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Ergonomic Review of Workstations

Ergonomics is the study of the work of human beings and adaptation of environment, practices, and equipments to the demands of the people using them. It is concerned with establishing a work environment that fits the needs of all the workers in their workstations. Ergonomics narrows down its objectives to health and safety of the employees and optimal production. It involves physical and mental abilities, and workers confines in relating with tools, equipments, tasks, work methods and his or her working environment. A division of ergonomics which is concerned with office environment is termed as office ergonomics. Its main concern is with the work of the computers as its use is increasing while the injuries caused also are rising. A human being has a key role in a business ensuring the output of products and services of high quality hence it is costly when a person gets injured than a machine.

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Physical elements in a working environment should be factored in when establishing a workstation of the employees. This is because employees are different physically and their needs should be met. Their workstations should be configured to fit their needs. This includes their posture, the size of the chair and the table, and position of the workstation in the office. Some employees have a problem working in a dull room hence they should be positioned in a place where there is adequate light. The equipments to be used by the executive assistance should be well arranged such that the position of the monitor, keyboard, and the mouse are in conducive position which enables the worker to work comfortably (Kearney, 2008).

The main factors which need to be considered are the light, computers used, chairs, tables, and cleanliness of the workstation. If there is any disarrangements which does not fits the needs of the executive assistance, then a disorder will occur. If the executive assistants’ sitting posture or physical position is not proper, then musculoskeletal disorder will be experienced. Employees, who are working with a lot of concentration or high speed while they are not physically seated in relation to the equipments they are using, will result in a cumulative trauma. This also may occur due to excessive use of force in carrying out some tasks such as lifting, or carrying heavy loads.

The chairs, tables, and the equipments used by the executive assistance should be well arranged and provides for arm and foot rests so that no problems are encountered such as the carpal tunnel. This arrangement will affect the sitting posture of the worker hence a recommended posture is the one which makes the spinal curve naturally with the head well balanced over it. The seating posture of the employees should make the feet rest on the ground, with the body and the legs placed at an angle of 90 to 110 degrees (Bust, 2008).

The body of the employee should be upright and should not be twisted, and the arms should be properly positioned in reference to the floor. The monitor should be positioned in a correct manner which ensures that it’s visible, and the employee does not strain in using it. The employees should always take breaks to stretch the whole body. The executive assistants should use the headset phones which will reduce the head and back pains.

Ergonomics workstation when applied results in high levels of production and efficiency. Service delivery is quality, cases of absenteeism are reduced, and the cost of compensating employees also is reduced. There is also decline in insurance premiums due to reduction in office related injuries. The employees also benefit a lot since they have the motivation to work and are satisfied with the workplace conditions. The issues that surrounds absenteeism will be minimal and the overall work efficiency is enhanced.


Bust, P.D. (2008). Contemporary ergonomics. CRC Press.

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Kearney, D.S. (2008). Ergonomics Made Easy: A Checklist Approach. Government Institutes.

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