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  1. Deputy Sheriff Profession: Reasons for Choosing
    A deputy sheriff needs to possess certain traits to function properly on the job: patience, common sense, and the ability to make good decisions under pressure.
  2. Counseling Profession’ Analysis: Current State of the Profession and Potential Threats
    The counseling profession offers a wide range of services. It ranges from counseling students on various issues regarding their academic work to families in a crisis situation.
  3. Counseling Profession: Origin and Description
    The paper concentrates on the origin of counseling, the people who pioneered it, description of their works, and how they helped the development of guidance and counseling.
  4. Health Teacher Profession: Overview, Educational Qualifications, and Current Issues
    Programs aimed at preparing individuals to become health teachers started being developed towards the end of 19th century.
  5. Law and Ethics in the Nursing Profession
    This paper aims to explore the conflicts between ethics and the law in nursing and how they influence professional practice.
  6. Risk of Burnout Syndrome in the Nursing Profession
    Nurses who experience burnout have psychosomatic, emotional, and attitude problems. Previous research studies reveal that they often have insomnia and depression, are hostile and aggressive.
  7. The Nursing Profession in Uganda
    The selected country for this exercise in Uganda. The discussion will present powerful insights that can be used by nurses to maximize the health outcomes of more citizens in the country.
  8. Burnout Syndrome in the Nursing Profession
    The article “Risk Factors and Prevalence of Burnout Syndrome in the Nursing Profession” investigates the reasons behind the appearance of the burnout syndrome in nursing staff.
  9. Evidenced-Based Practice in Nursing Profession
    The role of the nursing profession is to provide high-quality health services. The implementation of EBP is one of the most important strategies to achieve this professional role.
  10. Nursing as a Distinct Profession
    This paper aims at defining nursing and proving it to be as crucial and effective as many other distinct professions today.
  11. Education and Practice Importance in Nursing Profession
    It is of paramount importance that nurses gain better training and education, which needs to be achieved via utilizing the improved system of education.
  12. Big Data: IT Profession
    Big data is defined as “data that exceeds the processing capacity of conventional database systems. The data is too big, moves too fast, and does not fit into the existing database architectures.
  13. Public Diplomacy Profession, Its Significance, and Career
    To be successful in public diplomacy, one must be able to work with people, find understanding and common language with them, notwithstanding the size of the audience.
  14. Journalist Profession, Its Pros and Cons
    If you want to become a journalist, in this article you will find out enough positives and negatives about these professions to make the necessary decision.
  15. Teacher Profession and Motivation to Choose It
    My decision of becoming a teacher solely comes from my family background and my own personal interests as I grew up.
  16. Social Work Profession: Principles and Ethics
    Social work is a knowledge-based profession whose main goal is to improve people’s lives by helping them to adapt to any life situation or challenge.
  17. Country-Club Leadership Style in Teaching Profession
    The leadership style could be defined as country-club management. This approach is characterized by a high concern for the atmosphere and relationships.
  18. Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms
    HR Sergeants make sure the Army possesses sufficient resources and staff. In addition, this role requires Sergeants to ensure no events or occurrences can threaten peace and security in the world.
  19. The Nursing Profession: Public Image, Self‐Concept and Professional Identity
    Nursing is a profession that focuses on providing medical patients with proper care. It involves many aspects, including ethical standards.
  20. Nursing Profession: Health and Economic Issues
    The research served for the exploration of several issues related to health and economics that are advantageous or harmful for nursing.

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  1. Health Science Professions: Speech Pathology
    Speech pathology refers to the study of problems regarding speech, mastery of language, voice development as well as the passage of solid food through the throat.
  2. Organizational Culture of Accounting Profession
    There are many ethical issues with which accountants struggle and points to ethical systems as tools that can be used to solve ethical dilemmas.
  3. Work in Nursing Profession in Australia
    The purpose of this paper is to study rural health care in a remote place in Queensland. The report is prepared as the writer is applying for a job in a rural area.
  4. Teaching Profession and Career Possibilities
    This report covers a thorough discussion of the teaching profession, the nature of work, work conditions, educational requirements, compensation, etc.
  5. Overview of Physical Therapist Profession
    A brief breakdown of the profession of a physical therapist with explaining of main services provided by the doctor and their average wage.
  6. Remembering Who You Were: The Profession of the Teacher
    The profession of teacher connects together the capability for contact, understanding and knowledge of people. They must guide this small person to the correct way.
  7. Marketing vs. Accounting: Comparison of Two Professions
    While applying for a job, a person should consider all the merits and drawbacks of the profession. It’s reasonable to compare accounting and marketing as these professions have a lot in common
  8. Social Work as a Profession
    Some of the values upheld in the organization include: confidentiality between the social worker and the client.
  9. Profession of US Drug Enforcement Agent
    This report discusses the aspects of the job including requirements and selection, the salary and benefits, training and duties of agents, and their role in criminal justice.
  10. The Profession of Technology Coordinator
    Technology coordinators boast putting the final touches in the vast state of art equipments operational in schools, hospitals and theatres.
  11. An Online Instructor: Aspects of Profession
    An online instructor has the task of passing information and knowledge to other people through the internet. This is a deviation from the much known class setup.
  12. An Interest in Supply Chain Profession
    There are many career options in supply chain management. To make the right choice, one needs to understand what the supply chain entails and why it is important to society.
  13. The Profession of Nursing Serving Others
    Professional nurses are responsible for taking care of individuals, families and are qualified for developing an optimal care plan with the assistance of other medical personnel.

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  1. Teaching Profession: Key Elements of Professionalism and Ethics
  2. Understanding the Teaching Profession and Perceptions About It
  3. Legalizing the World’s Oldest Profession
  4. Computer Competency and the Nursing Profession
  5. How Has Technology Changed the Accounting Profession?
  6. Legal Services and the Legal Profession
  7. Cloud Computing and the It Profession
  8. Fire Fighting Profession, and It Is Portrayal in the Media
  9. Factors Affecting Teaching Profession in Tanzania
  10. Unions, Right-To-Work Laws, and Job Satisfaction in the Teaching Profession
  11. European Managerial Profession and Behavior
  12. Gender, Salary, and Promotion in the Academic Profession
  13. Exploring Textile and Fashion Designing as a Profession
  14. Analysis of the Profession of the Civil Servant
  15. Contemporary Educational Profession Issues
  16. Foodborne Illness and the Dietetics Profession
  17. How Does the Profession of Dental Hygiene Impact Today’s Society?
  18. Analysis of Ethics in the Military Profession
  19. Ethics and the Criminal Justice Profession
  20. Evidence-Based Medicine and Its Implications for the Profession of Chiropractic
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