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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Teenagers

  1. Alcohol Misuse in Teenagers: New Means to Address the Issue
    Despite the efforts of healthcare specialists, over the past few years, the rates of alcohol consumption in youth have grown impressively.
  2. How to Travel With a Teenager?
    Most parents have a desire to go to any length to please their teenagers on holidays and therefore they get to spend a lot of money and time together.
  3. Medicine: Birth Control Devices for Teenagers
    Contraception is important for teenagers because it helps to avoid mistakes such as unintended pregnancies that can negatively affect their progress in school and other endeavors.
  4. Drug Abuse among Teenagers Causes and Effects
    Millions of youths are seriously engaging in drug and substance abuse posing a threat to the future generation.
  5. Social Media’s Influence on Children and Teenagers
    Research conducted in various nations indicates that children and teenagers spend most of their time on social media sites than they do on other websites and mobile sites.
  6. Reality Television Shows’ Impact on Teenagers
    Reality shows constitute a common type of entertainment broadcast, where the participants are made to create an influence on the viewers that the feelings they display are real.
  7. Social Media Impact on Teenagers in the UAE
    This paper studies impact of social media on teenagers in the UAE. The research was based on a sample of 30 respondents through a mixture of direct interviews and questionnaires.
  8. Marijuana Social and Health Effects on Teenagers
    Consumption of illegal drugs among teenagers or adolescents is a problem that has serious health and social concerns.
  9. School Nurse’s Communication with Pregnant Teenagers
    The paper aims to discuss the case of a 17-year-old student who has type I diabetes and whose pregnancy test is positive.
  10. Infantilization of Teenagers in Epstein’s Article
    This paper analyzes Epstein’s article “Let’s abolish high school” devoted to the problem of infantilization of teenagers as a result of artificial prolongation of school studies.
  11. Is Abortion Beneficial or Harmful To a Teenager?
    Abortion is the removal of a pregnancy before it is due. It is the elimination of a fetus or embryo from the mother’s uterus before it is due for birth.
  12. Eating Habits among the Teenagers
    The researcher may classify data into two types when developing a nursing intervention to encourage healthy eating habits among the teenagers.
  13. Urban Poor Teenagers’ Psychology and Activities
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the psychological factors that influence teenagers in impoverished urban areas to engage in particular activities.
  14. Pregnancy in Teenagers: Possible Challenges
    In order to decrease the overall rate of teenage pregnancy, it is crucial to address the populations that are disproportionately affected by the issue.
  15. Sexting in Teenagers: Legal Perspective in Canada
    The issue of sexting in teenagers should be addressed on several levels, including federal, local, and personal.
  16. Teenagers’ Contemporary Issues: Bullying at School
    Bullying can be caused by differences between students, and the existing assessment and support options contribute to improving the situation.
  17. Social Media and Video Games for Teenagers’ Self-Esteem
    Social media are more likely to harm the self-esteem of those adolescents. The influence of video games has a more supportive effect on self-esteem.
  18. Skate Park for Healthy Activities of Teenagers
    The promotion of healthy active life through the popularisation of sports will help discourage teenagers from developing bad habits.
  19. Lack of Parental Support Forces Teenagers ‘Run Away’ From Home
    This paper describes how lack of attention and inability of parents to understand the problems faced by their teenage children results in “run away” from home.
  20. Drug Abuse Among Teenagers
    Before analyzing the causes of addiction among teenagers, we have to look at this issue from sociological point of view.
  21. Alcohol Taking by the Teenagers
    Teenage drinking increased and has brought about a great concern in the society. The average age in which boys start consumption of alcohol is 11 years while for girls is 13 years.
  22. The Problem of Playing Poker Among Teenagers in the United States
    Teenagers are becoming more and more involved in poker games. This is a problem because they are learning greed is good and are becoming addicted to a popular, mainstream game.
  23. An Interview With a Teenager Analysis
    The person who was interviewed in this research is known by the name Ann. She is 14 years of age which means that she is in her adolescence.
  24. Divorce: Rates and Effects on Teenagers
    This paper aims at investigating the cause of divorce, examining the effects of divorce on teenagers as well as giving recommendations for the action.
  25. Teenagers’ Problems in American High Schools
    The problems experienced by teenagers in American schools can not be attributed to them rather they can be attributed to society and media.
  26. Substance Abuse Among Teenagers: Factors and Causes
    This study seeks to investigate the impact of gender, family structure, parental influence, and peer pressure on teenagers’ alcohol use.
  27. Prevention of Obesity in Teenagers
    This paper aims to create an education plan for teenage patients and their parents to effectively inform them and help them avoid obesity.

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  1. Teenagers Should Not Receive Their Driver S Licenses Until They Are at the Age of 21
  2. Birth Control and Teenagers
  3. Cigarette Smoking Among Teenagers
  4. Sex and Age Disparity Among Teenagers
  5. The Factors That Make Teenagers Use Drugs
  6. Sexually Explicit Lyrics and Their Influence on Teenagers
  7. The Factors That Drive Teenagers To Commit Suicides
  8. Society and the Media Influences on Teenagers
  9. Rock and Rap Does Not Have a Bad Influence on Teenagers
  10. Teenagers Need Safe Sex Education
  11. Philadelphia Teenagers and the Threat of Chlamydia
  12. Amish Teenagers and Their Distinct Subculture
  13. Phobias and the Impact on Teenagers
  14. The New Popular Form of Communication Among Teenagers
  15. Drug Abuse Among American Teenagers
  16. Teenagers and the Desire of Perfection
  17. Depression Affect Percent Teenagers
  18. Teenagers Should Work and Learn Responsibility
  19. The Physical and Psychological Effects of Obesity in Teenagers
  20. Sex Without Love Has Become the Norm for Too Many Teenagers in This Century
  21. Sexually Transmitted Disease Among Teenagers
  22. Factors That Influences Teenagers to Use Marijuana
  23. Substance Abuse and Teenagers
  24. Suicide Among Teenagers and the United States
  25. Teenagers and Cosmetic Surgery
  26. Stroop Effect With Modern Teenagers
  27. The Inclination Toward the Procrastination Habit in American Teenagers
  28. Music and Its Effects on Behaviors in Teenagers and Young Adults
  29. Teenagers and the Internal Conflict
  30. Cosmetic Surgery Among Teenagers

💡 Simple Teenagers Essay Ideas

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  1. Dysfunctional Family and Its Impact on the Teenagers Adjustment
  2. Teenagers Should Not Undergo Plastic Surgery
  3. Crime Factors Among Teenagers
  4. Eating Disorders Amongst Teenagers
  5. Exploring the Causes for the Rising Cases of Heavy Drinking in American Teenagers
  6. Cognitive Psycho-social Physical Teenagers
  7. The Negative Impacts and Influence of Peer Pressure on Teenagers
  8. The Psychological and Emotional Effects of Abortion in Teenagers
  9. The Insecurity Among Modern Teenagers
  10. Teenagers Today Lack Moral Values and Self Discipline
  11. Christian Religious Belief and the Grieving Process in Teenagers
  12. Factors That Influence Teenagers on Alcohol and Effects
  13. The Factors That Push Teenagers Into Violent Behaviors
  14. Plastic Surgery for Teenagers
  15. Factors That Influence Teenager’s Sexual Behaviors
  16. Differences Between Vietnamese Teenagers and American Teenagers
  17. Obesity Among Children and Teenagers
  18. Teenagers Having Jobs While They Are Students
  19. American Teenagers and Plastic Surgery
  20. Romantic Relationships Between Teenagers
  21. Cyber Crime and Its Impact on Teenagers
  22. Relations Between Teenagers and Adults
  23. Dealing With the Problem of Drug Use Among Teenagers
  24. Benefits and Disadvantages for Internet Use for Teenagers
  25. Depression Among Teenagers Who Are Homeless
  26. Crime Protection Programs Children and Teenagers
  27. Social Media and Its Effects on Teenagers
  28. Management Strategies for Depressed Teenagers
  29. Teenagers Suffering Bipolar Disorder
  30. Dealing With Problems Between Parents and Teenagers
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