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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Sugar

  1. Cuban Counterpoint – Tobacco and Sugar
    Tobacco, and sugar were a major driving force for the Cuban economy, without which the country would have never survived.
  2. Coca-Cola’s Consumers’ Awareness About Sugar
    Consumers’ behavior has a strong impact on the marketing sector. One of the most vivid examples, in the relevant context, is Coca-Cola’s case.
  3. Trans Fat and Sugar Containing Products’ Effects
    This study is concerned with the problem of the negative influence of trans fatty acids and sugar-containing foods (sweetened beverages in particular) on the health of consumers.
  4. History: Hurricanes and British Sugar and Rice Markets
    In the article, Mathew Mulcahy explores the destructive power of hurricanes and their connection to the dynamics of sugar and rice markets in Great Britain.
  5. Sugar and Cotton History and Present Trade
    In this paper, we will compare sugar with another commodity – cotton, which had a similar early history to the emergence of sugar.
  6. Colonial Sugar Refinery Company’s Management Practice
    This paper uses the Colonial Sugar Refinery company to analyse how strategic management tools are used in Australian companies.
  7. Negative Outcomes of High Sugar Consumption
    Sugar is one of the most common nutritional elements present in the majority of plants. The benefits of consuming sugar include increased energy level and improved thinking capacity.
  8. The Harm of High Sugar Intake to Human Health
    Sugar is essential for energy balance. The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between health problems and high levels of sugar intake.
  9. The Sweet Danger of Sugar: Negative Effects
    Sugar is one of the most common nutritional elements present in the majority of plants and many animal products.
  10. “Sweetness and Power: The Place of Sugar in Modern History” by Mintz
    In Mintz’s “Sweetness and Power: The Place of Sugar in Modern History,” an ordinary story of sugar as a community product becomes a significant study of human life.
  11. Sugar as a Medicine in Europe and the Arab World
    The knowledge of pharmacological qualities of sugar reached Europe as well and, for several centuries, it was consumed there as part of various mixtures.
  12. Sugar Processing: Term Definition
    Sugar is a commodity whose production starts right from the farm when sugarcane cuttings are propagated. The processes of growing sugarcane and processing sugar are labor-intensive in most countries of the world.
  13. Sugar Cane Plantation and Slave Trade in South America
    By 1652, the price of slaves had doubled, marked by increased demand for slave labor and increased price of sugar in the new world. The price of slaves was determined by health, age.
  14. Sugar Revolution in the Caribbean in the 18th Century
    The sugar revolution which was mostly experienced in 1700-1800 was marked by the increased sugar manufacturing and cultivation in the Caribbean region.
  15. “Sweetness and Power: The Place of Sugar in Modern History” by Sidney Wilfred Mintz
    In his famous book Mintz studies where and how the goods that were produced on the islands since colonial times were consumed.
  16. The Case for Taxing Sugar, Not Soda
    More and more cities and counties in the United States are starting to tax sugary beverages, which negatively affect Americans’ health.
  17. “The Case for Taxing Sugar, Not Soda” by Dewey
    The article “The Case for Taxing Sugar, not Soda” contains powerful arguments, explains the issue entirely and carefully, and appears to be objective, as it includes two points of view.
  18. How to Encourage Low Sugar Consumption Among Primary School Students?
    Producers in the food industry often add too much sugar to their food. Added sugar causes food dependency, changes the natural taste of the product, leads to serious diseases.
  19. Children’s Hyperactivity and Sugar
    The popular myth contends that the more sugar-filled products children consume, the higher their activity drive is. But the sugar alone does not affect children’s behavior.
  20. Federal Policies Role in Increased Sugar Content in School Breakfast
    The health damage associated with excessive sugar consumption is a topic that seems to attract considerable scientific attention.

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  1. Relationship Between Sugar and Addiction
  2. Sugar Addiction and Its Effects on the Human Body
  3. The Effect That Sugar Substitutes Have on the Body
  4. Cultural Patterns Between the Sugar Industry and Slavery in the Caribbean
  5. The Association Between Sugar Intake and Obesity
  6. Chemical Cum Cultural Control of Sugar Cane Lodging
  7. Sugar and the Making of International Trade Law
  8. Imperial Sugar and Its Effects on the United States
  9. British Mercantilism Sugar Act
  10. Factors That Affect the Blood Sugar Levels
  11. Predation and Its Rate of Return: The Sugar Industry, 1887–1914
  12. The Relationship Between Blood Sugar Levels and Athletic
  13. Commodities and Colonialism: The Story of Big Sugar in Indonesia, 1880-1942
  14. Sugar Cane and Bauxite in Guyana
  15. Water and Sugar Transport in Plants
  16. Indentured Servants and the Sugar Revolution
  17. Marketing Sugar and the Food Industry
  18. European Sugar Policy Reform and Agricultural Innovation
  19. Common Causes for Diabetes and Other Blood Sugar Disorders
  20. Economic Challenges for Pakistan Sugar Industry

💡 Simple Sugar Essay Ideas

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  1. Trade Liberalisation, Efficiency and South Africa’s Sugar Industry
  2. Closed-Loop Insulin Therapy Improves Children’s Blood Sugar
  3. Australian Sugar Industry Production, Processing, Marketing, and Sustaina
  4. Sugar and Its Role in Cuba in the Early Twentieth Century
  5. The Factors Affecting the Share Price of Sugar in the Sugar Industry
  6. Sugar Extraction From Sugar Canes
  7. Problems Facing the Sugar Industry Between 1838 and 1854
  8. The West India Sugar Crisis and British Slave Emancipation, 1830–1833
  9. Sugar Quotas and Crop Production Efficiency
  10. Positive and Negative Effects of Sugar Consumption
  11. Louisiana Sugar Cane Industry
  12. The Voyages and the Sugar Industry on the Island of Barbados
  13. Sugar Consumption and Its Detrimental Effects
  14. The Turkish Sugar Industry in the Aftermath of EU Sugar Reform
  15. Managed Trade: The Usmexico Sugar Suspension Agreements
  16. Sugar and Sugar Beet Production in Hungary and Poland in the Years 1995-2014
  17. The Relationship Between Sugar and Slavery in the Early Modern Period
  18. Costs and Returns From Sugar Beet Production in the Southern Province in 1947
  19. Sugar Rush: Prospects for a Global Ethanol Market
  20. U.S. Sugar Policy Options and Their Consequences Under NAFTA and Doha
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