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BerryGood Product Marketing Project

The target market for this product is mainly women between the ages of 25 and 55. These are the working class individuals who are active for the better part of the day. The fact that they are the working class means that they can afford the product and at that age, most women are usually keen on health issues and they can spend anything on products that promise them better health in the present and the future. This group is classified in the fourth layer of the Maslow’s hierarchy and most of its needs are usually based on improving self-esteem since in most cases, all the other needs are usually satisfied by then. Self-esteem in this case refers to a positive self-image, self-confidence, the need to be recognized, attention seeking, high social status, high accomplishments as well as self-respect (Maslow’s Hierarchy, 1998).

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One of the characteristics of women in this age group is the tendency to exercise a lot. They also focus their concentration more on the type and composition of food that they eat since their main agenda is usually to ensure that they remain young and healthy for as long as it can be possible. They tend to look after their body shape and skin texture and try hard to do away with any possible signs of aging. This drink being launched by BevCo, is a healthy drink that is aimed at meeting such needs while providing the body with energy at the same time. Besides this, it improves their immune system and provides them with an alternative to the junk foods and drinks that most people are used to.

The company decided to specifically target the women population with this drink owing to its dietary qualities: it has very low calorie content as well as nutrients, supplements and a lot of energy giving elements, which are the main requirements of women at the working level. By marketing the product to this group of individuals, the company is assured of increased sales and increased competitive advantage in the market. These people are prone to fatigue owing to their daily tasking routines and so, they need a lot of energy (Maslow’s Theory of motivation, 2009). In some instances, they get too busy to concentrate on the nutritional value of the foods they eat hence they need a lot of nutritional supplements in drinks; which is exactly what this drink is aimed at providing.

The other reason as to why women are targeted by this advertisement campaign is the fact that they are the sole decision makers in the household, especially in matters pertaining to what the family consumes. Majority of women today are the bread winners in their families and therefore they provide ready market. Once they develop an interest in a product, it becomes easy to get the other people in the society into purchasing it, since chances are they will have consumed it before.

Research conducted on purchasing trends indicates that “85% of household purchases are done by women. Furthermore, a forecast on the trends of wealth show that 94% of the national wealth in the next four years will be under the ownership of women. In addition to that, 64% of the total number of workers currently are women, consequently, about 81% of the grocery purchases are made by women” (She-conomy, 2010). From these findings, it is possible to note that women are the best target market especially when it comes to household consumables.

Name of the Product and Slogan

The name of this drink is BerryGood from the BevCo brand of drinks. This name is attractive since it is one of the marketing strategies for new products in the market. The other good feature with this name is the fact that it uses basic words that can be understood by many people irrespective of their level of education. Most people like the berry fruit owing to the fact that it is usually sweet and juicy. Therefore the presence of the word ‘berry’ on the name gives it a milestone already without even considering the good part which also increases its chances of being liked. The slogan is important especially when designing the advertisement campaign.In this case, it is Not Just Good, BerryGood indicates that there is more to this product than just being good.

People would want to discover the goodness of berry in this product owing to the slogan. This increases its competitiveness in the market.

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Brand Image

The colors that are used in creating an image for this brand are green, lavender and blue. These colors are cool and bright enough to fit the color needs of women, hence, ensuring that this is one of the features that will draw them to the brand. Women are attracted by bright colors while men on the other hand prefer dark colors that are not feminine (Logomojo, n.d). In fact, studies conducted on the relationship between colors and gender indicate that the favorite colors for about 76% of the women population are blue first, followed by green, then different shades of purple. Colors are used to convey different moods and this affects people’s decisions in many things, inclusive of the foodstuffs they purchase. Some people pick a product from the supermarket shelf not because they know anything about the content but simply because the packaging has attractive colors.

From the colors that have been used to design the packaging and the logo for this product, blue is mostly related to calmness since it the color for the sky as well as a calm sea. Green on the other hand represents nature and immense wealth while purple represents royalty and luxury. Digital Skartch indicates that women are visual beings and they tend to be attracted more by what they see rather than see or feel. The appearance of a product’s packaging is enough to lead a woman towards or away from it. This explains the color choice for BerryGood since these are the colors that capture the attention of most women and lead them into purchasing the product.

The graphics used on the other hand depict the state of high energy content. The splashy appearance is enticing in the sense that it is an indication of hyperactivity. Most people would like a drink that is refreshing while at the same time it has the capacity to revitalize them when they are worn out. Besides the general graphics, each flavor of the drink should have the respective fruits on the package as this gives the customers an assurance that the drink contains the stated nutrients. These are depicted in such a way that it rhymes with the colors on the packaging so that the whole presentation is neat and well organized. The advertising materials, whether they are billboards or posters should have the same theme color with the product itself for the sake of consistency and product identification.

Packaging Materials

The containers used in packaging this product are made in a feminine manner; that is, slim bottles which are easy to grip. Women have small hands and they are usually attracted by small packaging materials (Unknown Author, 2009). The simulation software used in the creation of packaging materials automatically develops the slim shape whenever the target is specified to be female consumers. This finding is according to the Crown’s easy-to-grip shapes, a company that specializes in the manufacturing of packaging for different products. It is also necessary to come up with different types of packaging materials which ensure that the needs for different people are met.

An alternative packaging from the slim packages is the tetra pack materials which are easy to carry, to store and also open. The lid in this pack is made in such a way that it is attached to the package to ease its manipulation. This lid was developed with the travelling consumers in mind such that they do not have to remove the lid completely to access the content in the bottle. It is more convenient since it minimizes the cases where a person loses the lid to the bottle and remains stranded because they cannot preserve the content in the bottle. According to a report released by Tetra Pak International, “these new ergonomically designed caps were made with the on –the- go consumers in mind and delivers a superior bottle drinking experience” (Grewal, 2010). They also come in different sizes ranging from as small as 250ml, mostly suitable for the travelers to up to 5l for the large scale consumers(Unknown Author, 2010).

The plastic bottles should be made of the thermoplastic material owing to their recyclability. For the sake of informing the users, a recycling icon and message is placed at the bottom of the bottles so that people are aware that these bottles can be reused. This is one way of conserving the environment while at the same time being economical with the available resources. Besides these environmental and economical reasons, plastics are also light in weight and low cost, multipurpose, strong, durable and energy saving. These bottles can be banded together to prevent them from falling off when transporting and not break as a result of the pressure.

The color on these packaging materials should be related to the content inside. For the example, if the flavor of the drink is orange, then the packaging material should be orange in color with images of the orange fruit. This is referred to as characteristic packaging and it increases the credibility of the product. The labels to be stuck on the packaging should also be relevant to the product’s content. Another important feature on the packaging is the information therein. The producers are in a position to make the consumers believe anything they concerning their products(Unknown Author, 2010). They only need to display that which they want the consumers to believe on the packaging and any other advertising materials.

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Advertising Campaign

Different media can be used to advertise this product concurrently and these include radio, internet, television, publications as well as samples. Radio is an effective way of advertising since many people listen to the radio while the cost of advertising here is lower compared to the visual media. As for internet advertisement, the company should advertise the product in their own website and present the advert in a way that attracts people’s attention (Unknown Author, 2010). The other way of setting up internet adverts is by having the product’s banner on other sites with a link that leads directly to their home page. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and sites such as You Tube are also effective in advertising products since they are visited by many people.

Television offers an effective communication channel owing to the millions of people who watch it every day. Grewal credits television advertising stating that it stands out from the other media owing to “the incorporation of visual images alongside sound, motion and believability” (10). This explains why the television is referred to as the ‘king’ in the advertisement business. Publications also play a major role in advertising campaigns since most people read them as their pass time activity. For this specific product, women’s magazines such as Oprah On-Line and Women’s Fitness are the best medium since they concentrate on the population targeted by the product. These magazines can also contain coupons which enable the subscription for a free delivery of the drinks in bulk at the doorstep.

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