77 Classroom Essay Topics

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  1. Addressing Bullying in Elementary and Middle School Classrooms
    The study mainly focuses on teachers’ lack of knowledge on how to deal with the issue of bullying in the classroom in an effective manner.
  2. Classroom Management and Techniques to Incorporate in Student’s Reinforcement Plan
    Managing a classroom is a very complicated affair in modern times. Teachers are faced with many challenges in the course of handling students in classrooms.
  3. Flipped Classroom in Nursing Schools
    This paper aims to review available scholarship on the flipped classroom model with the view to demonstrating how it can be effectively used in associate degree nursing schools.
  4. Should Concealed Handguns Be Allowed in Texas Classrooms?
    Cases of violence and crime among licensed handgun holders are very few. They should be allowed to carry their weapons in Texas’ colleges because they promote their personal and public security.
  5. Classroom Observation Summaries
    The paper has described the various observations that were done in the three classes. It has provided the demographics of the classes and analyzed the positive concepts and theories.
  6. Cornell Junior School Classroom Observation
    This paper has discussed the various observations that pertain to Cornell School. It has analyzed the observations made in class.
  7. Teaching Strategies and Classroom Management
    The paper analyzes the teaching strategies observed in grades 3 and 5. They included a demonstration, collaboration, hands-on and the traditional lecture.
  8. Dominance and Cooperation as Classroom Management Strategies
    The classroom management strategies are oriented to demonstrating dominance, promoting cooperation, guaranteeing the awareness of students’ needs, and providing guidance.
  9. Training New Technology in the Classroom
    This paper shall seek to explain how teachers are trained to the new technologies, the procedures involved in rolling them out, and how beneficial they are to students and teachers.
  10. Laptops in Learning Process in the Classroom
    This study focuses on investigating the effects of personal computers on students’ learning process and academic study during class.
  11. Classroom and Behavior Management: John’s Case
    The focus learner selected for this project is John, a 15-year-old Hispanic male. John is in the ninth grade, and he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
  12. Assessment Tools in a Language Arts Classroom
    This paper compares some of the most commonly used assessment tools by looking at their advantages and disadvantages.
  13. Rules and Positive Climate in Classroom Management
    It is important to state that clearly formulated group norms and rules are important to guarantee the development of the effective atmosphere in classrooms.
  14. Inclusion and Individual Differences in Classroom
    Inclusive learning environments are critical for pacifying the learning students with disability through the development of adaptive mechanisms of learning in general classrooms.
  15. Piaget’s & Kohlberg’s Moral Development in the US Classroom
    Moral development is a gradual process by which children build up appropriate mind-set toward other people within a particular society.
  16. Inquiry-Based Science Classroom: Elements and Methods
    This paper will examine the major components of an inquiry-based science classroom and proceed to describe some methods that might improve inquiry in the science classroom setting.
  17. Classroom Tools and Materials Management
    The plan contains several useful strategies for use in the classroom. Also, the paper discusses ideas exchange with fellow teachers.
  18. Colour-Coding in Teaching Grammar in EFL Classroom
    Researchers and practitioners try to make use of learners’ cognitive and psychological peculiarities that are instrumental in enhancing people’s ability to learn.
  19. Blended Learning and Flipped Classrooms
    This report aims at giving the benefits and consequences developed through the integration of the traditional teaching and learning practices with the online development programs.
  20. Classroom Discipline and Behaviour’ Management
    The final aim of a successful process of behavior guidance is the formation of self-discipline. The guidance of a child’s behavior begins in early childhood and continues throughout the school years.

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  1. Self-Management in the Classroom
    It is improper for teachers to solely use intrusive reinforcers in their quest to teach students how to behave appropriately. They should use them moderately to prevent dependency.
  2. Creating Classroom Room Communities and Networks
    The creation of classroom communities is important for strengthening students’ sense of belonging to the school and increasing his/her commitment to learning activities.
  3. Classroom Management Ideas: Behavioral Crises and Promotion of Friendship Between Students
    This paper discusses Gilliam and Salend’s articles related to classroom management and examines their ideas that can significantly facilitate the work of teachers.
  4. Adult Education in the “Real World” Classroom
    The research aims to determine the extent to which adult learners are affected by the constraints of time and motivation to complete classes in the “real world” classroom.
  5. Classroom Components: Learner Weaknesses and Strengths
    The students will be allowed to attend classes for sometime (about two or three weeks) before being issued with the questionnaire to fill in.
  6. Classroom Observation: Children with IEPs
    The ground for the IEP is the serious emotional disturbance: children demonstrate hyperactivity, lack of attention, immaturity, and impulsiveness.
  7. Classroom Management System: Lesson Observation
    This paper analyzes the classroom management system, evaluates its planning and implementation, and examines the lesson plan with a detailed reflection on how it worked out.
  8. Natural & Social Science Grade 3 Classroom Library
    One of the professional tasks of a teacher is to compile a methodologically adequate list of literature-references, which can be organically incorporated into the learning process.
  9. Teaching Strategies in a Classroom and Virtual Setting
    In order to meet educational goals and enhance students’ performance, educators tend to use various teaching strategies.
  10. Classroom English Language Test
    Testing provides an input of data about the learner’s levels of growth, difficulties, anxieties, and predispositions towards different styles of learning.
  11. Sexually Segregated vs. Integrated Classrooms
    Integrated classrooms promote inclusivity and minimize gender stereotypes while also encouraging cooperation and communication across genders.
  12. Classroom Analysis of a Recorded Class
    The topic of the class is empathy in literature, which aims at educating the students about the notion of empathy and how writers might use it in their attempts to engage their readers.
  13. “Meeting the Needs of Culturally Diverse Learners in Family and Consumer Sciences Middle School Classrooms”: Article Review
    In the article, the authors have examined the increasing ethnic and cultural diversity in the middle school classrooms of the Family and Consumer Sciences.
  14. The Role of Computers in the Classroom
    This paper aims to analyse the importance and benefits of using computers in the classroom to aid and enhance the education process of learners as well as teachers.
  15. Political and Social Issues Discussion in the Classroom
    Author defends opinion that professors shouldn’t be allowed to advocate their views on political or social issues in the classroom cause every has a right to have his/her own views.
  16. Distance Learning vs. The Traditional Classroom
    Many courses are now available as distance courses that are offered as online programs. Many people have enrolled in these programs either as first-time students.
  17. Classroom Practices and Students’ Attitudes Toward Science
    Factors such as teacher characteristics, teaching technique, social interactions, gender and culture are cited as the driving force behind students’ attitudes towards science.
  18. Classroom Practices Are Best Learned by Experience
    One of the greatest challenges is the setting of the goals of a course and ensuring that each of the classroom sessions is geared towards achieving those objectives.
  19. Classroom Discipline: Wong’s, Kyle, and Scott’s Win-Win Strategies
    Discipline is important for high-quality education. Students should be taught procedures so as to make maximum use of learning and also to develop a sense of responsibility.
  20. Classroom Management Case Study
    In spite of clinical experiences of teachers in their field of work, the inadequacy of classroom management still persists.

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  1. Online vs. Traditional Classroom Education
    Technology today is a tool that has become the topic of many professional workshops, and teachers today are learning to use it to add to their teaching tools.
  2. Assertive Discipline vs. Classroom Autonomy
    Ten students who have either been detained or suspended will compose half of the student members, while the other half will involve students who have never been held or suspended.
  3. Inclusion of Students With Autism in General Education Classrooms
    The article’s main purpose is to sensitize the need for new strategies that would harness the inclusion of students with ASD into general classrooms.
  4. Conducting a Research on Hybrid Classes and Its Impact in the Classroom
    The main purpose of this paper is to illuminate the best ways for conducting a research on hybrid classes and its impact in the classroom.
  5. Classroom Plan For Early Childhood Education
    This paper will look at the child-centered developmentally appropriate classroom plan for early childhood learners of ages 3-5 (pre-school).
  6. “Virtual Students, Digital Classroom” by Neil Postman
    Neil Postman in his article “Virtual Students, Digital Classroom” begins by saying that the new technology of computers has been given the status of a god.
  7. Sociocultural Linguistics Learning in Classroom
    The goal of the workshop will be to promote cultural awareness in the classroom and educate teachers on strategies that will improve such awareness.
  8. Integrating Technology Into the Classroom
    Green Valley Community College is experiencing a high level of school drop-outs, which has been attributed to the lack of technology in the classroom.
  9. Instructional Styles in the Classroom
    Instructional styles refer to the methods that instructors use to give instructions to students, they determine the amount of information that a student acquires in a class.
  10. Classroom Environment: Vision, Mission, and Philosophy
    The paper provides a brief description of a learning classroom environment. Such an environment conformed to the vision, mission, and philosophy of an early education program.
  11. Classroom Management: The Impact of Tokenism on Students
    Tokenism happens when a teacher gives favor to a certain individual or group of individuals so as to give evidence of representation.
  12. Curriculum Outline: Classroom Planning with Groups
    In accomplishing their responsibilities, educators are faced with many challenges. Among them, is teaching students whose English is their first language.
  13. Flipped Classroom Approach: Literature Review
    This paper aims at an analysis of five articles that study and prove the positive effects of a flipped-classroom approach on students’ learning outcomes and provide their results.
  14. Classroom Career: Occupational Interest Self-Assessment
    Personality assessments are useful tools that can help a person to distinguish some important personality traits relevant to career choice.
  15. Inclusive Educational Classrooms for Students With Learning Disabilities
    The study aims to determine if a solution strategy improves the progress of junior high students with learning disabilities participating in inclusive educational classrooms.
  16. Classroom Activity Showcasing Application of Motivational Theory
    Paper illustrates a classroom activity that can be used to make grade 8 students be motivated in a business class.

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  1. Adolescent Development and Learning in the Classroom
  2. Early Childhood Classroom Environment for Children
  3. Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Perspective for Classroom Teaching
  4. Applying Social Development Within the Classroom
  5. Abstinence and Sex Education in the Classroom
  6. Higher Education Classroom Management
  7. Classroom Management and Child-Friendly School System
  8. Difference Between China and American Classroom Teaching
  9. Classroom Procedures for Preschool Classroom
  10. Diversity and Multicultural Education in the Classroom
  11. Arming Teachers and Students for Protection in a Washington State Classroom
  12. Effective Classroom Interaction and Pupil Management
  13. Bullying and Social Isolation in the Classroom
  14. Appropriate Classroom Behavior for Young Children
  15. Creating the Safest Classroom and Lab Atmosphere
  16. Discipline and Improve Students Behaviour in Classroom
  17. Classroom Discipline and Management for the Beginning Teacher
  18. Cell Phones and Its Effects on the Classroom Environment
  19. Effective Teaching and Classroom Management
  20. Classroom Management and Discipline in Regular Classrooms
  21. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder & Autism in the Classroom
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