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  1. Vaccines: Should Parents Avoid Vaccinating Their Children?
    In this research paper, we will try to establish the benefits of damages of child vaccination and draw a conclusion whether parents should or should not avoid vaccinating their children.
  2. A Good Parent: Definition and Traits
    A good parent is a loving person who surrounds children with warmth and affection, helps them find their place in the world, and is a good example of a dignified citizen.
  3. Parent-Child Relationships in the Novels “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov and “Sula” by Toni Morrison
    The problem of parent-child relationships is one of the most examined and actual eternal questions. This question concerns the problems of love and hatred.
  4. Overindulgent Parenting Style and Its Harm to Children
    This paper researches on the impacts of overindulgent parenting on children and concludes by stating that parents should consider adopting the authoritative parenting style.
  5. Corporal Punishment and Parents Position
    Corporal punishment is not usually the ‘go to’ disciplinary tool for most parents. Responsible and reasonable parents usually try to understand the child’s position first.
  6. Divorce and Single-Parent Families
    Families across the world face different challenges. One such challenge is marital instability, which in a significant number of families, lead to divorce.
  7. Parents Need Help: Restricting Access to Video Games
    Parents who fear instilling discipline in their kids for fear of hatred from their kids have no one to blame but themselves.
  8. Teenage Parenting: Problems of Children and Parent
    Teenagers feel lonely, angry, or confused while they deal with identity, peer relations, sexual behavior, and drugs. Parents have to help children with these issues.
  9. Families: Single Parent Controversy
    This paper explores single parenting and bases on the article “The single parent controversy: Does family research stigmatize single mothers and their children?”.
  10. Non-Parental Child Care
    This paper focuses on the types of non-parent childcare and its effects on the child’s development in psychological, social and cognitive development.
  11. Parents Bear Responsibility for the Recreational Rioter – Psychology
    The author of this article is trying to put across is that bad parenting is to blame for such bad behavior. The author tries to appeal to parents to rethink their parenting styles.
  12. Developmental Psychology: Aggression Between Parents
    The article that is presented by the New York University is dealing with the parents’ influence on the children’s ability to control emotions and recognize them.
  13. Te Single-Parent Homes Problems
    This article looks at some problems, which single parent homes experience from scholarly perspectives. Thus, it covers various issues that affect single parent homes.
  14. Raising Children in Single Families: Single-Parent Families’ Problems
    The paper considers single-parent families’ economic problems, balancing work and life, behavioral changes, effects of conflict between parents, new relationships of parents.
  15. Parental Education for Preventing Pneumonia in Children
    Vaccinations have led to the prevention of many childhood illnesses. Prior to the introduction of vaccines many of these illnesses ranked as the leading cause of death in children.
  16. The Parent-Child Relationships Theories
    Duties that a child has to his or her parents are unique. When it comes to parents, an individual is expected to do things that he or she will not do for other people.
  17. Parental Exposure and Underage Drinking – Psychology
    In the context of this article, parental exposure is used to imply the behaviors and actions that the youth are exposed to when their parents engage in drinking sprees.
  18. Parenting Styles by Diana Baumrind
    This paper describes advantages and disadvantages of parenting styles generated by Diana Baumrind and its characteristics as well as the consequences for children.
  19. The Impact of Relationships With Parents on the Future
    According to attachment theory, three main attachment patterns predetermine a person’s perception of appropriate relations with people.
  20. The Father’s Role in Parenting
    Female and male parents have different contributions towards the success of their children in education; father’s roles being equally significant as that played by mothers.
  21. Parenting Style Comparison: Positive and Negative Impacts
    Different parents use different styles to raise their children. These parenting styles have positive and negative impacts on the young infants and the adolescents.
  22. Family-Based Childhood Obesity and Parental Weight
    The article examines the multifactorial nature of the growing health issue of childhood obesity and investigates the correlation between childhood BMI and parental obesity.
  23. Childhood Obesity and Parent Education
    Work studies the relations between overweight and parental education, child overweight and physical activity, and the domestic co-occurrence of overweight on a country-wide scale.
  24. Impact of Single Parent Culture on Students’ Behavior
    Many scholars in education agree that a student’s performance is not dependent on intellectual ability alone but also in other factors such as behavior.
  25. Childhood Obesity and Independent Variable in Parents
    This paper includes measuring the influence of the independent variables to consider a mass index of parents and their socioeconomic status.
  26. Parenting: Open Versus Closed Adoption
    The present paper focuses on open adoption as a widely debated social practice, discusses the positive and negative issues connected with open adoption.
  27. Parents’ Education in Childhood Obesity Prevention
    It can be extremely important to compare and contrast the role of parent education and common methods of treatment in childhood obesity prevention.
  28. Eight Steps of Effective Parent Participation
    The first step of effective parent participation is to communicate with parents frequently. It is important to keep the parents of children who are consistently experiencing difficulties informed.
  29. Diagnosis Disclosure and Child-Parent Relationship
    The paper aims to address the problem of child-parent relationships and their influence on diagnosis disclosure and the patient’s psychological well-being.
  30. Systematic Training for Effective Parenting
    The growing interests of parents in the nurturing of their children in the recent decades reflect the challenges faced by the same due to societal behavioral change.

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  1. Children With Asthma: Risks Created by Smoking Parents
    The available literature indicates that secondhand smoking from parents hurts children with asthma and other respiratory diseases, causing complications.
  2. Positive Parenting and Child Externalizing Behavior
    The article shows how mothering styles can affect child behaviors, and the latter appears likely to impact mother-son relationships.
  3. Parenting Styles Researching: Analytical Techniques
    This paper considers the use of the observational method for analyzing video recordings depicting parent-child interaction.
  4. Parents’ Gender Roles and Children’s Aspirations
    Croft et al. state that parents inflict their implicit and explicit beliefs concerning gender roles in their children. The social role theory is used as a theoretical framework.
  5. Single Parenting Benefits and Disadvantages
    There are not only drawbacks but also some benefits for mothers who live without husbands and raise their children themselves.
  6. Air Pollution Threats: Parent Education
    The purpose of this pamphlet is to educate parents on the dangers of air pollution and suggest preventive strategies to keep their children safe.
  7. Violence: Community Center for Children and Parents
    There are tiny mechanisms for preventive action against domestic violence. This work proposes to create a Community Center for Children and Parents to solve this issue.
  8. Single-Parent Family Health Assessment
    The current family development stage is ‘a family with school-aged children’, and the family managed to accomplish the tasks of previous stages rather well.
  9. Childhood Obesity: The Relationships Between Overweight and Parental Education
    The given study pursues establishing a correlation between two certain variables: parents’ education and children’s BMI.
  10. Childhood Obesity: Parental Education vs. Medicaments
    The incidence of overweight and obesity among children has become a global concern that is associated with increased health complications.
  11. Parents’ Incomes and Children’s Camp Expenses
    This paper presents a literature review of works that describe the conditions and financial means required by educational children camps to teach and entertain their attendants.
  12. Parental Engagement in Special Education
    While the teaching methods must vary among students with special needs, parents should also engage in an educational process to give children an understanding of its importance.
  13. Single Afro-Americans Parenting Their Adolescents
    The purpose of this research is to investigate how single African-American mothers experience their relationship with their adolescent sons.
  14. Adolescent Obesity and Parental Education Study
    Being a critical nutritional disorder, obesity leads to a number of changes in health care, family finances, and communities.
  15. Views on Raising Children: Tasks of Parents
    The most challenging task of parents is to make the right decisions. It requires analyzing the behavior of children and finding their personalities.
  16. “The Film “”We Bought a Zoo”” and Single Parenting Issues”
    We Bought a Zoo is a 2011 comedy-drama film that follows the life of a single-parent family aiming to start a new life after the passing of the mother.
  17. Parenting Styles: Values and Standards Transmission
    Numerous observations of children show that major developmental changes mostly occur during early childhood. It may be perceived by the parents in the form of imitation and observation.
  18. Teenage Rebellion Against Parents
    The transformations have significant impacts on the teen and may result in commotion and bewilderment for the teen and parent.
  19. Childhood Obesity, Medical and Parental Education
    Does parent education about a healthy lifestyle increase the positive outcomes and prevention of childhood obesity compared with medical treatment?
  20. Same-Sex Parenting Impact on Children’s Behavior
    The issue of parenting is fundamental and requires lots of attention. The purpose of the study is to examine the behavior of children raised by same sex parents.
  21. Parental Positive and Negative Behaviors
    The paper aims to investigate parental positive and negative behaviors. It describes the effects of parent’s behavior on the life of their children.
  22. Parenting and Choice of Child-Rearing Style
    The child-rearing style applied to a child has an impact on the child’s growth and development. The style employed by the parents can predict the future character of the child.
  23. Homeschooling Disadvantages for Students and Parents
    The essay explores whether homeschooling is a better option for parents and their children compared with classroom establishment.
  24. Parenting Styles in Situational Examples
    This paper examines different situational examples related to child-parent and assesses the parenting style of each of these situations.
  25. Gadgets’ Impact on Parent-Child Relationships
    This paper considers studies that analyze gadgets’ impact on relations between parents and children and factors that affect the time children spend using their devices.
  26. Children’s Early Literacy Achievement and Parents’ Role
    The research explores the relationship between parents’ interaction with their children while sharing storybook reading and achieving children’s literacy.
  27. Child Behavior in Relation to Parenting
    Although parenting influences all affiliations within a family, its impact on parent-children relationships is vital as it may affect the children’s future negatively.
  28. Authoritarian Parenting Impact on Children’s Health
    Parents who deploy an authoritarian approach to raising their children are presented as contributing hugely to their destruction rather than molding them into reliable citizens.
  29. Authoritative Parenting in Comparison to Other Styles
    There are four parenting styles: authoritative, permissive, neglectful, authoritarian. If I were to have children, I would associate myself with the authoritative parenting style.
  30. American and British Parenting Styles
    In this paper, parenting from the point of view of Americans and Britons will be evaluated to show their differences or similarities.

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  1. Attachment Theories in Child-Parent Relationships
    Ainsworth singles out three types of relations between parents and a child. Another attachment theory was developed by Bowlby, and it is similar to that of Ainsworth.
  2. Childhood Obesity and Parent Education: Ethical Issues
    The proposed research reveals important insights about obesity among children and infants. Apart from the positive intentions of the research, different ethical considerations have to be described.
  3. The Issues of Childhood Obesity: Overweight and Parent Education
    This paper examines the relationships between overweight and parental education, child overweight and physical activity, and investigate the domestic co-occurrence of overweight.
  4. Single African American Parents: Literature Review
    Parenting among single African American women poses serious challenges. This paper reviews existing literature to understand what other scholars have found out in this field.
  5. Are Parents Responsible for Their Children’s Crimes?
    The question of whether parents should be held responsible for the crimes of their children has a certain controversial quality to it.
  6. Migrating Parents’ Motives and Impact on Children
    One aspect that often lacks proper attention from the authorities and the general public is the children of immigrants who are left in their home countries.
  7. Parents Shape Early Adolescents’ Eating Behaviors
    Parents’ behaviors have a significant impact on their children’s development. For children, parents tend to be role models whose authority cannot be questioned.
  8. Parental Divorce and Consequences for Children
    Divorces are a common occurrence in the modern world, and most people are accustomed to the idea of a separated family.
  9. Parenting Style and Bullying Among Children
    The investigation of parenting styles is highly essential to understand how they affect the bullying behavior of children to prevent it.
  10. Should Parents Be Held Responsible for the Crimes of Their Children?
    Since parenting is crucial to molding the behavior of children, it is necessary that parents be educated on proper ways of raising their children.
  11. Counseling for Healthy Relationships With Parents
    To develop an effective treatment, it is necessary to come up with a problem formulation that should include such areas as environment, thoughts, emotions, and physiology.
  12. Postsecondary Enrolment and Parental Income
    This paper determines whether there are any changes in trends for the years of 2001-2014 in students’ enrolment in postsecondary education based on the factor of parental income.
  13. Childhood Obesity: Medication and Parent Education
    The discussed research project is proposed to comparatively analyze the effectiveness of medication treatment and parent education in managing childhood obesity.
  14. Gay and Single-Parent Families: Functionalist View
    The application of the functionalist perspective helps to resolve some problems by outlining the importance of issues and their contribution to the evolution of communities.
  15. Parenting Styles: Indifferent, Indulgent, Authoritarian, and Authoritative
    The paper will analyze four main styles, namely indifferent, indulgent, authoritarian, and authoritative parenting styles.
  16. When Parents Refuse to Give Up: Yusef Camp’s Case
    Speaking of the overall boy’s condition, Yusef’s brain is not functioning, but the local state law does not allow practitioners to qualify him as dead.
  17. Medical and Christian Ethics: Ill Child and Parents
    Biomedical ethics allows looking at issues from different angles. The Christian parents face the grave condition that befell their child and requires immediate medical attention.
  18. Applied Ethics: Moral Standards of Alcoholic Parents
    The work aims to discuss the topic of ethics, the moral values which people are supposed to follow, considering the case of Mary, whose parents are alcoholics.
  19. Lack of Parental Support Forces Teenagers ‘Run Away’ From Home
    This paper describes how lack of attention and inability of parents to understand the problems faced by their teenage children results in “run away” from home.
  20. Parent-Child Conflict Resolution: Communication Problem
    The psychological view upon the problem of the parent-child conflict covers many aspects explaining the nature of generations’ contradictions.
  21. The Impact of Parent’s Educational Level on College Students
    It has generally never been given enough thought, as to whether the educational backgrounds of the families of students may also have an impact on the way they carry out their studies.
  22. Parental Refusal of Medical Treatment for Children
    Refusing medical treatment for children by parents undermines the functioning of the healthcare system and the relations between patients and caregivers.
  23. Parental Involvement in Urban School District
    This is a critical review of a collection of five articles, related to education and the involvement of parents in schools.
  24. Critique of Articles on Parenting, ADHD, Child Psychology, and Development
    In this work, the author criticized articles on parenting, ADHD, child psychology, early adult romantic relationships and development.
  25. Should Parents Spank Their Children?
    Spanking or striking children as a method to correct bad behavior has been widely used by parents in many cultures as a primary means of discipline.
  26. Self-Control Theory: Are Our Parents to Blame?
    The role of the community is very important. It is for this reason that people gather together and live as a community in order that they may reap the rewards of cooperation.
  27. Being a Mother: Challenges Facing Parents With Young Children
    A mother is a social or biological parent. In mammals like human beings, biological mother is one that gestates fertilized ovum called an embryo at the beginning which later becomes fetus.
  28. Parents Are to Blame for Youth Violence
    Violence among youth has drastically increased in recent times. This problem of violence has become a global phenomenon whereby youth from all walks of life are engaged in violence.
  29. Women Are Better Parents Then Men
    Many people believe that women make better parents than men and that is why they have the greater role in raising children in most societies
  30. Parent Monitoring of Children in Public Places
    Parents-children relations may be characterized as the complex interconnection of different issues, which are the main patterns in the upbringing process.

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