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“Better Brain Health, DW Documentary”

The primary reason people have limited access to healthy foods is the fact that humans’ food choice is influenced by business models that promote unhealthy products in their check-out. Most stores have candy bars and junk foods that contribute to obesity. Currently, sugar is being added to almost all products, thus, making people addicted to it. Sugar affects human brain functionality and, ultimately, causes people to become obese (DW Documentary, 2020). These check-outs can be replaced with healthy foods, such as bananas and apples, to promote healthy living and reduce chronic illnesses.

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The lifestyle stressors that Marti and Ray face are daily injections of insulin. Marti and Ray initially were healthy, and the daily usage of insulin has hugely disrupted the day to day activities. Due to these daily injections, Ray cannot even attend the gym sessions as he used to. The financial stressor affecting Ray and Marti is the increased cost of living. It has been aggravated by the high cost of food made for people living with diabetes. The care Marti and Ray have been getting from the doctors has been phenomenal. They got services from nutritionists, endocrinologists, and doctors to maintain their diabetes. Matti and Ray did not experience any disconnect in their health care; it was fully-fledged.

The government can help people living with diabetes have a safe environment and the access to cost-effective diabetic food by developing policies and interventions. This approach will play a critical role in cautioning people living with diabetes from undergoing unwarranted financial losses. This approach will also aid people living with diabetes access government resources and support (“About the toolbox,” n.d.). The government can also formulate and maintain partnerships in protecting people with diabetes.

Ray and Marti’s stories can help the government develop strategies to support people living with diabetes through the promotion of organizational, institutional, and public policy. These changes will play a fundamental role in improving clinical practices, diabetic management by families, and care coordination (Clark et al., 2013). Through policy changes, communities can ensure that diabetic treatment is affordable to all families. The government should formulate mechanisms that reduce the financial burden experienced by people with diabetes.


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