines the quality of services, prescribed medication, relationships between a nurse and a patient, nutrition, and so on.
  13. Patient Safety Culture and Its Elements
    Every patient expects to be safe inside a hospital. It is one of the core priorities of a health provider, to avoid all possible harm that can come to the patient.
  14. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.’s Safety Policies
    The case study overviews the Health, Safety and Environment aspects of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. policies. It raises the issues of positioning and differentiating.
  15. Healthcare Accessibility, Disparity, and Safety
    It is crucial for new health care legislation to address the sensitive and relevant problems that exist in health care, namely accessibility and disparity.
  16. Iraq and Afghanistan Wars for American Safety
    The US considered that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were able to ensure the country’s safety and minimalize the possibility of future attacks.
  17. Drug Safety Approach in Administration and Nursing
    It is important to assess the safety of drugs prescribed to patients to detect possible side effects, inefficiency, or danger for patients.
  18. Patient Safety in the Delivery of Nursing Services
    Due to the alarming rates of cases associated with patient safety in the delivery of nursing services, conducting a study on the elements that trigger the trend is essential.
  19. PharmaCARE: Product Safety & Intellectual Property
    Using the case of PharmaCARE, this paper discusses legal and ethical considerations in marketing and advertising, product safety, and intellectual property.
  20. Safety in the Mining Industry
    Millions of people work in the industry as miners, geologists, process engineers, health care workers, and Geotechnical engineers among other roles.
  21. Medication Safety in Patient-Centered Nursing Care
    A nurse should consider mediation storage, i.e. ensure that the facility (e.g. in terms of refrigerator storage) meets the patient’s needs for medications.
  22. Casinos: Occupational Safety and Drug-Free Workplace
    As a result of the enactment of the 1970 Act of Occupational Safety and Health in the U.S, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was formed.
  23. Occupational Health and Safety
    Occupational health and safety within the organizations are extremely significant as the opportunity to work in safe conditions is one of the most important rights of any employee.
  24. Electronic Health Records and Safety Incidents
    The current paper aims to analyze a current and relevant issue related to health IT and outline in what ways this topic may impact practice.
  25. Quality and Safety Education for Nurses Competencies
    QSEN Competencies include graduate, pre-licensure, and safety competencies targeted at developing skills and knowledge for future nursing graduates.
  26. Ergonomics and Work Safety in the Foundry Industry
    Ergonomics plays the key role in the workplace safety and the process excellence regarding the foundry industry. The research is based on studying two foundry companies.
  27. Exxon Mobil Company’s Sustainable Safety Culture
    Our team here at Exxon Mobil is dedicated to sustaining a safe, productive, and healthy environment for all workers.

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  1. Patient-Oriented Care and Safety in Healthcare
    Family support during a patient’s stay at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), hospital visitation, and extended staff services enhance the quick recovery of patients.
  2. Alzheimer’s Patient Safety Improvement Strategies
    The paper analyzes strategies used by family members to support their patients with Alzheimer’s disease and presents essential tips that can improve safety for patients.
  3. Patient Safety Competency of Nursing Education
    The key KSA captured in Quality & Safety Education for Nurses safety includes the adoption of “national patient safety resources” in nursing practice.
  4. Labor Relations Issue: Occupational Health and Safety
    The problem of occupational health and safety is of high significance from both the ethical and the practical perspectives.
  5. Fire and Life Safety Education Program for K-12
    Although the concept of fire safety might seem self-explanatory to an adult, young students need to be taught essential rules on the subject.
  6. Medical Errors, Economic Effect and Patient Safety
    In order to improve the quality of care, it is necessary to consider the potential role of medical errors in the context of patient safety.
  7. Patients Safety and Needs in Healthcare Environment
    Creating the environment in which patients’ needs can be identified and met successfully is essential in the ever-changing environment of global healthcare.
  8. Quality and Safety Education for Nurses: Conceptual Model
    Quality and Safety Education for Nurses is a project that has been initiated to promote essential security features into health care specialists’ preparation.
  9. How Canadian Government Could Improve Food Safety?
    The paper points out how the government can cooperate with other stakeholders in the food industry to improve the existing standards.
  10. The Roles of Nurses in Providing Nutrition Safety
    While health care specialists pay a lot of attention to safety of medications, care, technology, and hygiene, the problem of malnutrition remains heavily underestimated.
  11. Nursing’s Informatics and Patient Safety
    The paper explains how the development of information technology has helped address the concerns about patient safety raised in the “To Err Is Human” report.
  12. Medical Errors as a Threat to Patient Safety
    Patient safety is one of the key goals assigned a top priority by healthcare. However, medical errors and adverse events remain and threaten patients.
  13. Drug Safety Approach in Advanced Nursing Practice
    The paper will discuss and cover a strategy of applying a drug safety approach in the field of nursing and its impact on advanced professional practices.
  14. Safety Check Improvement at Sikorsky Aircraft
    Although Sikorsky Aircraft Company has been known for its trademark quality standard, improvements are crucial for the efficacy of the firm’s performance and the satisfaction of the customers.
  15. Malnutrition and Patient Safety Healthcare Policy
    The paper considers patient safety as the health care policy issue of high priority. Especially, it focuses on poor nutrition as the neglected aspect of patient safety.
  16. Nurses’ Work-Life Balance and Patient Safety
    The research problem is to reveal the connection between the work schedule of nurses and work/family balance, health, and patient safety.
  17. Medical Errors Minimization for Patient Safety
    The selected peer-reviewed article is the qualitative research study devoted to the investigation of patient safety and methods aimed to minimize medical error.
  18. Patient Care in Quality and Safety Education for Nurses
    Nurses should understand a variety of care forms while paying attention to patients’ preferences and backgrounds, coordination of care, communication, emotional support, education.
  19. Auditing and Metrics in Process Safety Management
    This paper describes characteristics of effective metrics, benefits of using metrics in Process Safety Management, and components of the auditing process.
  20. Nursing Education: Quality, Safety and Systems Thinking
    QSEN competencies are incorporated in the facility’s new graduate nursing orientation, which can be seen when considering the goals of the program and its expected outcomes.
  21. Patient Safety Standards and Medication Errors Policy
    A just and trusted healthcare culture is a win-win situation, with benefits for both care professionals and patients.
  22. Healthcare-Associated Infections and Safety Practice
    This paper investigates the problem of healthcare-associated infections that deteriorate outcomes and result in the growth of patients` dissatisfaction.
  23. Nurses’ Burnout and Patients’ Safety
    This paper describes a rationale for researching topic A Relationship Between Nurses’ Burnout and Fatigue and Levels of Patients’ Safety: A Quantitative Study.
  24. Hospital Risk Management and Patient Safety
    Governance in hospital risk management entails the commitment of the healthcare providers in carrying out their professional responsibilities in caring for the patient.
  25. Medication Compliance and Safety Use
    Managing medication compliance and safety becomes an essential facet of patients’ healthcare, which medical institutions may accomplish in a variety of ways.
  26. Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality
    The following paper provides an overview of possible applications of a transformation process to the practice of home health care.
  27. Patient Safety and Nurse Working Conditions
    The report by the Committee on the Work Environment for Nurses and Patient Safety proposes the importance of nurse working conditions as a premise for patient safety.

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  1. Private Health Information’s Safety
    Guaranteeing the safety of private health information is one of the most significant challenges. The issue has become more critical after the implementation of electronic health records.
  2. Safety and Violence Policies in Emergency Departments
    Ensuring safety in the workplace for emergency workers is accompanied by strong necessity since frequent stresses inevitably entail conflicts and quarrels.
  3. Medication Administration Errors and Patient Safety Risks
    The studying medication administration errors (MAE) have been highlighted by many researchers, as it is recognized that such errors occur across countries and medical facilities.
  4. Employee Engagement in Safety Improvement
    Employee involvement and engagement can be attained by ensuring that safety meetings have representatives from the human asset base.
  5. Healthcare Reform for Availability and Safety
    Despite the fact that the USA is one of the most developed countries in the world, it has major issues associated with health care available to its citizens.
  6. Pressure Ulcer: Safety Score Improvement Plan
    This paper presents the safety score improvement plan for mitigating issues concern of pressure ulcers that is relevant to quality patient care.
  7. Implementation of Workplace Safety Standards Regarding Chemicals
    Death and injury due to accidental chemical exposure is a constant and real danger in construction sites around the world.
  8. Safety Risks in the Modern Aviation Industry
    The given paper is devoted to the critical evaluation of the existing safety risks in defenses available to mitigate them.
  9. Urban Parks between Safety and Aesthetics
    The park visitors need to know how to take care of the park, and the officials need to know how to do their job properly.
  10. Health and Safety Training for Early Childhood Educators
    Nutrition, health, and safety training are significant for early childhood educators. They have a great impact on the child since a child is highly receptive at an early age.
  11. Nursing: Safety for a Heart Failure Patient
    This case study about patient safety presents clinical indicators, team interactions, and safety concepts for a heart failure patient.
  12. Clinical Decision Support System for Patient Safety
    Patient safety is the key priority of all health care professionals since no mistakes are allowed in this area.
  13. Fire Safety Education and Risks for Children
    The paper focuses on adolescent firesetting, children with special needs, fire safety education, and socioeconomic characteristics as determinants of fire risks.
  14. Genetically Modified Food Safety and Benefits
    Today’s world faces a problem of the shortage of food supplies to feed its growing population. The adoption of GM foods can solve the problem of food shortage in several ways.
  15. Six Sigma Phases and Lean Principles for Safety
    This paper discusses how a lean leader demonstrates a personal commitment to safety. It describes the five phases of Six Sigma and compares Six Sigma and lean principles.
  16. RFID Chips: Safety in Personal Identification Tags
    RFID technologies have been used in supply chain management for years, and this advancement has been already introduced in the sphere of people’s personal and financial data.
  17. Occupational Safety and Health Threat Scenarios
    The supervisors should investigate and report promptly all incidences about employees within their respective fields to allow immediate response.
  18. Employee Subsidies, Benefits and Workplace Safety
    Workplace incidents are of great concern to the owners of businesses who want to minimize the risk of hazards that can imperil the life and health of employees.
  19. Economic Analysis of Airline Safety
    The major goal of this report is to analyze the main causes of occurrences in flights coupled with how they happen, their effects, and the most appropriate remedies that can be used.
  20. Pedestrian: Promoting Safety and Reducing Risk
    This work presents the outline for the implementation of a simple educational program and intervention to promote pedestrian safety and reduce injury risk for childhood.
  21. Irish Aviation Safety: Strategic Position and Strategic Choices
    The commercial aviation industry plays a central role in facilitating the transportation of people and goods in various parts of the globe.
  22. Crime Scene Safety and Security in the United States
    To protect themselves, both the crime scene personnel and the first responding officer must use gloves to prevent contact with potentially hazardous pieces of evidence.
  23. Train Control and Safety: Public Policy Meeting
    The present paper will provide information about a recent hearing on train safety, during which the Committee discussed the implementation of positive train control technology.
  24. Safety and Security Solutions at School
    The current proposal is concerned with enhancing the safety and security of students at schools through following three basic steps.
  25. School Safety and Gun Violence Prevention
    Within quite a short period, a number of cruel massacres have come to define school shootings in the United States.
  26. Medication Errors: Patient Safety Concern in Nursing
    Medication errors are a widespread patient safety issue: in fact, it is the most common medical error, which illustrates its significance for nursing practice.
  27. Pressure Ulcers as a Patient Safety Issue
    My proposal focuses on the evidence-based practice (EBP) research project that examines different approaches to measure pressure ulcer risk and comparison of their effectiveness.

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  1. The Issues of Safety and Violence in the Emergency Care
    The PICOT question of the evidence-based research concerns emergency room healthcare providers and safety and violence protocol training.
  2. Safety and Violence Protocol in Emergency Care
    The PICOT question of the evidence-based research concerns emergency room healthcare providers and safety and violence protocol training.
  3. Safety and Violence Protocol: Evaluation Plan
    The paper proposes how to assess the effectiveness of the implementation plan to introduce safety and violence protocol training among physicians.
  4. Violence and Safety Concerns in the Emergency Department
    The present project was aimed at the location of an evidence-based solution to a problem of violence and safety issues faced by nurses working in the emergency department.
  5. Technology for Patient Safety: Change Proposal
    Patient safety is the core concept of healthcare. The rising use of technology can be explained by healthcare establishments’ need to provide patients with a more safe environment.
  6. Unified Model of Patient Safety and Nursing Care
    This essay will identify a nursing care model utilized in a real-world setting and discuss other theories contributing to the discipline.
  7. Safety Guidance Adherence Among Oncology Nurses
    In recent years, the National Institute for Safety and Health (NIOSH) developed a range of measures to reduce the level of chemotherapy exposure among oncology nurses.
  8. Safety Officer at the Palmetto General Hospital in Miami
    The result of this interview revealed the state of the hospital’s acquaintance with Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA), and Serious Safety Events (SSE).
  9. Patient Safety and Nursing Satisfaction Project
    This paper provides an intervention defining if the implementation of stress and time management strategies is a better choice to increment patient safety and nursing satisfaction.
  10. The Relationship Between Understaffing of Nurses and Patient Safety in Hospitals
    The healthcare system should be in compliance with numerous factors of a different kind to provide proper adherence to treatment and medication for every individual.
  11. Nurse Staffing and Patient Care Quality and Safety
    The purpose of this paper is to investigate the impact of nurse staffing on patient care and reveal opportunities for quality improvement.
  12. The Relationship Between Understaffing of Nurses and Patient Safety
    This paper aims to investigate aspects related to the problem of nurse understaffing by referencing the scholarly literature on the topic.
  13. Community Health Nursing and Occupational Safety
    Occupational Health Nurses (OHNs) are involved in ensuring workplace safety in different work environments as the key primary care providers in such environments.
  14. Jackson Memorial Hospital: Risk Management and Safety Officers
    Jackson Memorial Hospital is one of the teaching non-profit healthcare organizations located in Miami, Florida.
  15. Effect of Transformational Leadership on Job Satisfaction and Patient Safety
    This paper will seek to investigate a decrease in customer service scores associated with staff courtesy, friendliness, and competence at the Care agency.
  16. Patient Safety Culture and Practice Change Frameworks
    Fostering a culture of patient safety can help to avoid errors in care provision, as well as the resulting adverse events.
  17. Patient Safety Promotion as Nursing Practice Issue
    The chosen topic is promoting patient safety within hospital set-ups. Nurses could play a central role in addressing this problem by promoting a culture of safety.
  18. Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety
    Nurse staffing is one of the burning issues in the US healthcare system that needs effective solutions and proper legislation.
  19. Patient Safety: Practice Change Project
    The concept of patient safety is a vital part of nursing that is, however, sometimes excluded from the staff’s discussions about organizational culture.
  20. National Patient Safety Goals: Critical Care Access
    Limited access to healthcare services has been on the agenda of the modern healthcare system for quite a long, warranting the status of critical concern.
  21. Implementation of a Patient Engagement Tool to Improve In-Clinic Safety of Diabetic Patients
    This paper will state the problem, present the PICOT question, and discuss the details of the project, demonstrating a feasible and important study that can improve practice.
  22. The Boeing and FAA Safety Risks Assessment
    Improving flight safety in the global air transport system is the fundamental and most important strategic goal of both the International Civil Aviation Organization and all national regulators.
  23. Nurse Safety Adherence During Chemotherapy
    In particular, adherence to safety measures when using chemotherapeutic drugs is the essential aspect of the activity, which is not always respected.
  24. Oncology Nursing Society: Chemotherapy Safety Standards
    One of the stages of intervention is chemotherapy as the method of helping people to avoid malignant tumors and eliminate the consequences of the disease.
  25. Patient Safety in the Healthcare Workplace Culture
    The participation of the entire workers in the healthcare environment in improving the safety standards enhances the culture of safety.
  26. Case of Boeing 737-MAX: Safety Issues and Management
    Safety is the primary concern for those travelling by air. Interestingly enough, statistically, the chances of perishing due to an airplane crash are meager.
  27. Safety and Security Risk Management
    The fact that birds have caused catastrophic accidents in the aviation sector means that drones, which are largely made of metals, may pose even a greater threat to this industry.

📌 Easy Safety Essay Topics

  1. Safety and Secure Risk Management
    Safety is an important concept in the aviation industry because it underscores the need to protect passengers and crew against accidents.
  2. US Safety in the State of International Anarchy
    When assessing the US security under international anarchy from the standpoint of structural realism, one can note that there are no significant threats to the state.
  3. Organizational Culture in Public Safety in Harris County
    The general culture of the public safety organization is mostly focused on the terms of artifacts, such as reactionary and preventative approaches.
  4. Nursing Research for Patients’ Safety and Health
    The article elaborates on the most significant aspects of nursing research to demonstrate its vital importance for patient safety and quality care.
  5. The Range of Regulations Applicable to Health and Safety in Construction
    The regulatory systems have done more good than bad in the general growth of safety conditions for workers in the European Union.
  6. Car Seat Safety and Educational Awareness Programs
    The paper discusses car seat safety and highlights the safety procedures and recommendations needed to be taken care of.
  7. Airline Safety Practices and Medication Administration
    The medication administration activities are nowadays very sophisticated and difficult to run properly. But the authority cannot fulfill the minimum requirements.
  8. Efficacy and Safety of Human Papillomavirus ‘Gardasil’
    The prevalence, enormity of strains, difficulty in diagnosing, route of transmission, and treatment options make Human papillomavirus (HPV) pose major challenge to health care providers.
  9. Road Safety Precautions for Drivers
    Many people, who have disobeyed traffic laws, exist for the safety of everyone; have ended up dead or killing innocent people.
  10. Health Care Leaders and Patient Safety
    Mechanisms, such as the ‘rapid response and ad hoc investigative teams’, for making improvements based on the identification and analysis of specific problems, are found to improve the safety of health care.
  11. Public Safety Department of Connecticut vs. John Doe
    A respondent of a sex offense made a move and filled a legal action on behalf for his rights and any other sexual offender who could also fall a victim of such circumstances.
  12. Food Safety Issues and Standards
    Food hygiene standards are perhaps the most important for any country to observe due to the damage which the food of poor quality may bring to the health of the population.
  13. Importance of Traffic Safety Education at the School Level
    Traffic safety education at the school level is meant to provide the students with lifetime skills for maneuvering in the public roads and highways.
  14. Injection Safety and Syringe Reuse
    The reuse of syringes and needles by nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers in Nevada and Las Vegas led to the spread of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.
  15. Risk and Safety Management in Project Development
    As far as the individual level of safety is concerned, micro-events are especially important as they happen exclusively at this level of project accomplishment.
  16. A Person’s Safety Is Not Increased by Buying a Gun
    Many people think that safety can only be brought about by things like buying a gun. Although this may seem right, there are so many things that help in safety.
  17. Food Safety in the Commercial Industry
    In considering food safety in the commercial industry, it is important to consider this seriously since food production is carried out on a large scale to serve many people.
  18. Energy Safety and Earthquake Hazards Program
    The distribution of earthquakes around the world is not uniform. Some parts experience earthquakes frequently while others do not.
  19. Research Methodologies for Crane Workers Safety
    Qualitative research methods usually require the researcher to have a general thought of how he will conduct his research in a qualitative manner.
  20. Traffic Situation and Safety Concerns in Saudi Arabia
    This paper presents the situation of the traffic experienced in Saudi Arabia, highlights many causes of traffic problems and proposes the solutions to some of the problems found.
  21. A Car: Technical Specifications & Safety Features
    The paper provides an overall description of the car that includes the various highlights of the vehicle, its standard & safety features as well as technical specifications.
  22. Behavior-Based Safety in the Food Industry: DO IT Method
    The so-called DO IT method is useful when applied to jobs in the restaurant industry, leading to an improvement in the work behavior of employees.
  23. Safety & Lean: One Manufacturer’s Lessons Learned and Best Practices
    A lot of organizations noticed the enhancement of business performance after the shift from traditional methods of production to lean methods of production.
  24. The Safety in Nursing Analysis
    Safety is one of the major factors affecting patient outcomes. It is an important part of effective and cost-efficient healthcare.
  25. Nurse Empowerment, Self-Efficacy, and Patient Safety
    Nursing professionals’ vigilance at the bedside is essential to safeguard patient care and to detect medical errors such as incorrect medication orders.
  26. What Is Process Safety Management and Why Is It Important?
    One of the process safety hazards that can endanger human lives and damage property for millions of dollars are pressure hazards.
  27. National Patient Safety Overview
    Patient safety has become a global concern in the past two decades. This is due to the rampant cases of medical errors that have led to deaths within the health service facilities.
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