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  1. Intelligence Implications for Self-Radicalized Terrorism
    Since the 9/11 terrorist attack, violent criminal tactics used by extremists have evolved drastically. Self-radicalized terrorism is gaining prevalence in the USA.
  2. Computer Intelligence Tested With Human Tests
    The Stanford Binet test of measuring intelligence utilizes young people in order to assess their ability to understand elements.
  3. Heredity and Environment’ Effects on Intelligence
    Both heredity and environment play a role in the development of intelligence in adolescents. There are various perspectives to the development of intelligence.
  4. Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
    The purpose of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence is to generate and exchange knowledge on emotional as well as social intelligence in organizations.
  5. Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory of Intelligence – Psychology
    Evaluating the intelligence rates in young children is crucial to locating any possible issues in their development. For this use Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory of Intelligence.
  6. The Cultural Intelligence Concept in the Global Economy
    Implementing proper CI can result in cost reductions for a company, the ability to access new markets as well as the creation of a diversified workforce.
  7. The US National Intelligence Council: Stalled Engines
    Stalled engines is one of the articles published by the National Intelligence Council suggesting that the US does not have powers to control issues in the global system.
  8. Cultural Intelligence Development in International Business
    This paper will define the term cultural intelligence and what it means in a multi cultural society, especially in developing effective international business managers.
  9. Social Class, Education, Intelligence Correlation
    This paper highlights the differences and similarities of two articles to determine the attitudes towards a potential correlation between social class, education, and intelligence.
  10. Primal Leadership Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence
    The book Primal Leadership explores the role of emotions in leadership practices and suggests a framework for applying the obtained knowledge in the field of professional use.
  11. The US Intelligence Community Role in Countering Terror Threats
    The U.S. intelligence community is comprised of many agencies that integrate their efforts to fight crime and terror.
  12. Cyber Incorporation Into the Intelligence Field
    Following the breakthrough in information technology, criminals are relying on cyberspace to commit various cyber crimes.
  13. Artificial Intelligence: Ethical, Social, Legal Issues
    The field of artificial intelligence indeed brings numerous ethical, social, professional and legal issues; but are those so disturbing as some people claim?
  14. Ethical Codes and Competitive Intelligence
    The paper discusses 6 steps to the adoption of the ethical norms and formulating codes in the organization and the methods of regulation for competitive intelligence.
  15. The Use of Strategic Intelligence in Politics
    Strategic intelligence has been a point of concern to policymakers in many developed countries, and different researchers have attempted to describe its utility in the decision-making process.
  16. Emotional Intelligence and Executive Coaching
    The purpose of this paper is to review the existing literature on emotional intelligence in corporate settings, determine the aspects of the executive coaching.
  17. Intelligence Community of the United States of America
    U.S. National Security Agency is one of the most important governmental entities in the United States of America since it focuses on providing information security of national systems.
  18. Competitive Intelligence and Marketing Analysis
    This paper analyzes the importance of competitive intelligence and analysis in marketing. It identifies various segmentation criteria that impact target market selection.
  19. The Central Intelligence Agency in Asia
    The role of the US in Afghanistan’s war has not only been a controversial one but also a case of bad foreign policy by the leadership in Washington.
  20. Work-Life Balance and Social Intelligence
    The fundamental thesis of the work is connected with the promotion of social intelligence and its impact on the life-work balance to enable adults to live a full life.
  21. Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare Leaders and Nurses
    Emotional intelligence is important in many spheres. Many investigations prove its necessity for healthcare, both for leaders and nurses.

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  1. Central Intelligence Agency in Vietnam War
    A military confrontation between North and South Vietnam in the 20th century took place for almost 20 years. They were receiving substantial support from two superpowers.
  2. Nonverbal Intelligence in Special Learners Assessment
    A range of situations can cause an evaluator to use tests of nonverbal intelligence as primary instruments to assess children at different stages of their development.
  3. Afghani and Anti-Soviet Intelligence Operations
    Although the CIA is instrumental in providing information supporting policy directives, its operations in Afghanistan and the Soviet Union have been a failure.
  4. Theories of Intelligence and Their Application
    This paper explores the mostly used theories of intelligence which include the information processing, Sternberg’s triarchic, emotional intelligence (EQ), and others.
  5. Emotional Intelligence Role in the Adequate Leadership
    Concept analysis of emotional intelligence in regards to leadership, develop a personal assessment, create a brand statement, and explain a chosen leadership model.
  6. Implementation of Clinical Business Intelligence
    Philip Smith provides a discussion that is devoted to the introduction to Clinical Business Intelligence (CBI). The debate does not appear to clearly and explicitly define CBI.
  7. Intelligence and Cognitive Skills in Piaget’s Theory
    The paper highlights the peculiarities of the child’s development based on the theory of Piaget that centered on the development of intelligence and cognitive skills.
  8. Emotional Intelligence and Feelings in Healthcare
    The concept of emotional intelligence may be a good tool to maintain communication with colleagues and patients in the healthcare environment.
  9. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Procedures
    The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) was enacted in 1978 as an attempt by the American Government to reveal and prevent threats to national security.
  10. Artificial Intelligence in Strategic Business Management
    Artificial intelligence basically refers to the intelligence that is created in the software or machines by mankind.
  11. Intelligence-Led Policing in the US
    Among the key approaches to policing used in the twenty-first century can be listed intelligence-led policing, a model based on the monitoring of internal and external threats.
  12. Intelligence Requests for Terrorist Attacks Prevention
    The representatives of ISIS organizations do not talk openly about their plans but international terrorist attacks still tend to happen from time to time.
  13. The Artificial Intelligence Machine AlphaGo Zero
    The selected technology is an artificial intelligence (AI) machine by the name of AlphaGo Zero. It is an evolution of previous well-known machines from the company Deep Mind.
  14. Moral Intelligence and Leadership Success
    The role of leadership has become quite broad in the contemporary business environment. The book by Lennick and Kiel examines the domain of moral intelligence as applied to contemporary leadership.
  15. Defense Intelligence Agency in Counterterrorism Operations
    Exploring the DIA’s functions, tools, cooperation with agencies, types of intelligence, and restrictions has demonstrated that the Agency makes a contribution to counterterrorism.
  16. Central Intelligence Agency in Tibet in the 1950s
    The issue in question was the impact of the CIA’s involvement in Tibet’s political affairs during a critical period in the nation’s history.
  17. Computer Intelligence Testing with Human Tests
    Machine’s ability to achieve goals set in the world occurs by the use of artificial intelligence. The Watson system held the ability to think like human beings and use creativity and critical skills.
  18. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Impacts on Citizens
    The concept of artificial intelligence is complex and broad. However, researchers, theorists, and writers contribute to the creation of a clear and factual definition of this term in different ways.
  19. Artificial Intelligence Through Human Inquiry
    Much about the possible uses of A.I. and its potential capacities and abilities remains uncertain, which raises many questions as to what the future of A.I. will hold for humans.
  20. The Process of Collecting Intelligence Information
    The process of collecting intelligence information is sensitive since it requires excellence. It does not create room for unnecessary mistakes.
  21. Marketing Intelligence and Its Importance
    The goal of Competitive Intelligence, a subarea of Knowledge Management, is to monitor a firm’s external environment to obtain information relevant to its decision-making process.

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  1. Students’ Ethnicity, Performance and Intelligence
    The research question is whether there are differences in students’ academic performance scores and intelligence based on the factor of ethnicity.
  2. Test of Nonverbal Intelligence, 3rd Edition
    The TONI-3 test is standardized and comes with an examiner manual that contains the precise measures for giving the test, scoring, and analysis of the results.
  3. Transformational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
    The paper reviews literature to establish the relationship between leadership practices and emotional intelligence.
  4. Artificial Intelligence and Ethical Implications
    If we create artificial intelligence based on human intelligence, some of the less needed qualities will be omitted during the process of abstraction.
  5. Diverse Leadership Styles, Skills and Emotional Intelligence
    In the process of rolling out a product or service, the likelihood of dealing with a wide array of leadership styles increases significantly.
  6. Cultural and Emotional Intelligence Differences
    Cultural and emotional intelligence have a certain similarity in the way they work because both require the person to examine the situation before acting upon it.
  7. Emotional Intelligence, Its Merits and Importance
    The concept of emotional intelligence is an integral part of all areas of human development. However, scientists still cannot agree on what emotional intelligence is.
  8. Artificial Intelligence: Use and Potential Risks
    Automation and intelligent algorithms can significantly benefit business owners by inducing substantial savings.
  9. Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and the Impact on Facilities’ Environments
    The use of AI and IoT is unlikely to replace facilities’ teams because the decision-making process still requires human input.
  10. Emotional Intelligence: Experiences and Skills
    Emotional intelligence (EI) is regarded as one of the important components of effective leadership. Batool points to the strong link between EI and leadership style.
  11. Intelligence-Led Policing: A Proactive Approach to Combating Corruption
    Legal theorists and practitioners have popularized the new approach, intelligence-led policing, that raised the hopes about addressing the pending issues.
  12. Artificial Intelligence: Pros and Cons
    With AI, many aspects of people’s lives are at stake, including millions of jobs and the way individuals receive services in healthcare or education.
  13. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Bradberry & Greaves
    Today, in the workplace, labor productivity, career success, and even the health of employees actually and to a greater extent depend on the level of emotional intelligence.
  14. Personality and Intelligence Theories
    After presenting major trait theories and evaluating their similarities, it may be helpful to address how they are connected to research on personality and intelligence.
  15. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Pros & Cons
    Rapidly advancing artificial intelligence technologies are gradually changing health care practices and bring a paradigm shift to the medical system.
  16. Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise Processes
    AI affects ERP systems even though AI-driven solutions are not implemented by the majority of businesses. AI is integrated into ERP systems to increase customer satisfaction
  17. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health Care
    The use of AI has increased over the past decades, making it easier for researchers to investigate the most complicated issues.
  18. The Fundamental Role of Artificial Intelligence in the IT Industry
    Artificial intelligence is aimed at machine learning and providing software to address the problems in a way similar to human intelligence.
  19. Blockchain and Other Artificial Intelligence Systems
    The project describes the basic features of blockchain and AI technologies, along with the possibilities for their future use in different spheres of human activity.
  20. Explainable Artificial Intelligence in Accounting
    The broad implementation of AI in such fields as accounting lays the ground for the drastic changes in management and methods that are utilized by specialists.
  21. Philosophy of Nursing: Emotional Intelligence Theory
    Emotional intelligence theory state that health care promotion should be performed with dedication to the ideals of nursing care, including honest respect and proper treatment.

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  1. Intelligence-Led Policing in Europe
    Intelligence-led policing is a relatively new system of undertaking investigation duties that are subsequently used to make law enforcement decisions.
  2. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Analysis
    The paper analyzes articles that investigate the question of whether the Bush administration has committed abuses with regards to the FISA or not.
  3. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Violation by the Bush Administration
    The subject of legality was debatable due to the fact that many reviewers stated that 9/11 attack put different priorities on the administration and accordingly to people’s main concerns.
  4. Purchasing a Business Intelligence System
    Business intelligence systems can provide keys to decision making in the crucial areas. BI systems can help track the pulse of vital performance factors.
  5. Learning Theories: Behavioral Theory, Constructivism, Multiple Intelligence Theory
    The major learning theories are behavioral theory, constructivism, and multiple intelligence theory all of which can find their theoretical and practical application in CEHF.
  6. Various Reforms in the Intelligence Community of the USA
    The paper describes the history of intelligence agencies of the United States and the reforms that the agencies have been through.
  7. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
    Growth of interest in security after the terrorist attack on September 9, 2001 along with the possible faults in the security system, has attracted considerable attention.
  8. Emotional Intelligence: What Is It, Components
    The importance of emotional intelligence has become notable for leaders in order to face the everyday significant leadership challenges.
  9. Role of American Intelligence in Cuban Missile Crisis
    The CIA performed remarkably well in providing intelligent information and services that led to resolving of the Cuban crisis.
  10. Causes of the Break Down of Intelligence Before the Terrorist Attack of 9-11
    The breakdown of intelligence culminating in the September 11 attacks was largely a result of lack of preparedness, ignorance, failure to learn from the past events.
  11. The Nature and the Use of Emotional Intelligence
    The Nature of Emotional intelligence. The use of emotional intelligence in all aspects of life. The use of emotional intelligence concepts in work life, home life, and personal life.
  12. To Which Extent Are Sex and Intelligence Interrelated?
    Most studies establish that the intelligence of a man is usually higher than that of a woman, though the women beat the men in some intelligence variables.
  13. Emotional Intelligence: Main Competences
    Emotional intelligence is the ability of individual to recognize his own feelings, those of other people in order to motivate one self and as well be able to manage our emotions.
  14. Multiple Intelligence in Teaching English
    The educational system should be designed to provide opportunities that ensure that English language learners and all students, in general, can succeed.
  15. Howard Gardner’s Research on Human Intelligence
    This paper seeks to analyze the interpersonal, linguistic, and logic-mathematical types of intelligence and how they impact our success.
  16. Intelligence Definition and Measurement
    This paper is an assessment of the nature of intelligence. It is an exploration of what intelligence means in a psychological context.
  17. Polish Intelligence in the 20th Century
    This research paper looks at the state of Polish intelligence right from the end of the First World War to the end of the 20th century.
  18. Business Intelligence and Performance Management
    Business Intelligence encompasses software tools for querying, reporting and analysing. It may be summarised as the processes and tools that turn data into information.
  19. Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
    The research proved that there is a strong positive correlation between leadership emotional intelligence and performance of the workers.
  20. Leadership and Emotional Intelligence in Business
    Emotional intelligence helps all the leaders to establish a synchronized relation between them and their juniors.
  21. Competition and Power for an Intelligence Function
    Intelligence functions are usually created when it has been perceived that a particular nation may possess resources that depict power and hence exert competition among other nations.
  22. Zero-Size Intelligence: Essential Benefits
    Zero-size intelligence is one of the latest advancements, and it can provide people with essential benefits in computational and medical spheres.
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