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  1. Global Inequality: Gender, Racial and Ethnic Inequality
    This article addresses the issue of gender inequality in employment which comes as a result of the creation of the sex segregated jobs.
  2. Debate on Gender and Sex Inequalities
    The main aim of this paper was to analyze the distinction between gender and sex. The impacts of the two on social structures were highlighted.
  3. How Wealth Inequality Affects Democracy in America?
    The purpose of this study is to explore how wealth inequality affects democracy in America and what the perceptions of that influence are.
  4. International Development, Colonialism, Social Inequality and Class Stratification
    A social inequality exists because of inadequate wealth in certain places which hinders these people from accessing goods, housing, and health care.
  5. Concept of Social Inequality
    This paper is the reflection of the social inequality exemplified by the experiences of mine and two other people whom I interview.
  6. Inequalities in the Health Care Arena
    Research has revealed that there is not enough access to healthcare and insurance coverage amongst various races, gender, and locations.
  7. Social Problem of Inequality
    Studies of social inequality included non-urban areas and social inequality factors that had not been included in previous studies.
  8. Social Problem Analysis: Social Inequality in Education
    This paper encompasses the persistent issue of social inequality that we can witness as a routine practice every day. This topic analysis social inequality in educational institutions.
  9. Gender Inequality in India and Iran Politics
    This paper explores the role of women in politics in India and Iran as the two countries have different nature of political gender inequalities.
  10. Sex, Gender, and Inequalities
    In this paper, gender binarism, sexism, institutionalized gender, and sex patterns in the society are assessed. It is important in reviewing the differences between gender and sex.
  11. Inequality in Australia: Poverty Rates and Globalism
    The Australian government will have to take a range of specific measures to address the inequality issue in the realm of the Australian economic and financial environment.
  12. Income Inequality Based on Gender
    Income inequality based on gender is the dissimilarity between male and female earnings usually expressed in part by male earnings.
  13. Social Inequalities’ Influences on Health
    There is a strong relationship between the contribution that society makes to the health of an individual and just how much social inequalities affect the health of an individual.
  14. Income Inequality and Discrimination in the US
    Income inequality and discrimination affect people from colored races more than the native white Americans who have more privileges than the rest of the population.
  15. Racial Gender Inequality in the United States
    Racial gender inequality is among the issues that have been dominant in the United States for a long period. Racism has especially been a major problem of concern for years.
  16. Wealth Inequality Effects on American Democracy
    There are indications that the legislators are quite unresponsive to the needs of the poor Americans. The impacts of wealth inequality on democracy are discussed in this paper.
  17. Inequality in Wealth Distribution in the US
    In the speech Perspectives on Inequality and Opportunity from the Survey of Consumer Finances, J. Yellen talks about the income inequality and wealth distribution in the US.
  18. Men’s Superiority Theory and Inequality Issues
    This paper critically explores the claims to develop a conclusion regarding the validity of the school of thought that supports men’s superiority.
  19. Economy Studying: Income Inequality
    Most governments across the world have applied some of the remedies prescribed by the 19th century economists. These remedies appear inadequate in preventing the prevalence of income inequality.
  20. Disparity or Inequality in Health Care
    The knowledge of cultural peculiarities and racial or ethnic health disparities is a powerful resource for the implementation of culturally competent nursing care.

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  1. Income Inequality: Changes and Causes in the US
    The evaluation of the changes promotes an understanding of the relationships between inequality of individuals and the economic growth of the country.
  2. US Racial Inequality, Legislation and Immigration
    Society can be described as a mosaic of races with different people living together as one society. This situation is diverse from the times when they were pure in terms of race.
  3. Wealth Inequality in the United States’ Society
    People are deprived of a possibility to benefit from the usage of giant sums of money and suffer from the lack of opportunities for their personal and professional growth.
  4. Economic Inequality in Australia
    Australian low-income earners have experienced a 3% annual growth in their earnings on labor. However the country has expanding income inequality since 1995.
  5. Gender Inequality as an International Issue
    The presentation is devoted to an issue: gender inequality. The inequality in career progression that is still characteristic of several societies all over the world.
  6. Racism and Inequality in the United States
    The capitalist ideology and gender inequality has promoted the subject of economic, political and social discrimination in the American context.
  7. Brazil’ Poverty and Inequality
    Poverty in Brazil has been unresponsive to growth due to the challenges of eliminating inequality. The poverty eradication programs reduced the poverty rate.
  8. Racial Minorities and European Immigrants Inequality
    The paper describes how racial minorities’ opportunities differed from those of European immigrants and how this growth depicts the role of race as a barrier to social mobility.
  9. Trust and Inequality as Economic Influences
    Increased trust allows a higher experimental growth of an economy. The study is set to find out how the relationship between inequality and trust affects economic growth.
  10. Criminal Behavior, Structural and Social Inequality
    Forms of structural inequalities that can be seen take the form of community marginalization wherein particular types of races are concentrated in certain communities.
  11. Gendered Society, Inequality and Violence
    Society tends to view the gender battle as an issue mainly for women. Gender equality is not all about wanting to be like the other gender.
  12. Racial Inequality: African-American Males Experience
    In the recent years since the murder of Michael Brown, most US citizens have turned their attention on the cruel treatment of African American at every phase of the criminal justice system.
  13. Social Inequality and Stratification in the US
    One of the factors of social inequality in the US is social stratification. There is a specialization of people that defines more and less valuable types of activities.
  14. Inequality in Developing States and Its Measures
    Inequality in developing countries is a temporal phenomenon. As the economy develops, a country experiences an increase in inequality followed by its decrease.
  15. American Welfare State and Income Inequality
    The creation and the growth of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s welfare state had a significant effect on the development of American society, including the economy, health, etc.
  16. Education and Inequality in Various Countries
    McIntyre’s claim that the UK is one of the nations whose high inequality levels are attributable to their minimal educational investments and low tax rates can be disputed.
  17. Low Wages and Inequality Solutions in the USA
    The high-paying end of the labor market enjoys reasonable yearly growth where a good portion of the U.S. population currently resides, experiences stagnation.
  18. Social Institutions Maintaining Inequality Systems
    The paper investigates the aspects of influence that social institutions have on oppression and privilege as well on access to resources.
  19. Labor and Income Inequality in the U.S.
    The purpose of this paper is to explore the causes of growing income inequality in the United States by comparing Western and Rosenfeld and Bertrand and Mullainathan readings.
  20. Poverty and Inequality Reducing Policies in China
    China has used several instruments to shape its culture and economy. The essay proposes several policy options that can be used in China to reduce inequality and poverty.

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  1. Inequality in Russia: Causes and Consequences
    This paper argues that corruption regional inequalities and bias policy framework are the causes of inequality in Russia.
  2. Educational Policy for Income Inequality in India
    This paper considers the ways in which external causes influence income inequality in India and the country’s overall state of the economy with the focus on future changes.
  3. India’s Policies to Tackle Poverty and Inequality
    This paper aims to identify potential policies in infrastructure and education and develop new options to deal with poverty and inequality in India.
  4. Global Poverty, Inequality, and Mass Migration
    Such global issues as poverty and inequality and mass migration are significant today since many people are involved in them.
  5. Gender Inequality in Democratic Welfare States
    This paper is claimed to evaluate the strategies of Liberal and Social Democratic political forces aimed at the alleviation of gender inequalities.
  6. Income Inequality in the Workplace: Feminist Responses
    The work discusses the issue of income inequality in the workplace as one of the main problems caused by the low social position of women and their historical perception as a weak gender.
  7. Continuing Inequalities in America
    America see itself as a society of equality. The reality is that it is a system of continuing inequalities, of race, gender, and sexual orientation.
  8. Women: Gender Inequality and Discrimination
    This paper explains whether innate gender differences exist and how they determine the abilities, choices, and aptitudes that differentiate men from women.
  9. “Globalization, Poverty and Inequality” by Kaplinsky
    Global trade is likely to offer benefits to the partaking countries; mainly trade presumptions are anchored in the supposition of full employment.
  10. Economic Crisis and Inequality
    Low-wage workers have to face a wide range of difficulties; the greatest of them is the fear of losing their jobs.
  11. Confidentiality and Inequality as Human Resource Management Issues
    The article raises questions about the need to maintain confidentiality in the team and prevent discrimination against people with disabilities.
  12. The Unfairness and Inequalities Present in the World
    To this end, the focus will be on the unfairness and inequalities present in the world and how they affect the victims.
  13. ‘Racial’ and Ethnic Inequality in Western Europe and North America
    Media has been found to play a major role in the production of ethnic as well as racial inequality in the various structures of the contemporary societies.
  14. Democracy in America: Effects of Wealth Inequality
    The purpose of this study is to explore how wealth inequality affects democracy in America and what the perceptions of that influence are.
  15. Women and Inequality in Aboriginal Society
    Aboriginal women have never had the same rights like Aboriginal men, who have respect to pass on “Indian status” to their children.
  16. Social Inequality at School
    The aim of this project is to contribute to the development of tailored solutions for the problems of Canadian school education.
  17. Marriage and Inequalities With Gender
    The issue of bridging gender equality has been the center of debate in the 21 century. The role of women in society could no longer be underestimated.
  18. Discrimination and Inequality in the Education System
    Despite the fact that the war against various types of discrimination recently became rather successful, a significant number of people still face inequality.
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