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Price of Goods and Services Provided by the World’s Ecosystem


The world’s ecosystem refers to the entire body of the living and the non-living things on the surface of the earth. It refers to all the organisms either living or non-living, and the interactions that they normally exemplify. For the survival of all the living organisms, they have to depend on one another. They are able to acquire food materials and other necessities for life through interaction with others in the society (Cunningham and Cunningham, 2007). The pricing of the goods and services provided by the ecosystem exemplifies a range of reactions from the positive to the negative perspectives.

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Human beings are part of the living organisms in the ecosystem. Within the ecosystem, there is what we call interaction of the various organisms. For many years, man has been depending on the environment for daily survival. This is a clear indication that without the environment, the survival of most of the organisms in the ecosystem would be next to impossibility. Critically, the living organisms are the ones that depend on one another. It is normally common for the non-living to depend on the living, but the living depends on the non-living in one way or the other.

As far as man and other living organisms in the ecosystem will depend on the environment for survival, there is need for conservation to be considered. Everything in the atmosphere is subject to depletion. This is therefore the main reason why man and all the other living organisms in the environment have to conserve what the environment offers. It has therefore got to the desire and need for man to implement laws and regulations that will oversee the nature and rate of use of the resources from the environment. This therefore reiterates the contention of the topic under research. A price should be put on the goods and services provided by the world ecosystem. This contention has a diversity of reasons for and against as the research is to handle.

Literature review

It is upon the entire human nature to conserve the environment. The ecosystem is a good source of various goods and services. According to the Public Affairs Group Inc., 1992, the ecosystem to be protected for its continued productivity. As long as it produces to the entire animal and plant kingdoms, it is subject to depletion. (Easton, 2008) says that the ecosystem is natural but this does not mean that it will naturally produce to the organisms of the ecosystem. World famous writers have gone to vast heights in their intention to enlighten the entire human nature on the need to have the environment conserved in order to restore its natural way of continued and quality production to the environment.

Many institutions have been involved in the strategies to formulate rules and regulations that will foresee the way man and other living organisms in the ecosystem will use it. (Cunningham and Cunningham, 2007) says that unless there are rules and regulations, the nature of the environment will continue to degrade. This is one of the contentions that have raised a lot of concerns all over the world. Moreover, world’s leaders have taken several steps in ensuring that the environment is protected and conserved to the betterment of human and animal use. Moreover, it has been the concern of many governments to see and assure the people of reduced pollution in order to have the environment save for healthy use.

Research methods

In order to arrive at the results that the research paper demanded, a number of research methods were involved. These are the strategies that gave out the results of the research that was done. The following research methods were therefore involved: a survey was done in one of the ecosystems that have been linked with degradation. The surveys were specifically used to denote the nature of pricing that the goods and services provided by the ecosystem have undergone. Moreover, the survey was done in order to relay the main aspects that have contributed to the depletion of some of the resources in the environment. There was moreover, an issue of questionnaires. The questionnaire was to be used in several ways. They were to explore into the needs that have driven man to price some of the goods from the ecosystem. Besides this, it was to bring out the resultant effects of carrying out pricing of the goods and services provided by the ecosystem. In many circumstances, laws have been formulated but they are rarely adhered to. The questionnaires were to give results as concerns to that. Moreover, the questionnaires were used to describe the nature of the prices that have been used in the human kingdom mainly to act in the ways of protecting the ecosystem.

Discussion of findings

One of the ways of reducing dependence on the ecosystem is through formulation of the rules and regulations. These laws are to act as codes that will oversee the way man and other living organisms obtain and use resources from the ecosystem. Apart from the formulation of these laws, there has to be a force to make sure that the formulated laws have been adhered to. The main reason why the ecosystem has to be protected is because of the fact that everything on the surface of the earth is subject to completion. It is therefore upon man to protect the environment so that it will continue to produce the necessary facilities for human use (Finsterbusch and McKenna, 1982).

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There are various merits that will be accomplished by the pricing of the services that are provided by the world’s ecosystem. First and foremost, most of the things that are done in the world of today are business oriented. There has come the need to have a clear and comprehensive way of handling ideas and aspects in life. Use of money is one of the challenging activities that are always put under strict consideration. Money is one of the quantities that have to be well taken care of. It is therefore an advice to have a pricing of most of the resources that are produced in the environment. Pricing is a way of putting ideas in a way that will be easy to comprehend and deal with. When the products produced in the environment are priced, it will be easy to put the final record under records that will be easy to store and remember. Simplifications can therefore be done to make sure that the records have kept accurate results. Moreover, the aspects of data manipulation and analysis will be easy to carry out. However, the monetary estimates are usually well known in hiding for estimates of production or calculation. These estimates could be in the form of assumptions that are made. Moreover, when the facilities that are produced in the environment are priced, it will be very hard to make approximations and simplifications of the same. Approximations and simplifications are usually useful in the determination of the future production of the ecosystem.

When the products produced by the ecosystem are priced, it will be very simple and clear to have the misleading precisions eschewed. A model of assumptions can therefore be easily transformed into statements that can later be summarized. This is like carrying out a plan in business where an individual is involved in ways that involve planning. After planning, it is normally good to have the plans put under a test in order to attest the surety and accuracy of the plan. Later, you will be able to make assumptions in the form of sentences that have senses. In this case, the main undoing is when the monetary values are not realistic and thus not doing well.

Pricing of the goods given by the world ecosystem is of advantage when dealing with aspects of universal summation. This is where different products are put together and their sum taken to obtain the totals. They are summed on a particular avenue then compared with those of other avenues hence able to give a suggestive way to undertake. This involves the spirit of good management and decision making processes that are crucial to the survival of the organism. The demerit to this undertaking is that sometimes, it is not easy to compare the costs and benefits and translate them into single values. At the process of transition from one state to another, there is a lot that is lost and cannot be compensated for (Public Affairs Group, Inc, 1992).

When the products are priced, there is the benefit of planning. There are normally tools that are used in planning as is done in the business world. For one to benefit in any business plan, he has to be involve in the use of particular methods and strategies. A nuanced assessment will consequently facilitate an individual to use some of the commanding tools of monetary planning in an appropriate way. In cases where this kind of planning is inappropriate, there is the use of indicators, models and other equipment that are of this kind in the business world. In this case, there is the challenge of comprehending the true value of the resources or even the environment itself.

There is the case of estimating the worth of every good provided by the ecosystem. There are various goods and services provided by the environment. It is always important to have the value of any item in business so that one can be able to stroke a balance to determine a clear pathway to follow. When you price all the services of the ecosystem, you are actually ranking the current and the future benefits of the products and their values across a common scale of action. However, carrying out summaries by values that are not monetary gives a perspective that is hard in comparing the costs and the benefits of the products in the ecosystem (Easton, 2008).

Finally, there is a case of being accountable to the environment. Here, as is done in any business, it is always one of the business strategies to have all the activities of the company be accountable to the outcomes of the products obtained or the profit or loss that is sustained. In this case, there is the advantage of coming up with an ecosystem with natural values that are easy to manage. There is thus a precise dimension of the stockpiles and streams of natural wealth in nature. This is one of the things which are rarely done in the world of today yet they are of varying significance. The main undoing here is the fact that it is always hard to bring theory and practice into a natural world. It won’t be able to work well with most of the establishments of human beings in the ecosystem (Finsterbusch and McKenna, 1982).


In conclusion, there are several implications which result from the valuation or rather pricing of the products produced by the ecosystem. The pricing of the goods and services provided by the ecosystem exemplifies a range of reactions from the positive to the negative perspectives. They are actually valid and to the need of every financial transaction. As depicted in the research carried out, it is a common thing to have the ecosystem subjected to manipulations that will transform its productivity and longevity. Moreover, many human practices are detrimental to the working of the natural environment. It is therefore important to have these pricing be based on the natural rules that govern the productivity and the ownership of the ecosystem (Public Affairs Group, Inc, 1992).

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