53 Activism Essay Topics

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  1. History: Malcolm X as Civil Rights Activist
    Malcolm X was a renowned African American nationalist who contributed heavily to the final freedom of the blacks from discrimination and racism.
  2. Social Media’s Influence Role in Activism
    Social media are playing a significant role in social activism at present. However, it is impossible to claim that this role is crucial.
  3. The Role of Social Networks in the Political and Social Activism of Citizens
    Social media allows for enhancing people’s investment into the social and political changes by exposing the personal significance of the latter two for an individual.
  4. The Importance of Social Media in the Activist Movement
    This essay aims at discussing the nature of social media, connectivity and access to information that has provided an ideal environment for activism and revolution.
  5. The Role of Social Media in Activism and Revolution
    This paper analyses social media in the recent uprisings across the Arab world. It aims at establishing that social media played a central role in the success of these uprisings.
  6. Social Media Role: Activism and Revolution
    The nature and lifestyle of people in the world have been influenced by social networks. Recent developments in social networks include: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  7. The Local Activist’s Demonstration
    The paper contains justification of the local activist’s demonstration: danger test, political, commercial and symbolic speeches, reasonable time, place and manner restrictions.
  8. The Ways Social Media Controls Rebellion and Activism
    Through Facebook, twitter and YouTube, powerless people have been able to work together, organize, and express their concerns.
  9. Social Media’s Influence in Activism and Political Revolution
    This analytical treatise attempts to explicitly review the role of social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube) on activism and revolution on the world stage.
  10. Environmental Activism: Benefits and Threats
    Environmental activism increases public awareness about the problems; however, it can be justified only when it does not pose a threat to the property and lives of people.
  11. Social Media’s Effect on Activism and Revolution on the World Stage
    Social media has remained very instrumental in fighting poor governance and has catalyzed political revolution and leadership change in countries.
  12. Nurses Political Activism Process Agenda
    The American Nurses Association (ANA) supports various policies and agenda issues that affect the performance of nurse practitioners (NPs).
  13. Political Activism in Nursing and Healthcare Provision
    Political activism is often understood as a series of confrontational actions meant to eliminate existing obstacles in order to achieve activists’ goals.
  14. Spreading Information with Social Media in Activism and Revolutions
    In this modern society, social media is like a traditional community, where aggravated individuals converge in a common place to plan for protests.
  15. The Problems of Nursing Activism
    The whole healthcare system was created to help and protect people. Social justice is considered as a primary value for healthcare providers and, therefore, for nurses.
  16. Student Activism in the United States
    Daniel Little argues in the article “Where Is Student Activism?” that student activism is not present anymore in the political and social life of the country.
  17. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube Influence on Activism and Revolution
    Social media’s impact on the progress of social activism and revolution on the world stage is vital, as it provides the free exchange of data among unlimited numbers of persons.
  18. Social Media Activism in the Arab Spring Revolution
    Social media has become a central instrument in activism and revolution on the world stage. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the like, have transformed social activism.
  19. Judicial Activism on the Supreme Court of Canada
    The article “Measuring Judicial Activism on the Supreme Court of Canada” encompasses the available empirical and quantitative evidence on judicial activism.
  20. Activism and Extremism in the Internet
    Displaying one’s public opinion on the Internet is often accompanied by a response or feedback from other people with different backgrounds.

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  1. Greta Thunberg – Teenage Environmental Activist
    This paper will analyse Greta Thunberg as a teenage environmental activist and discuss the impact of her activities on the media.
  2. Political Activism: “Forces of Labor” by Beverly Silver
    Silver’s “Forces of Labor” focuses on the birth and growth of labor movements across the world and the way they have contributed to improving the welfare of workers.
  3. Nurse Activist: Healthcare Policy and Advocacy
    Nursing professionals have become empowered to make decisions and question decisions of other healthcare professionals as well as policymakers.
  4. Federal Courts: Activism Versus Restraint
    Compared to the situation in different countries around the globe, the United States is characterized by a powerful role of law and the courts in its system.
  5. Women’s Activism Sources Around Climate Change
    The given project introduces the following research question: What are the main sources of women’s activism around climate change?
  6. Citizen Activism: Profiles in Courage for Our Time
    John F. Kennedy won a Pulitzer Prize for Profiles in Courage. In 1990, the Kennedy family established the Profiles in Courage Award for selfless public service.
  7. Political Activism of Ted Kennedy
    Ted Kennedy’s political activism throughout his political career has touched many, and his influence in the Democratic Party affairs is enormous.
  8. Civil Society: The Transnational Activist Group
    The term global civil society can be defined as a voluntary society that shares information or does a certain activity together.
  9. Social Media Influencing World Activism and Revolution
    Social media networks play a crucial role in contemporary communication. They promote the unity of people in promoting common goals, initiating social change.
  10. Imprisonment and Death of Aaron Swartz: A Too Dangerous Activist
    Douglass and Swartz were both activists, each carrying a unique charisma. Douglass was endowed with great oratory and urged his contemporaries to abolish slavery.
  11. Commnication Study About Activism
    The physical space can be used by the activists to further their goals,as well as by those who oppose them to prevent dissent. The importance of this aspect of the term is obvious.

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  1. Trust, Coordination, and the Industrial Organization of Political Activism
  2. Korea’s Middle Power Activism and Peacekeeping Operations
  3. American Indian Movement: Activism and Repression
  4. Judicial Activism and Empowerment of Indian Women
  5. Relationship Between Income, Gender, and Civic Activism
  6. Need for Social Activism Within the Political Realm
  7. Labor and Public Activism of Women
  8. Modern Activism and Its Flaws
  9. Indigenous Organization and Activism in South America
  10. Political Activism and the Provision of Dynamic Incentives
  11. Historical Transitioning Within Feminist Activism
  12. Activism and the Social Foundations of Education
  13. Political Participation Leaning Towards Activism
  14. American Foreign Policy and Global Activism
  15. Activism, Strategic Trading, and Liquidity
  16. Environmental Activism and Its Impact on Society
  17. Union Activism, Workers’ Satisfaction, and Organizational Change
  18. Significant Shareholder Activism, Risk Sharing, and Financial Market Equilibrium
  19. Inflation Volatility and Activism of Monetary Policy
  20. Political Activism and Firm Innovation
  21. The Animal Rights Activism in the United States of America
  22. Inflation Targeting and Monetary Policy Activism
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