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  1. Social Issues: Discrimination of Black Population in USA
    Despite numerous democratic endeavors, the gap between the representatives of the Black culture and the White residents of the USA is still huge.
  2. Gender Discrimination and Performance in the Workplace
    While talking about the gender discrimination, both sexes are considered although on discrimination the female are mainly on the receiving end.
  3. Racism and Discrimination towards African-Americans
    Racism and discrimination of the African-Americans in the United States of America have been a major issue that began way back during the colonial and slavery era.
  4. Racism in American Education
    After the slavery abolishment colored Americans were allowed to visit schools, but in most cases these were separate schools.
  5. Racism in America between 1783 and 1836
    This paper will discuss the issue of racism, in the period between 1783 and1836. The focus of the American history narrative needs to be on the country’s implementation, immigrants and other races.
  6. Racism in American Schools
    The paper attempts to review racism in American schools as a social problem. The focus is on the PSQ that has been adopted to deal with this social problem.
  7. The Cost of Prejudice and Discrimination
    This paper focuses on the price of prejudice and discrimination. The paper explores the costs that are often suffered by individual or institutional discriminators.
  8. Racism and Its Effects on Our Society
    Racism can be defined as a belief that an individual’s traits and abilities are somehow dependent on their racial group and biological characteristics.
  9. Racism Causes and Impacts in America
    This essay will investigate the root causes of racism, the impacts of racism on African-Americans, and the other minority immigrants in America.
  10. Workplace Immigrant Discrimination: Opportunities and Challenges
    The paper aims at examining an article about the peculiarities of immigrant discrimination in the workplace. The authors introduce two hypotheses about immigrants.
  11. Women’s Rights Movement in the Anti-Discrimination Activities
    The women’s movement is not just about the gender issue. It is a significant part of the common activity aimed at the protection of any discriminated group.
  12. Price Discrimination and High Line Living
    The article “High Line Living” by Vivian Marino describes a penthouse at the High Line. Such accommodation is affordable to persons of status, thus discriminating the others.
  13. Microsoft Company Employment Discrimination
    In 2015, Katherine Moussouris sued her former place of work, Microsoft Corporation, for the evident cases of employment discrimination.
  14. Racism in America: Discrimination and Prejudice
    In the US, racism involves discrimination of the people of color by the white people, supported by the institutions that were established in their favors, thereby presenting a legal racism.
  15. Discrimination and Human Rights Laws
    The paper discusses solutions of closing the gap between the reality of ongoing oppression and discrimination and the promises held out by our human rights laws.
  16. Racism in the United States Judicial System
    This literature review uses the retributive theory of punishment which explains the reasons behind the large number of imprisoned black American men.
  17. Discrimination, Affirmative Action, Sexual Harassment
    Acts of discrimination can be sporadic or systematic and cause psychological, material or physical harm to the victims.
  18. Wet Seal: Employment Discrimination Law
    The case under analysis reveals a violation of employment discrimination law against black employees taking managerial positions at the Wet Seal store.
  19. Workplace and Housing Discrimination in Canada
    This paper focuses on workplace and housing discrimination in Canada. Despite human rights laws, discrimination is still evident in Canada.
  20. Racism Problem at Institutional and Interactional Levels
    There are two types of racism that may be identified from a sociological point of view: institutional and interactional (or individual).
  21. Naked Economics: Adverse Selection and Discrimination
    Charles Wheelan in “Naked Economics” considers the importance of economic information and the consequences of its imbalance, which brings along the sensitive issue of discrimination.
  22. Ableism and Its Effects on Patient Outcomes
    Ableism is one of discrimination forms, and it affects people’s lives to a considerable degree, causing significant distress.
  23. Gender Discrimination and Equality Promotion at Work
    It is of great importance to re-consider the existing legal foundation and adjust them in the correspondence with the needs of modern gender equality strategies.
  24. Problems and Cultivation of Racism
    The coherent society is characterized by numerous appeals to eliminate any discrimination and inequality that could affect people and deteriorate the quality of their lives.
  25. Aging Workforce: Discrimination and Diversity Effects
    The average age of the workforce tends to increase, but age discrimination still exists. Workplace diversity positively affects organizational culture and productivity.
  26. Income Inequality and Discrimination in the US
    Income inequality and discrimination affect people from colored races more than the native white Americans who have more privileges than the rest of the population.
  27. Discrimination as an Unethical Business Situation
    The typical unethical business practice which is associated with working conditions and environments is discrimination.
  28. Discrimination of Women in Rock and Roll
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze and dwell upon manifestations of women’s discrimination that can be traced in rock and roll lyrics.
  29. Divisiveness and Mismatching in Anti-Racism
    The purpose of this paper is to address the issues of divisiveness and mismatching in strategies against personal and institutional racism.
  30. Transgender Discrimination in Health Care
    This paper investigates the discrimination that transgender persons are subjected to in the health care setting in more detail.
  31. Racism and Constructing Otherness in the US
    Today more things divide people than in those days. As a result, there is more construction of otherness than pulling together as a community.
  32. US Workplace and Race Discrimination Court Cases
    The present paper analyzes two court cases to demonstrate important concepts associated with workplace discrimination.
  33. Racial Discrimination in the American History
    Slavery tore kinship ties apart thanks to the separation of parents and children. Slavery contributed to population decline due to the denial of conjugal rights by slave masters.

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  1. Transgenders Discrimination from Healthcare Providers
    The transgender community reports that at the moment, it faces numerous barriers to care because of health workers` inability to consider their specific needs.
  2. Racial Discrimination at the Workplace
    In the case of Ruth Whitman, an employee of African descent, the woman maintains that she has become a victim of race-based discrimination in the workplace.
  3. US Medical Leave, Discrimination, Disability Acts
    Employment laws are enacted for, they offer protection to employees and employers. Understanding and complying with the laws does offer societal benefits.
  4. Griggs vs Duke Power Company: Discrimination Case
    In Griggs v. Duke Power Company case, African American applicants proved that the company violates the Civil Rights Act while hiring in prestigious positions.
  5. The Discrimination of Employees: Nurse’s Case
    This report presents the male nurse’s case study in reference to Title VII protected class among other ethical issues related to the nursing profession.
  6. African-Americans Racism and Discrimination
    Racism against blacks is mostly usually rooted in the fact that the white people are usually perceived to be superior and the blacks well, relatively inferior.
  7. Dove’s Racism in Promoting New Shower Foam
    In an attempt to sell new shower foam, the beauty company Dove causes offense to African and African American women.
  8. Discrimination Faced by Transgender Patients
    Contemporary hospitals are not designed for transgender people, therefore, they can have many troubles there ranging from the unfriendly environment of a hospital and doctors.
  9. Sexism and Gender: Culture and Conflict Reflection
    The present statement is an example of gender-based discrimination and prejudice among women. Sexism and gender discrimination in America have a long and complicated history.
  10. Problem of Racism in the Modern World
    The purpose of this paper is to define three types of racism identified by David Newman and elucidate the way social institutions can end up racist.
  11. Workplace Discrimination: Analysis and Recommendations
    This study gives solutions to workplace discrimination in the context of organizational policies and practices and evaluates the aspect of effective communication styles.
  12. Dismantling Institutional Racism: Effects and Possible Solutions
    Institutional racism denotes a kind of racial discrimination demonstrated in the performance of political and social establishments.
  13. Racism Against African Americans as a Social Construct
    The relationship between African Americans and whites in the US demonstrates that racism is perpetuated by individuals through their actions and interactions.
  14. Gender-Based Discrimination during Surgical Training
    The researchers aimed to prove an arguable claim that women-surgeons are discriminated in surgical training and working environment. There is only one side of the problem.
  15. Malcolm X and Anne Moody on Racism in the US
    In The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X and Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody, the authors describe life challenges faced in the US in the 20th century.
  16. Gender Discrimination in Society and Social Media
    The paper finds out to what extent discriminatory attitudes are present in different societies and how much social media induce them.
  17. Anti-Latino Discrimination in the American Society
    This essay addresses the discrimination of Latinos within US society as an issue that has to be addressed and eliminated using equality and moral values
  18. Price Discrimination: Principles and Applications
    Price discrimination is a practice where different customers are charged different prices on goods and services that are identical.
  19. Racism and Inequality in the United States
    The capitalist ideology and gender inequality has promoted the subject of economic, political and social discrimination in the American context.
  20. American Racism in Coates’ The Case for Reparations
    “The Case for Reparations” by Coates investigates the history of racism in America to show how it has influenced and continues to affect the black population of the country.
  21. Workplace Racism in Public Service Organization
    The selected organization for this case operates within the public service sector. The firm has been performing dismally within the past two years.
  22. Laws on Pregnancy Discrimination in Workplace
    It is appropriate to introduce a reporting system that would help the employees to provide their comments and deliver the necessary information if there is any suspicion of discrimination.
  23. Racism in the Contemporary America
    Racism is a preferential behavior and attitude towards a specific race that makes it out to be superior to other races.
  24. Healthcare System: Transgender Patients Discrimination
    According to the statistics, almost 1 million Americans identifies themselves as transgender, making it a numerous population subgroup that is likely to expand in the future.
  25. Anti-Latinos Discrimination and Rebuttal in the US
    Statistics indicate that over 50 percent of the Latinos in the United States have faced at least one form of discrimination.
  26. Discrimination Problem in the Workplace
    Discrimination in the workplace is still a critical problem because it can affect a person’s life in the long-term if a company does not consider preventive measures.
  27. Racism and Its Definition Challenge
    As much as there are efforts by everybody and the whole society at large to fight racism, people have forgotten some underlying aspects and traits.
  28. The Problem of Women’s Discrimination
    The problem of women’s discrimination in different spheres of social life can be effectively illustrated with references to the timeline, which presents significant events regarding gender equality.
  29. Sexism, Democracy, and Modernization
    The system of government and the implementation of a new ideology positively affect the rights of women, so between sexism, democracy, and modernization exist interdependence.
  30. Racial Discrimination in The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
    In this story, Douglass narrates the experiences he had as a slave before escaping to New York. He was born in slavery and remembered the name of his mother as Harriet Bailey.
  31. Rethinking Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination
    The paper focuses on the theory of egoism and when to apply the theory in the work environment to avoid sexual discrimination.
  32. Racism in American Schools: NCLB Problems
    The NCLB act has attempted to create an enabling environment for all the students but has not successfully responded to the issue of racism in American schools.
  33. Psychologist’s Discrimination Against Deaf Student
    If the deaf student decided to complain about the psychologist’s discriminative behavior, the psychologist might be sued according to anti-discrimination laws.

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  1. Women Discrimination Impact in Telecommunication Industry
    The research paper will aim at investigating the Negative impact of women discrimination in telecommunication industry in Europe and Middle East.
  2. Racial Discrimination in the “Selma” Film
    The “Selma” film has shown how the mass media provoked the White American population to stand for the rights of Black people despite the common negative perceptions.
  3. Issue of Gender Discrimination in Different Societies
    It is necessary to show in mass media that discrimination occurs regardless of the gender and should be approached as a detrimental phenomenon without dividing men and women.
  4. Gender Discrimination Issues and Interventions
    Women should be encouraged to more actively protect their labor rights, do not be afraid to apply to the prosecutor’s office, the state labor inspectorate, or the court.
  5. Gender Discrimination Topic for Research
    Gender discrimination is a social phenomenon based on cultural practices that set a glass ceiling to women in many aspects of life.
  6. Gender Discrimination in “Disgrace” by J.M Coetzee
    J.M Coetzee’s book “Disgrace” that has been examined in this paper explores the nature of gender discrimination meted on women in South Africa.
  7. Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination
    This work explores why stereotypes are difficult to change, describes Devine’s two-step model of cognitive processing, and defines prejudice and its difference from discrimination.
  8. Gender Discrimination and Intervention Program
    It is unreasonable to believe that a single effort will absolve humankind of gender inequality. But a set of strategies may pave the way for future improvements.
  9. Ableism in Schools of Georgia State
    In 2015, the state of Georgia was found to segregate children with behavioral problems and disabilities from their school peers.
  10. Transgender Community and Heterosexism in Language
    The term “transgender” became commonly used only by the end of the 20th century. Not all transgenders commenced using this and preferred to pass as a different gender.
  11. Gay Community and Heterosexism in Language
    When speaking of gay people, they were often referred to as homosexual in the past. “Gay” is probably the only identity label that gay individuals reclaimed these days.
  12. Ableism and Student Segregation in Georgia Schools
    The US Department of Justice’s investigation showed that the state of Georgia was illegally segregating students with disabilities.
  13. Discrimination in Dubus’ “House of Sand and Fog”
    In “House of Sand and Fog” novel, Dubus provides a thought-provoking commentary on the nature of racism and discrimination in the U.S., depicting the life of an Iranian refugee.
  14. Ethnically Ambiguous – America’s Band-Aid for Racism
    I still remember the first time I went to an American diner. My older cousin Briana, my younger cousin Gabriel, and I did not see each other often back then.
  15. America’s Band-Aid for Racism Is the Ethnically Ambiguous
    Ethnic ambiguity and the inherent racism of preferring lighter-skinned faces over ethnically indigenous often goes unnoticed by many people who believe themselves to be non-racist.
  16. Ethnical Ambiguousness as a Band-Aid for Racism
    The concept of ethnical ambiguousness came about the moment the US became a multinational country. As it stands, there are many Americans with black, Asian, Hispanic, and other origins.
  17. The Issue of Transgender Discrimination
    Despite numerous attempts to eliminate biased attitude, transgender people still face different challenges that deteriorate results of treatment.
  18. A Plan to Reduce Racism in Medicine
    The theme of racism, which is increasingly emerging in the healthcare sector, is disastrous in terms of medical and nursing ethics and is fraught with severe patient outcomes.
  19. Adverse Selection: Is Discrimination Warranted?
    Adverse selection is defined as a situation in which sellers of goods or services have more information than buyers (or have information that they do not have) and vice versa.
  20. Price Discrimination in “Naked Economics” by Wheelan
    The book Naked Economics introduces the concept of price discrimination. The paper will provide additional examples that can be observed in real life.
  21. Price Discrimination in the Airline Industry
    Price discrimination is an important tool enabling sellers and producers to maximize their profits. One of the most illustrative examples can be found in the airline industry.
  22. Discrimination Against Racial and Gender Minorities
    There are still such problems as discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, mentality, sex, or gender, biased attitudes to some minorities, and widespread stereotypical thinking.
  23. Employment Discrimination in the United States
    Employment discrimination is a major issue not only in the United States but also in other countries around the world.
  24. Color-Blind Racism as a New Face of Racism in Contemporary Society
    This paper aims to describe color-blind racism, its’ four mainframes, each proposing different ideological arguments and reports the ideology of racism
  25. Cultural Pluralism and Sexism in Healthcare
    The healthcare system’s ultimate aim is to meet the medical needs of all citizens without any form of prejudice. This is not the reality in most regions across the world.
  26. Institutionalised Racism – Myth or Reality?
    Crime, power, and discrimination have been interlinked and will continue to remain so, though the intensity of such interdependence is bound to change with the times.
  27. Racism in Minnesota in Relation to the Klu Klux Klan
    This paper will present an overview of racism in the State of Minnesota with a particular interest in the Klu Klux Klan.
  28. Racial Discrimination in the US
    Racism over the years has been one of the reasons behind poverty and lack of access to social mobility in the United States.
  29. Racism and Social Reform Movements in the United States
    The end of the civil war proclaimed freedom for the black people. However, the path to the total desegregation and equal rights for the black population was a thorny path with its end still long ahead.
  30. Discrimination in the Workplace: Case Study
    The work is aimed to discuss the issue of discrimination in the workplace considering the case study of Robert D. Frazier v. Nextel Partners, Inc.
  31. Age Discrimination in the United States
    Age discrimination refers to the prejudicial treatment or denial of rights based on age. It may occur directly or sometimes in an indirect manner.
  32. Issues of Racial Discrimination: Racial Identity and Socialization
    Racial identity and racial socialization are proposed to promote the improvement of African American adolescents in the aspect of race-related difficulties.
  33. Women: Gender Inequality and Discrimination
    This paper explains whether innate gender differences exist and how they determine the abilities, choices, and aptitudes that differentiate men from women.

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  1. The Notion of Colorblind Racism
    it should be stated that the matters of racism, or as it is also called “color blind racism”, are often regarded as the strong tendency in treating the immigrants from Latin America countries.
  2. Specific Racism Against Chinese Americans
    In this paper discuss various elements of racism in the US. It shows how racism affects the life of Chinese Americans, and the origin of racism in the US.
  3. Racism in Breast Cancer Treatment
    Cancer treatment is the least studied field that arises numerous ambiguities and requires a more sophisticated approach in studying.
  4. The Theme of Race Discrimination in Works of Richard Rodriguez
    The story ‘Passing by Nella Larsen’ and ‘Hunger of Memory’ Richard Rodriguez narrates about those constraints of life that people should surpass to be full-fledged members of the community.
  5. The Issue of Gender Pay Discrimination in Canada
    The essay examines the phenomenon of gender pay discrimination in the Canadian workforce and the globalism of the issue.
  6. Research Environmental Discrimination and Environmental Justice
    In recent years, environmental discrimination becomes an inevitable evil affected all geographical regions. Environmental discrimination means pollution and degradation of wildlife.
  7. Gender Construction and Heterosexism
    Homophobia, or the aversion for people who have same-sex preferences, are categorized under personal, interpersonal, institutional and societal.
  8. Homophobia and Racism and Other Issues
    This article is well written and makes a number of excellent points with regards to homosexuality, however the article actually requests that people make a distinction between homophobia and racism.
  9. Problem of Price Discrimination
    Price discrimination is the process by which a firm charges different prices to different groups of people for the same good.
  10. Age Discrimination in the Work Place
    The phenomenon of discrimination should be considered to be a peril of the employment. In this age of cultural diversity the age discrimination is a stigma to the corporate world.
  11. Sexual Harassment Like Discrimination Form
    Sexual harassment is considered to be a sex discrimination form violating employees’ freedom through unwelcome sexual advances and favors requests.
  12. The Impact of Racism on Globalization
    Racism is a great impediment to globalization, the bad blood between the said people of color and those of no color has dealt a big blow to development.
  13. Leadership and Management: Discrimination in the Workplace
    On several occasions, leaders and managers have to deal with various challenges and opportunities in the workplace. Widespread discrimination in the workplace.
  14. Discrimination of Women Entrepreneurs in Getting Loans From Banks
    The research questions of the paper are: Are women lenders discriminated against by banks? What are the reasons for such discrimination against women?
  15. Heterosexism as an Act of Discrimination
    Heterosexism is basically an act of discrimination or having a biased attitude towards people who have been perceived to be lesbians and gays in terms of sexual orientation.
  16. Racism in Campus of the Montclair State University Effect
    Depending on the student’s high school and neighborhood segregation, the level of diverse thinking and acknowledgment is seriously determined by these factors.
  17. Modern Racism Concepts and Types
    While people may not be actually racially abusing others, race is influencing how they treat and perceive members of society.
  18. Negro Kids: Racism in American Schools
    Communication is important in solving this social problem in American society because it will cause people to reexamine race relations.
  19. Rasism in the USA: Personal Experience
    The fight against ethnicity and racism still has a long way to go and not unless everyone develops a new mentality, the world will remain a venue filled with racism.
  20. Racial Profiling: Necessary Evil or Discrimination?
    The term criminal profiling progresses to racial profiling when the defining characteristics used comprises ethnicity, religion or race.
  21. South Africa’s Handling of Racism and Ethnic Relations: How They Compare With Those of the USA
    The discriminative moves sparked racial tensions in both countries, both governments were obliged to formulate the strategies that advocated for rights to all citizens.
  22. Discrimination in Prison Problem
    The problem of discrimination requires a great work of social workers, especially in such establishments like prisons.
  23. Australian Aborigines and Racial Discrimination
    In legal terms, an Australian Aborigine has been defined as “groups of people who share, in common, biological ancestry back to the original occupants of the continent”.
  24. Discrimination and Affirmative Action in Wal-Mart
    This paper is a review of the glass ceiling that promotes gender inequality with regard to promotions in the US with special emphasis on one of the world’s largest employer namely, Wal-Mart.
  25. Sexual Discrimination in Olympic Speed Skating
    Eradicating old eligibility procedures that unjustly distinguish male participant capabilities from female’s capabilities contribute to attaining sexual equality during skating.
  26. Discrimination and Affirmative Action
    The aspect of affirmative action constitutes a major area of controversy in the present day context of the Americas.
  27. Racism and Ethnicity in the US
    Race and ethnicity in the United States are not based on any spelled out criteria and consequently, various people may label a certain group of people variously.
  28. Discrimination in School and Its Effects on Students
    Any language that was discriminatory or offensive ought to be discouraged. Teachers should have a clear policy on equality and non-discrimination.
  29. American Psychological Association and Racism
    The chipping in of the APA on matters concerning racism, xenophobia and racial bigotry led to the abolition of unfair treatments to the blacks in early 2001.
  30. Employment Discrimination Reforms: Religious Liberties
    Federal Law and the laws in many American States do not explicitly prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
  31. Racial Discrimination as a Public Problem
    To eliminate discrimination from society, people must discard their prejudices against certain groups. The problem cannot be effectively solved by any legal or criminal action.
  32. The African American Nurse: Discrimination Case From the Elderly Patients
    Elderly patients who have discriminatory tendencies simply do not respect or trust doctors or nurses who are from a minority.
  33. Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace
    Sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace are important modern problems. They lead to health deterioration and also influence an individual’s habits and attitudes.
  34. Discrimination in Protecting Health Care Workers
    In paper demonstrates US legislation’s imperfection to protect health care workers and the need to modernize it.
  35. Employment Classification and Discrimination
    The case represents a good example of complex relationships among employers and employees. It also helps understand the distinction between employee and independent contractor.
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