56 Prejudice Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Prejudice

  1. The Cost of Prejudice and Discrimination
    This paper focuses on the price of prejudice and discrimination. The paper explores the costs that are often suffered by individual or institutional discriminators.
  2. African Americans Stereotypes and Prejudices
    From the 16th century, African American people were facing racial discrimination. As they had a different color of skin, they were treated unfavorably and even violently.
  3. Racism in America: Discrimination and Prejudice
    In the US, racism involves discrimination of the people of color by the white people, supported by the institutions that were established in their favors, thereby presenting a legal racism.
  4. Stereotypes and Prejudices in Human Resource Industry
    Group influence is important in determining how individuals behave in a society or at workplace. In a group, individuals regard each other as one and share collective influence.
  5. Psychology: Prejudice as Disease Protection
    This paper justifies Huang et al.’s argument that ‘prejudice evolved to protect us from disease and be reduced with public health measures’.
  6. “Collective Victimhood and Social Prejudice” by Giorgos
    A critical analysis of events during WWII demonstrates that anti-Semitism was an excuse that was used by some of the European powers to eliminate people they considered outsiders.
  7. Sensitivity Training Against Workplace Prejudices
    Promoting the concept of multiculturalism and creating an environment with prejudice-free decision-making is one of the primary goals of a modern organization.
  8. Social Psychology: Prejudice and Stereotypes
    This work defines prejudice, explains how do stereotypes and discrimination contribute to prejudice, and describes ways to reduce prejudice.
  9. Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination
    This work explores why stereotypes are difficult to change, describes Devine’s two-step model of cognitive processing, and defines prejudice and its difference from discrimination.
  10. Age in the Modern Society: Fighting Social Prejudices
    To meet the needs of the elderly and provide them with decent care, one should focus on the typical health concerns that the specified demographic has.
  11. Disliking Others: Racial Discriminations as an Outcome of Racial Prejudices
    Prejudice is the thought and discrimination in the outcome, prejudice is a hostile attitude towards a particular group, discrimination is the expression of thought or attitude.
  12. The Psychology of Prejudice
    The present paper discusses the cognitive patterns, associated with politicians, tattooed person, feminists and senior citizens.
  13. Substance Abuse, Lack of Treatment, Prejudice and Incarceration – A Community Health Problem
    Substance abuse and poor mental health form some of the biggest concerns of society. People of all ages especially the young are influenced by substance abuse.
  14. Racial Prejudices: Reflection on Readings
    Three works have been read about the theme of advantages of the White and disadvantages of the Black. This idea is central in articles by McIntosh, Tatum, and Dalton.
  15. Hip-Hop and Commercial Culture Relationship
    The relation between hip-hop and commercial culture may be viewed from the point of view of the aims they pursue and the differences and the social status of the cultural workers involved.
  16. Vaccine Hesitancy: Prejudices and Fears
    Cultural beliefs and values play a part in the parents’ decision not to vaccinate their children, and it is thus worth exploring how much influence beliefs have on vaccine hesitancy.

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  1. Pride and Prejudice: Social, Political and Intellectual
  2. Stereotypes Prejudice and Sexism in School
  3. Health Care Delivery and Gender Prejudice Against Women
  4. U.S. Policing, Racial Prejudice and ‘The War on Drugs’
  5. Ethnicity, Modern Prejudice and the Quality of Life
  6. Hidden Racism: The Prejudice of Choice for the New Millennium
  7. Prejudice and Gender Discrimination Against Women and Minorities
  8. Discrimination and Prejudice Against the Elderly
  9. The Hardships and Prejudice Faced by the Gypsy People
  10. Sexism, Prejudice, and Discrimination Against Women
  11. Race, Ethnicity, Prejudice: White Australia Policy
  12. Can Multiculturalism Reduce Prejudice
  13. The Biblical Antiquity and Prejudice Towards Women
  14. Hiring Practices and Gender Prejudice
  15. Discrimination, Prejudice, and Stereotyping From a Sociological Perspective
  16. Gender Prejudice and Labor Law
  17. Examining Prejudice and Discrimination in Singapore
  18. The Links Between Different Forms of Prejudice and Their Effects on Society
  19. Difference Between Racism Stereotype and Prejudice
  20. The Stigmatization and Prejudice Around Islam

💡 Simple Prejudice Essay Ideas

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  1. Prejudice and Gender Differentials in the U.S. Labor Market in the Last Twenty Years
  2. Sexism, Prejudice, and Discrimination Based on Sex
  3. Prejudice and Discrimination Against Australian Aboriginal
  4. Feminism and the Prejudice Men
  5. Historical and Contemporary Prejudice Against Native Americans
  6. Prejudice Against Muslims and Islamic Fundamentalism
  7. African Americans: Prejudice Today
  8. Prejudice and Unfair Treatment on Inter-Racial Relationship
  9. Adolf Hitler and the Barbaric Acts of Prejudice
  10. Defining Prejudice and Racism
  11. Activities and Strategies for Reducing Racism and Racial Prejudice
  12. Democracy and the Discrimination and Prejudice in America
  13. Prejudice and Discrimination Among People Across the World
  14. Arab World and Prejudice
  15. Men Will Rise From the Dark Depth of Prejudice to the Majestic Heights
  16. Traditional Values Encourage Prejudice and Discrimination
  17. The Prejudice and Discrimination Against the Gypsies in Hungary
  18. Workplace Prejudice and Transsexuals
  19. Religious Prejudice and Bias: Shapers of Major World Events
  20. Europe and Prejudice Regarding Age and Race
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