67 Steve Jobs Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Steve Jobs

  1. Wu Yajun’s and Steve Jobs’s Entrepreneurial Acumen
    Entrepreneurship is the process of establishing a business for effective service delivery and for profit making.
  2. Steve Jobs’ Leadership Style and Traits
    The paper studies the leadership style and traits of Steve Jobs and presents evidence that characterizes the leadership as transformational and charismatic.
  3. Steve Jobs and Ethical Philosophical Explanations
    Several philosophical theories have been created to explain the whole concept of ethics. This paper discusses some of these models and how they reflected on Steve Job’s life.
  4. Why Steve Jobs’ Apple Inspires People?
    Jobs and his company have been working towards making the computer user friendly and customized to meet personal needs and taste.
  5. Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Address
    Stanford Commencement address given by Steve Jobs is an excellent example of a motivational speech that has a strong emotional effect on a wide range of audiences.
  6. Steve Jobs’ Commencement: Rhetorical Analysis
    The speech by Steve Jobs was a part of Stanford University’s graduation ceremony. The author refers to his personal experience and his credibility as a technology company CEO.
  7. Steve Jobs: A Tech Genius Who Was a Renowned Story Teller
    The topic of this paper is Steve Job’s use of the tools of fiction in his product launches. His success, to a great extent, as a result of his artistic approach to presentations.

🎓 Most Interesting Steve Jobs Research Titles

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  1. Steve Jobs: The Qualities of a Leader
  2. The Life and Legacy of Steve Jobs
  3. Steve Jobs and the Golden Age of Apple
  4. Steve Jobs’ Influential Career
  5. With His Love for Technology, Steve Jobs Changed the World
  6. Steve Jobs Think Different Leadership Has Changed Our Lives Explain
  7. Steve Jobs’ Technology Developments
  8. Steve Jobs’ Personality Led to His Success
  9. The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs
  10. Steve Jobs Leadership Style Assignment
  11. Steve Jobs and the Technology Industry
  12. Steve Jobs and His Leadership Style
  13. Basic Principles While Implementing the Evolution of Management in Any Business, Steve Jobs Experience
  14. Steve Jobs Successful Manager Management
  15. Steve Jobs – Brilliant Engineer and Marketing Genius
  16. Steve Jobs’ Biography: Influence on the Modern World
  17. Steve Jobs the Non- Conformist
  18. Leadership Behaviors and Attitudes of Steve Jobs
  19. Power and Politics for Steve Jobs and Apple
  20. Steve Jobs and the Invention of the iPhone
  21. Steve Jobs and the World’s Most Successful Motion Picture
  22. Steve Jobs: The Mastermind Behind Apple
  23. Leadership and Management Style of Steve Jobs
  24. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs: Innovators of the Computer Revolution
  25. The Influence of Steve Jobs on the Development of Mobile Phones
  26. Media’s Impact on Steve Jobs Work
  27. Steve Jobs Role for Shaping the Modern Technology
  28. Steve Jobs and the Achievable American Dream
  29. Steve Jobs and the Successful Startup of Apple
  30. Similarities Between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

💡 Simple Steve Jobs Essay Ideas

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  1. Steve Jobs’ Leadership Traits, Skills, and Behaviors
  2. Steve Jobs and the Computer Industry
  3. Steve Jobs and the Public Eye
  4. Einstein, Anne Lamott, and Steve Jobs on Intuition vs. Rationality
  5. Steve Jobs, the CEO Who Got Fired From His First Job
  6. Three Stories About Steve Jobs’ Life Philosophy
  7. Steve Jobs: The CEO of Commerce
  8. Similarities Between Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs
  9. Leadership and Motivational Styles of Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs
  10. Steve Jobs’ Life and Accomplishments
  11. Empathy and Design Thinking Steve Jobs
  12. Steve Jobs and the World ‘S Most Valuable Company
  13. Estimating the Market Value of Steve Jobs Using an Event Study
  14. Steve Jobs Character Traits
  15. Steve Jobs Product Differentiation
  16. Practical Leadership Skills Showed by Steve Jobs
  17. Steve Jobs Using Coercive and Legitimate Power
  18. Steve Jobs: Innovative Genius
  19. Steve Jobs: Success Without a Formal Education
  20. Charismatic Leadership and Steve Jobs
  21. Steve Jobs Presentation Techniques
  22. Steve Jobs’s Speech “You’ve Got To Find What You Love”
  23. Steve Jobs Changed the World of Technology Forever
  24. Steve Jobs and Charismatic Leadership
  25. How did Steve Jobs Affect the World?
  26. Steve Jobs: Modern Genius of the Twenty-First Century
  27. What Made Steve Jobs a Great Leader?
  28. How Did Steve Jobs Affect Apple?
  29. Steve Jobs Strengths and Weaknesses as a Leader
  30. Steve Jobs – The Man Who Thought Otherwise
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