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  1. The Role of Computers in Our Life
    The aim of this paper is to investigate the role of computers in the daily life of people, especially in areas of business, education and personal interaction.
  2. Will Computers Take Over The Society In The Future?
    In this research we explored the answer to the possibility of a take over by computer of the human race. This question has been negatively answered in most of the literature found on the topic.
  3. Computers History, Classification and Development
    In history computers were only used as machines that performed calculations. Modern computer is a result of advances in technologies and the need to quantify, record numbers and language.
  4. Computers in Education, Their Role and Importance
    Computers help to reinforce the learning of classroom subjects and remedial assistance and mold well-informed students ready to fit in any social, economic, and political setting.
  5. Computer Intelligence Tested With Human Tests
    The Stanford Binet test of measuring intelligence utilizes young people in order to assess their ability to understand elements.
  6. Computer Forensics Investigation Plan
    The US Constitution prohibits employers from conducting searches on employees. However, the protection does not apply to private organizations.
  7. The Basic Computer Applications
    Microsoft Word is the one used mainly in our organization, though we use WordPerfect in cases when we are using MS – DOS.
  8. Web-Based Systems and Computer Services
    Web-based systems can be used for both personal and professional purposes, which has opened a plethora of opportunities for business and entrepreneurs all over the world.
  9. Importance of Computers in Education
    Innovations in computer technology have contributed greatly to improving teaching standards, because it has made teaching easy and flexible.
  10. Computer Skills for College Students
    Advancements in technology have become intense and have given pressure to college students to learn computer skills in order to be relevant in the job market.
  11. Computer Data Acquisition Related Issues
    The paper considers the knowledge of workstations and application-based file systems, application-oriented data acquisition methods, application-driven data forensic tools.
  12. The Computer-Mediated and Face-to-Face Communications
    The rapid development of technologies led to significant changes in the manner of people’s interactions because of the necessity to respond to the tendencies of the constantly changing world.
  13. Reasons Why Computers Will Never Achieve Self Awareness?
    Computers have dominated the human world today, with almost every task requiring a computer, in order to be accomplished. The Computers devices have developed through different generations.
  14. Computer Network Design for Graphic Arts Company
    The recommended network design for DesignIT is Ethernet. The company requires a small network design that can be effectively met through Ethernet option.
  15. The Role of Computers in Education
    The use of computers in the modern age has brought a lot of improvement in human lifestyle: accuracy, reliability, quality, and speed.
  16. Social Construction of Technologies: Tablet Computer
    This paper is aimed at discussing the development of such a technology as the tablet computer. In particular, it is necessary to apply such a concept as social construction.
  17. Brain-Computer Interfaces and Their Applications
    The paper overviews the technology behind brain-computer interfaces and their current applications: educational and training, entertainment and socializing, etc.
  18. Momenta Pentop Computer’s Design and Technology
    Known as a pentop – a touch sensitive tablet computer operated by means of a pen – it was a revolutionary and innovative technology at the beginning of the 1990s.
  19. Computer-Mediated Interpersonal Communication
    It has been acknowledged that Computer Mediated Communication has certain benefits and significant downsides when it comes to interpersonal communication.
  20. Computer Hardware and Software Components
    Computers, which were invented as far back as in the 1940s, are highly complex machines that need both hardware and software for their operation.

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  1. Computer Law and Information Security
    Computer law affects corporations and professionals positively and negatively. The advantages of computer laws are important in ensuring the security of the computer systems.
  2. Computers in Patient Care and Nursing Administration
    Computer technologies implementation brings a wide range of benefits concerning disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment enhancement.
  3. Computer-Assisted Language Learning and E-Learning
    Computer-assisted language learning can be loosely be described as the process of providing language skills to learners by means of computers or computer applications.
  4. Computer Attacks and Critical Privacy Threats
    Computer security is one of the major challenges in the twenty-first century. It is commonly associated with dire consequences, especially in the case of virus attacks.
  5. Computer Forensics Laboratory’ Legal Requirements
    Computer forensics scientists assess digital media to identify, preserve, recover, analyze, and present facts about the information under investigation.
  6. Personal Computer Industry Forcasting
    This research paper will use the PESTEL analysis to study the factors that impact the PC industry. The paper will also include weakness and strengths that affect the industry.
  7. Security Plan for Computer and Data System
    The security of data and information in an organization is paramount. This is because all the activities and decisions made depend on the integrity of data systems.
  8. Personal Computer Daily Use and Importance
    The benefit of a computer cannot be denied in the business world, at the place of work and even in our personal life.
  9. Establishing a Computer Repair Service in Abu Dhabi
    This paper investigates possible forms of business in the establishment of a Computer Repair Service in Abu Dhabi to determine the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable solution.
  10. Computer Intelligence Testing with Human Tests
    Machine’s ability to achieve goals set in the world occurs by the use of artificial intelligence. The Watson system held the ability to think like human beings and use creativity and critical skills.
  11. Canada’s Computer Industry and Influences on It
    In this paper, the political, economic, social, cultural, and technological factors affecting the computer industry in Canada shall be evaluated.
  12. The Main Functions of Computer Components
    The work provides a description of individual parts of the computer and a detailed characteristics of the functions of each component.
  13. Computer Application System: Management and Purposes
    In computer application systems we have studied quiet a number of application systems and a number of questions comes up. AIS stand for Application Interface Specification and is an assortment of specifications.
  14. ABC Healthcare Cyber and Computer Network Security
    The detailed response below includes both internal and external aspects of security requirements. It includes both ‘untrusted’ and trusted aspects of the requirements.
  15. Ethics of Computer Technology in the London Riots
    The issue of information and communication technology control by participating organizations stemmed up after the London riots.
  16. Computer-Based Communication Technologies in the Business
    Recently developed computer-based communication technologies, such as instant messaging (IM), wikis, and blogs, are beginning to influence the way individuals communicate ideas and information.
  17. Security in the Computer Networking World
    Ensuring security in computer networks is an issue that requires careful analytical work and utilizing relevant mechanisms to counter the threats of hacking and data theft.
  18. Educational and Social Effects of Computer-Assisted Instruction in a School Located in an Informal Urban Settlement of Nairobi
    This research paper discusses the potential educational effects and social concerns associated with introducing CAI in schools located in an informal urban settlement in Nairobi.
  19. Computer Elements: Hardware versus Software
    Personal computers usually differ from business computers in their capacity and the level of technologies applied in the hardware.
  20. Online Classes: Computer Literacy and Knowledge
    The aim of the paper is to prove that educational establishments should change their policies to introduce online classes.

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  1. Positive Effects of Computer on Children
    One of the biggest advantages of computer is that it provides the young children with a sea of opportunities, with regard to knowledge and communication skills.
  2. Computer Software Development and Reality Shows
    Computer software development has grown at such a rapid pace over the past decade that it have invaded every aspect of our lives and ever fiber of our being.
  3. Online Computer-Tailored Physical Activity Intervention
    There are a lot of advantages to the Internet, but over time people have begun to worry about the influence of numerous devices around them.
  4. Talking Computers: Future Teechnology
    Developments and research in the phonetics deign this time resulted in great advancement in the field during this period from 1968 to 1988.
  5. Computer Misuse and Its Forms
    Computer misuse comes in different forms. One form of computer misuse occurs when a person uses a computer to commit crimes such as forgery, copyright piracy, and fraud.
  6. The Role of Computers in the Classroom
    This paper aims to analyse the importance and benefits of using computers in the classroom to aid and enhance the education process of learners as well as teachers.
  7. Computer Programs: Programming Techniques
    For computers to execute their functions, specific programs with specific applications are used. Programs must be executable by any computer depending on the program instruction.
  8. Obscenity and Computer Ethics
    With the unprecedented growth in the use of the internet there has been a problem in its usage which has sometimes led to obscenity and need for computer ethics.
  9. Computer-Based Communication Technologies in Business
    This paper discusses about the recently developed computer based communication technologies such as instant messages and Wikis in the field of business.
  10. Will Computers Take Over Society in the Future?
    The technological influx has changed the overall perception of technology and things are changing quite drastically. Even people with low incomes can afford computers.
  11. Laptop Computers in Police Cars: Benefits & Drawbacks
    This paper will investigate these problems and their prevalence with respect to the utilization of laptops in police vehicles.
  12. Instructional Strategies in Computer Education
    One of the most important prerequisites of computer education is the formulation of effective instructional strategies.
  13. E-Commerce in Computer Science Area: Business Idea
    This proposal will discuss the setting up of an E-Commerce business that will essentially deal with the sale of electronic devices over the internet.
  14. Product Management in the Development of Computers
    Product management is an important stage for project management. It addresses all aspects related to the products modelling and support during its development.
  15. Computer Use and Dangerous Computer Addiction
    The society has changed a lot with the technological developments that have come up in the world. This technology has had many advantages to the contemporary world.
  16. Computer Ethics and Privacy
    Computer ethics involves ways upon which ethical traditions as well as customs are tested. Computers brought about enhanced power of communication together with data manipulation.
  17. Computer Geography Lessons on Earth Science Students
    Every teacher has a different way of teaching certain subjects. The strategy used by the teacher can make a big difference on how the student acquires the information.
  18. Human Computer Interaction in Information Technologies
    Computers and the appropriate interfaces of interacting with them are used for very different purposes, including Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).
  19. Macintosh Computers and Parallel Desktops
    Macintosh computers were developed by another company apart from Apple inc. Apple Inc is the most widely recognized computer manufacturer in the world.
  20. Things That a Computer Cannot Do Regardless of Time
    Invention of the computer has led to other inventions such as the internet. Internet exposes many organizations to hackers who are willing to crash the websites to many organizations.
  21. Overcrowded Computer Lab as a School Problem
    Overcrowded computer labs are likely to be the result of organizational, technical, and private issues. Some of the problems do not prove resolutions due to reasons beyond control.
  22. Computer Science and Computational Thinking Teachers
    It is of great importance to make computer science and computational thinking one of the core subjects in culturally diverse schools.
  23. Fundraising Company for Updating College’s Computer Labs
    There is a significant difference between students’ performance in educational institutions that are well-equipped with modern computers and those with no computer classes.
  24. Different Factors That Influence on Buying a Computer
    When deciding on the computer to purchase for one’s classwork, he has to consider many different factors: finances, technical characteristics of the computer, etc.
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