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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Justice

  1. The Code of Ethics in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice
    The Texas Department of Criminal Justice adheres to an elaborate code of conduct and code of ethics. The paper analyzes the standards from various perspectives.
  2. Victimology and Traditional Justice System Alternatives
    Victimology examines interactions between victims and offenders. The studies were made to minimize victimization and to amend traditional justice system.
  3. The Social Justice Concept Definition
    In this article, it is argued that the concept of social justice represents entanglements between policy arenas of social welfare and crime control.
  4. Concepts of Law Enforcement: Pursuing Criminal Justice
    Law enforcement plays a vital role in ensuring that all offenders receive proper punishment and victims receive justice.
  5. The Theme of Justice in the Old and the New Testament
    Following Fitzmyer’s approach, one can identify the sources of justice through the exploration of the issues that were judged in two Testaments.
  6. Humanities and Justice in Britain during 18th Century
    On the eve of the British conquest of India, it was characterized by lot of disruption and economic fragmentation.
  7. Social Justice and Equality in America
    There is no single vision of the idea of equality in American society, especially with references to the concept of social justice.
  8. Administrative Justice in United States
    Principles of administrative law ensure that all government actions are legal and that the citizens affected by unlawful government acts have effective remedies.
  9. Supreme Court Justice: Homosexual Marriages
    The question of homosexual relations and untraditional marriages remains to be open for a long period of time. It is hard to make all people choose the same position and stick to it all the time.
  10. Justice System: Due Process of Law
    The availability and application of due process of law are equally important for both criminal justice system and the civil justice system.
  11. Social Justice and Pregnant Addicted Mothers
    When a pregnant mother is addicted to alcohol and drug, she may end up causing irreparable damage to the unborn child.
  12. Criminal Justice Process: Felony Criminal Charge
    Criminal justice process is an important judicial process that involves arrest, trial and sentencing of criminal offenders in the society.
  13. Current Views of Juvenile Justice System
    The essay presents an interview with two people. It expresses their views on the juvenile justice system counting that they have never had any direct experience with it.
  14. The Supreme Court Justice Warren Earl Burger’ Biography
    This research paper covers the life and times of the Supreme court Justice Warren Earl Burger. This research paper is based on a literature review.
  15. The Justice System: Confessions and Interrogations Protection
    Confession and interrogation procedures are protected by the Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments that are aimed at excluding compulsion from the interrogation process.
  16. Getting Involved in Advocacy Practice for Social Justice
    Analyzing the main factors influencing the willingness of people to get involved in advocacy efforts is the key to figuring out how to boost the activity of the workers.
  17. Somalia v. Kenya: International Court of Justice
    The case that will be analyzed is Somalia v. Kenya. It is one of the contentious cases heard by the International Court of Justice.
  18. Social Justice and Books: Educational Aspects
    Sherman Alexie’s quote is quite harsh, but true: young adult fiction should not become milder or sweeter just because some of the critics see is as too daunting.
  19. Public Defenders and the American Justice System
    The appointed lawyer is called a public defender. Public defender refers to a lawyer selected to represent individuals who are not able to afford legal representation.
  20. The Poem “In Justice!”
    The poem ‘‘In Just’’ is pieced together and deciphered based on love and deliberately visualizes the external world in portraying its intended message.
  21. Confessions in Saudi vs US Criminal Justice Systems
    The paper at hand aims at investigating issues related to confessions in Saudi Arabia and the US criminal justice systems.
  22. Revenge as a Form of Ensuring Justice
    Revenge is an action that involves harming someone in return for being harmed by them. Usually, all people can feel this urge to punish somebody for the actions they did.
  23. Procedural and Distributive Justice
    Procedural justice and distributive justice are two types that are closely interconnected even though they deal with different aspects of social structure.
  24. Death Penalty Trends in American Justice System
    This paper discusses the death penalty abolition in Illinois, Innocence Project, sentencing of the mentally retarded individuals, and the case of Stanley Williams.
  25. Racial Bias in Criminal Justice Systems and Workplaces
    African-Americans continue to face racial discrimination not only in the workplace but also in justice systems. The paper presents such racial bias as an unjustified move.

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  1. Justice and Happiness in Plato’s “Republic”
    Plato’s Republic focuses on the discussion of the meaning of justice and explores a connection between the just man and his happiness.
  2. Criminal Justice: Philosophies of Corrections
    This paper discusses the significance of the religious, mental health, and educational programs within the penal paradigm in the US, assessed through the lenses of philosophies of corrections.
  3. Rethinking Justice: Emergency Management
    Having understood the ideas of emergency management, it is possible to suggest the implementation of its basic assumptions into the real life conditions to improve the current situation.
  4. Code of Hammurabi and Justice in Babylon
    Code of Hammurabi is one of the oldest sets of laws used in the Ancient Babylon. It is believed that Hammurabi created and enacted it.
  5. Professional Ethics in Criminal Justice: Singleton vs Norris
    The given paper is devoted to the investigation of a specific case that revolves around a person who suffers from a kind of mental disorder.
  6. Ethic-of-Care and Ethic-of-Justice in Nursing Leadership
    Ethical dilemmas in nursing practice are common, and they can be addressed according to ethic-of-care and ethic-of-justice perspectives.
  7. Ethic-of-Care and Ethic-of-Justice in Healthcare
    Ethics-of-care and ethic-of-justice are the two approaches that are applied by health care providers in their practice, especially in ethical dilemmas.
  8. School-to-Prison Pipeline in American Justice
    This paper studies the problem by reviewing two articles regarding the school-to-prison pipeline and its aspects related to justice systems.
  9. Equal Justice Initiative Organization’s Operational Effectiveness
    Equal Justice Initiative is a non-profit-making organization. The paper discusses how this organization can boost its operational effectiveness.
  10. Crime Scene Investigation Effect in Justice System
    Movies have been known to influence popular culture in different parts of the world. Analysts believe that the “CSI effect” is one of the fruits of popular culture.
  11. Justice Miscarriage in “The Shawshank Redemption” Film
    A major theme depicted in “The Shawshank Redemption” film is the inherent failure of the criminal justice system which creates conditions for the miscarriage of justice.
  12. Adidas Corporation’s Organizational Justice
    Organisations ought to observe organisational justice. This will create a culture of trust, identity and commitment to delivering excellence.
  13. Gender Equity and Social Justice in Schoolchildren
    Gender inequality can easily be identified in schools by observing how students tend to micro-interact and aggregate in particular activities or groups.
  14. Juvenile Justice and Punishment Specifics
    The juveniles should not be excused for committing murder, but should not be sentenced for the rest of their lives to prison.
  15. Teacher’s Reflection, Liberal Arts and Social Justice
    The use of reflection by a teacher in the process of writing and thinking enables him/her to reflect on how effective a lesson is.
  16. False Confession in the Criminal Justice System
    A false confession is a problem of the 21st century. The modern criminal system takes multiple steps to avoid problems and achieve positive results.
  17. Juvenile Justice and Adolescent Brain Development
    The juvenile justice system is meant to help to transform juvenile delinquents into law-abiding and productive citizens who are playing a critical role in the economic development.
  18. Political Philosophy: Natural Law and Justice
    Rousseau criticized the views of both Hobbes and Locke regarding the state of nature. He believed that Hobbes imagined people who were raised in society without it.
  19. Justice and Morality in Coetzee’s “Waiting for the Barbarians”
    Coetzee, in his Waiting for the Barbarians, discusses controversial aspects in the form of the opposition between two characters of the novel, the Magistrate and Colonel Joll.
  20. Juvenile Justice System: A Madman’s Vacation
    According to the information presented in the episode, the purpose of the juvenile justice system is to help teenagers rehabilitate instead of punish them for their crimes.
  21. Procedures in the Justice System
    Two main issues addressed in the essay include listing reasons why bright-line decision may be preferable over case-by-case adjudication and the other way round.
  22. Restorative Justice for Juvenile Delinquents in Canada
    This paper will examine the issue of restorative justice for underage offenders from the Canadian perspective, discuss contributing factors to juvenile delinquency.
  23. Economic Justice: LGBTQ Individuals
    Economic justice cannot be achieved by using force. Until we learn to understand and accept LGBT people, no punishments of their offenders can secure their economic position.
  24. Plea-Bargaining Law Impact on Criminal Justice
    The Supreme Court’s decision on expanding the rights of the accused of do-overs and the main arguments regarding the issue have been discussed along with the possible outcomes.
  25. Life Terms and Limits of the Supreme Court Justice
    The paper concludes that the life terms practice should not be changed as it is integral to the existing political system and corresponds with the purpose of the Supreme Court.

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  1. Pretrial Procedures in the Criminal Justice System
    The initiation of criminal proceedings is the first stage of the criminal process because it addresses the central question of whether to start criminal proceedings or not.
  2. Wrongly Convicted: Why Doesn’t Lady Justice Open Her Eyes
    The problem of the growing number of cases concerning the wrongly accused raises consideration related to law reformation.
  3. Nazism: Power, Order, and Justice
    This paper will provide an argument as to how Nazis attempted to uphold the public good from the standpoints of power, order, and justice.
  4. ACLU and Institute of Justice
    Human rights are the core component of the functioning of modern society as they ensure that people will benefit from the growing number of opportunities and enjoy the high quality of life.
  5. Support for Balanced Juvenile Justice
    Correction as part of the juvenile delinquency program of the judiciary can be a valuable mechanism aimed at stimulating teenagers’ changes of interests.
  6. Juvenile Justice Program in the United States
    This paper indicates that there is a need for a superior juvenile justice program to empower more children to achieve their potential.
  7. Procedural Justice: External & Internal Principles
    The purpose of this paper is to study internal and external procedural justice principles, their strengths and weaknesses.
  8. A Community Based-Approach to Juvenile Justice
    The criminal justice system in the United States has been subject to criticism over the past several decades because of factors such as discrimination and unfair treatment of juvenile offenders.
  9. Criminal Justice Security: Victimization in the US
    In this paper, the topics of crime, victimization, and reporting will be brought together to demonstrate how statistics can lead to positive social change and reduce victimization.
  10. Prison Reform in the US Criminal Justice System
    Prison reform should be implemented by ensuring public safety and improving the circumstances of incarceration to create a constructive culture.
  11. Criminal Justice System: Concepts and Practice
    Policing is one of the three main departments of the Criminal Justice system, other departments include courts and correction. Each department works independently from the other.
  12. Reproductive Success and Distributive Justice
    The notion of social construction helps to define and explain social relations, realities, and the importance of knowledge sharing.
  13. The Justice in Megan’s Law Review
    Megan’s Law presents justice as well as an injustice, but essentially which one depends on whose eyes you are viewing the situation from.
  14. Anil’s Ghost: Implications of Fiction on Justice
    ‘Anil’s Ghost’ and The Lovely Bones approach the themes of truth and justice in unusual ways. The two stories have deep seated relationship regarding truth and justice.
  15. Rawls vs. Nozick on Social Problems and Criminal Justice
    The essay reflects on the articles of Rawls and Nozick to compare their key points and determine whose theory is most applicable to social problems and criminal justice.
  16. Restorative Justice and Traditional Criminal System
    This essay analyzes the extent to which developments in restorative justice practices are for the benefit of victims and is a usefull alternative to our traditional criminal justice system.
  17. Risk Management in Security and Criminal Justice
    As it is a process, risk management can draw up several strategies that may vary depending on the nature of the organization, including management style and organizational goals.
  18. Criminal Justice Leadership: Challenges in the Present and Improving for the Future
    Future research in criminal justice leadership will have to offer suggestions on how it can be nurtured to fulfill the organizational goals of criminal justice organizations.
  19. Criminal Justice Ethics: Police Corruption & Drug Sales
    The growth of police corruption instances involving drug sales is relatively easy to explain. The financial rewards offered by the sales of illegal drugs are enormous.
  20. Socrates in Phaedo: Equality and Justice
    One of the major questions of philosophy has always been the nature of the soul, what it is, where it resides, where it comes from, how it is developed, and for what purpose.
  21. Criminal Justice and Crime Control in the US
    If the criminal justice system is able to uphold the real essence of justice in every facet of its system, it is only then that people will learn to trust its system.
  22. Pursuing Criminal Justice Through Effective Organizational Behavior
    Organization Behavior should be emphasized within criminal justice organizations because it is linked to how cultures are created.
  23. Justice and Morality in “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe
    Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is considered as one of the greatest novel not only in Africa but also in the world.
  24. Criminal Justice Sphere Consulting
    Consulting firms involved in the sphere of criminal justice affairs are interested in specialists to work in pretrial services, corrections, law enforcement and counseling.
  25. Criminal Justice Ethics Analysis
    Theories describing the causes of crime whether genetic, social or psychological are mere rationalizations.

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  1. Women in the UK Criminal Justice System
    The analysis of women in the UK criminal justice system disclosed the attitude to females in criminology perceiving them as workers, offenders and victims.
  2. Hobbes’s Reply to “There Is No Such Thing as Justice”
    The work of Thomas Hobbes’s “Leviathan” tells about different approaches to state power with the author’s personal points on it.
  3. Criminal Justice System: Drugs and Crime
    The main objective of the criminal justice system is ensuring delivery of justice for all. It mainly concentrates in detection of crime.
  4. Critical Incident Management in Criminal Justice
    Scenario-Based Planning is a widely used technique in the sphere of business planning and management. It is of great importance for police officers and criminal justice workers.
  5. Hesiod’s Idea of Justice Based on His Works
    Basing on his poems, such as “Works and Days and Theogony”, Hesiod distinguishes justice with respect to three kinds of living beings, namely, gods, people, and animals.
  6. Crime and Justice by Curie
    The results of the studies by Currie proved the tendency of crime occurring in the middle- to late-adolescence, which subsides in early adulthood.
  7. Organization Behavior Within a Criminal Justice Setting
    Workers’ behavior, performance and attitude otherwise organization behavior highly determines the efficiency and the effectiveness of an organization.
  8. Article 86 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice
    For applying the provisions of Article 86 there must be proof that the accused had actual knowledge of the time and place where he was required to be present.
  9. UK National Health Service and Criminal Justice Approaches
    Drug use has increased in the UK in recent times and there are an estimated five million regular users of illegal substances in the region.
  10. Research Environmental Discrimination and Environmental Justice
    In recent years, environmental discrimination becomes an inevitable evil affected all geographical regions. Environmental discrimination means pollution and degradation of wildlife.
  11. Racial Disparity in Criminal Justice Systems
    This paper looks into issues to do with racial disparity in incarceration, criminal justice systems and, structured inequalities and, a recommendation for correcting the situation.
  12. Criminal Justice in America and Its Components
    The criminal justice in America has raised concern over time due to the high rates of incarceration that have been recorded in the country.
  13. Narrative for Advancing a Social Justice Agenda
    Gender parity in education is changing, but gender inequality continues to exist in favor for boys in Los Angles.
  14. Reconciliation, Australian Aborigines, and Social Justice
    The objective of the paper is to discuss the relevance of the policy of reconciliation and relevance of the policy of reconciliation to social justice for Australian Aborigines.
  15. Racial, Cultural and Educational Justice: Educator View
    Race is defined as the poor assumption of ideas and actions’ emanating from the thoughts that one race is quite unique or superior from the other.
  16. Procedural Justice in Contacts with The Police Analysis
    The paper examines the relational model of authority that indicates the procedural justice role in the public evaluation of and support for the police.
  17. Social Justice to Maintain Democracy in Australia
    This essay will look into the impact of social justice concepts in maintaining democracy in Australian society.
  18. Relation Between Forgiveness and Justice
    Despite the importance of forgiveness, it is safe therefore to conclude that its realization is dependent on other virtues such as clemency, restitution and justice.
  19. The Justice for Socrates: The Influence on the Development of the Philosophy
    The influence of Socrates on the development of philosophy could hardly be underestimated since his views provided a foundation for many philosophers to dwell upon.
  20. Criminal Justice Policy and Constitutional Protections
    Criminal justice policies are always a delicate balance between personal liberty and the desire to reduce crime.
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